Haiku Me Friday! 1987

My birthday was yesterday.  I have always loved my birthday but I feel like as I get older, they kind of fade into the background.  I miss my mom making a big deal out of everything I do when I was younger, I miss my locker being decorated by my friends when I was in middle school, and I miss skipping all my classes in college and watching a bunch of TV in bed.

I bet someday I’m going to miss being childless and having time to do little things like my Star Wars blog, haha.  So maybe I should just enjoy this.

I’m due in a month and half, by the way…kind of cray cray, right?  I went to an ultrasound last week and they said my little girl is going to be small and has long legs – just like me!  I was a little baby with really long legs too.

She does have a few Star Wars things, a cute BB-8 dress and and Ewok onesie along with a crocheted Yoda hat and leg warmers.  My boppy pillow also has a Star Wars cover…the room is not Star Wars themed though.  I’m trying my best to let her decide what she will like and dislike and not force Star Wars on her but there’s only so much I can do since my whole life is Star Wars.  She is going to be brainwashed to some extent. 😉


Another year gone Time passes so quickly now Twenty nine years old
Another year gone
Time passes so quickly now
Twenty nine years old

Yes – I’m one year away from the big 3-0!  That’s me yesterday getting my cake (I’ve had a major craving for anything with fruit lately so I got a fruit tart instead of cake).

I decided to take a look back and see what memorable events happened in 1987 with Star Wars.  Good thing Wookieepedia has a whole page devoted to it.

Most notable:

It’s strange to think that next year is the 40th anniversary of A New Hope.  40 years since that movie came out and changed so many of our lives…I’m still hoping my little girl will be born on May 25th, the same date that ANH was released in 1977.  I think that would be quite fitting.


8 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! 1987

    1. i didn’t even think to look up her zodiac sign! I’m showing that she will be a Gemini. I found this: Gemini dislikes – Being alone, being confined, repetition and routine. UH OH! I thrive off of routine. Routine makes me happy and makes me feel safe. This may not be a good match. 😉

      1. When you are a SAHD all the days are the same so I didn’t realize how deep into April we already are. Unless the little padawan comes early, then I’ll claim Force Prescience!

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m sure this will be an exciting year for you. 1.5 months is not very long–thought it may seem like it now haha. I would love to see occasional pics of Star Wars baby stuff, especially if they are handmade, like the Yoda hat I’m assuming.

    I also worry that my hypothetical future kids won’t like Star Wars. But I think we have both nature and nurture on our side, so hopefully it will work out..

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And Congratulations on having a baby girl! How absolutely exciting!!!

    We had the same “concerns” about the Star Wars interest and the kids, and honestly, it has just all gotten crazier since the kids came along. They love it as much as we do… and now there is a “legit” reason to buy those incredible toys…

    Little kids show at least a fair amount of interest in anything their parents are excited about – because that is what the family “does” for fun (like you said, “brain washing 🙂 ). It’s when they get a little older that they might rebel. (I rebel!!!) Our oldest, a girl, is now 9, and we are seeing no signs of eye-rolling yet. Quite the opposite, she is getting more an more excited about Star Wars. However, ask me again about the eye-rolling when she is 15….

    1. Thank you thank you!

      And I love hearing that your 9 yo girl is still into Star Wars! Gives me hope. 🙂 Did she see TFA? I have no idea if that’s too scary or not. I feel like the ending of ROTS is definitely scary but maybe I can just tell her to close her eyes? I used to hate when Luke took off Vader’s mask when I was younger. I just feel like there are all these scary moments that I’m immune to now but rethinking now that I’m having a child!

      I was the queen of eye rolling at from 11-16 so good luck with that. I guess good luck to me too haha.

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