Rogue One Trailer

I almost didn’t write a post on this because it seems like everyone and their mother is doing it.  But that wouldn’t make sense for a Star Wars themed blog now, would it?

We all know how excited I was (and I guess still am) about the movie.  I think it could be a very different take for the Star Wars universe and if it goes well, I think these anthology films could open a whole new window for them to play in the sandbox of story lines outside of the Skywalker family.

But this trailer kind of made me backup a little bit and I couldn’t quite pinpoint why.  I have two reasons below but there is definitely some hesitation on my part.

What I liked:

  • I’m feeling Felicity Jones as a lead and it definitely feeds into my need for more female leads in the Star Wars movies.
  • I also liked seeing Mon Mothma and the Rebellion without any of our heroes (though we still don’t know if that guy is Biggs or not).
  • The trailer showed that Rogue One has a completely different feel from any other Star Wars movie.  You can see this one will have more grit and could possibly play out like a Legends novel.
  • I like that Jones’ character’s name is Jen.  Like Luke.  Kinda bringing it back to some good ol’ American/English names that aren’t way out there. (Update: I’ve been alerted it’s spelled Jyn, so similar to Rey – normal but not normal)
  • Friends have mentioned I look like Mon Mothma/Genevieve O’Reilly.  Really?  I can see it now that I have blond highlights but I’m unsure if this is a good or bad thing.
  • When they put the shield (super laser cannon well?) over the Death Star.  Soooo cooool.  It’s like the cross-sections book coming to life!
  • The guy with the staff.  Yay, more staff fighting.  I was a big fan of Rey fighting with her staff, but this is bound to be SO much cooler.  You can already see one dead stormtrooper in the background.
  • AND!!  Oh, and!!  There didn’t seem to be one speck of romance in it and I’m all about that.

What I was unsure of:

  • I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  I know they said that this movie was going to put the “war” in Star Wars, but some of me felt like it was a rip off of other war movies, but with Star Wars in it.  The desert looked like Iraq in American Sniper and the scene with the AT-ATs looked like every Vietnam movie out there.  I guess, for me, if you are going to do a war movie, don’t pick locations that scream American wars.
  • When I took a step back from being a Star Wars fan and viewing this as a regular audience member, I thought it looked slightly hokey and campy.  Like we could throw Vin Diesel in there for giggles and it would work.  Sometimes it had the flavor of a fan made film.

I’m a little surprised that I came away with doubts, but I’m definitely still excited.  I don’t really care about staying spoiler-free for this movie and I’ll definitely see it as soon as it comes out.  I’m keeping an open mind and will eagerly await the next trailer.  Still more excited over this one than a Han Solo movie.


P.S. Was that Darth Vader or the Emperor in that cloak that went to a kneeling position?

*Another update*: This is a great read.  Short but io9 also did it for TFA.  I love this dissecting and TOTALLY didn’t notice the droid before.  That could be a very interesting twist.  Instead of a slow, lumbering, protocol or astromech droid, we get something more along the lines of IG-88:


11 thoughts on “Rogue One Trailer

  1. I had almost the opposite experience. The first time I watched the trailer this morning it didn’t feel that exciting. But now, after watching it 20 Times today, I can’t contain my excitement. I really like the new stormtrooper helmets and the tank looked pretty cool from what I saw. I also like that everything is so gritty. If they are fighting a war as the underdogs things shouldn’t look clean. Overall I am super stoked and can’t wait for december (again).

    1. I’m kind of feeling like you too actually. I’ve now seen it 6 times and it’s definitely getting more interesting the more I watch it. It’s still a big risk and let’s hope they don’t eff it up.

  2. I thought the trailer was pretty fun and has a lot of potential – it has a feeling similar to the Rogue Squadron books and I like that it opens up more about the Rebellion and the underworld.

  3. Glad I’m not the only one excited about the GONK DROID!!!
    Sooo Mon Mothma cosplay this year? lol

    Anyway, after getting hardly anything about this movie yet, this was a lot to take in. Overall I’m feeling positive. It looks great visually. There was a lot of action here, but I’m hoping for more space battles and heist stuff in the actual movie.
    I think white cape guy is a Grand Admiral. Well, that’s what I’m hoping anyway. Shouldn’t we have some Tarkin, too, if we’re going to be on the Death Star?
    I haven’t seen anyone mention this: what do you think Jyn is holding in her hand as they’re running down that corridor? Looks like maybe a datapad of some kind. Stolen info? A map to the info?

    1. Yeah a lot of rumors going around that he’s a Grand Admiral. That would be cool!

      I paused it when she was running down the Imperial corridor…it looks like a giant cassette, lol. I’m not sure what it is, but we should remember your comment this winter and see if that is the stolen death star plans! That could be a good call, but if so, why are there only three of them there (her, the droid, and the cool dude)?

      1. A giant cassette haha. It could be totally insignificant, especially with no context for that scene.

        I am very interested to know more about that droid btw. I didn’t really get a sense of the “team” like they showed in the first picture. It focused more on just Jyn.

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