Backed Up Update on Kylo Ren

I have been knocked out.  Seriously.  I got the flu over a week ago and haven’t been able to recover.  I haven’t been that sick in a long time.  Even now, I’m still coughing quite a bit.


My post on Kylo Ren got quite a bit of traction two weeks ago.  It sparked an interesting discussion in the comments and I’ve learned that some people really, really don’t like him.

I also learned that in the novelization of The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren and Snoke are aware that Vader turned to the light side at the end of ROTJ.  I assumed they didn’t, or at least Kylo Ren didn’t, because I couldn’t imagine why Kylo would be so obsessed with Vader if he knows he ended up on the light side of the Force.

So – I posed the question to Pablo Hidalgo on twitter to confirm that a) this is canon and b) how he accepts that in his mind.

kylo ren pablo hidalgo twitter

(If you don’t know who Pablo Hidalgo is, he basically knows anything and everything Star Wars and was hired by Lucasfilm to keep them in check.  He also helps with making sure everything goes into one reliable story line moving forward, officially part of the Lucasfilm Storygroup.)

Hidalgo is suggesting that the way Kylo Ren and Snoke rationalize Vader’s turn is that they almost split Vader into two personalities.  We have Anakin (light side) and Vader (dark side).  Almost a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde conundrum.  When Vader turned to the light side, he was betrayed by Anakin.  “Or something.” Lol.  He’s saying that Kylo is hoping he won’t be betrayed by Ben. kylo ren

Unless you were born to the dark side, which I’m not sure how that could happen, being on the dark side sounds awful stressful.  It sounds like you’re always watching your back on yourself.  Especially someone like Kylo/Ben.  I feel like he might have major issues keeping Ben “in check” with his conflicted nature.

Secondly, during the time I was sick, the latest Star Wars Insider arrived and there was a whole section devoted to Kylo Ren and what different authors thought of him.

Paul S. Kemp is the author of Lords of the Sith, and he wrote a little excerpt on why he liked Kylo Ren.  I thought I would transcribe it here because maybe it’ll help with some of the comments where people thought he was a whiny teenager, as opposed to a 30 year old:

…We don’t know all of Kylo’s backstory but he appears in some ways to have been a failure, as both an aspiring Jedi and perhaps also as a son.  That sense of failure and the insecurity it creates festered, and to overcome both he turned to Vader who – to Kylo – embodied strength, confidence, power, and maybe even served as a kind of proxy father figure since Han, obviously, did not.  That’s all relatable, right?  We can understand that.  Of course, emulating Vader doesn’t actually fill his emotional holes, so he piles frustration and rage onto his insecurity and boom, we’ve got this emotionally rich character who vacillates between a rage-filled teenager and a frightening Sith Lord.  He’s a character on the edge – or bridge, if you prefer – and we’re watching his formative years.

I think this helped my view a little bit on why Kylo Ren was so temperamental, especially as a late 20s/early 30s year old.

There you go…an update I meant to post at least a week and a half ago.  Ah well.

Have a great weekend and hope you don’t get the flu!

6 thoughts on “Backed Up Update on Kylo Ren

  1. That’s cool that you got such a great answer from Twitter.
    My brother just got home from a 2-year mission for our church and we went to see Episode 7 together last week – first time for my brother. He loved Kylo Ren and how unfinished the character is, how he doesn’t have confidence in his own identity. I thought this was a really interesting insight.

    1. Pablo Hidalgo is great at answering questions on Twitter. As long as they are insightful and show your actually interested and not just trying to get an answer to a question easily found on wookieepedia.
      Yeaaah I’m finding that people either love the different take on Kylo Ren’s character or they find him hard to swallow. I liked the way Kemp described him a lot.

  2. Hope you are feeling better!
    Pablo Hidalgo is awesome. He was just posting some author guidelines for Star Wars roleplaying books from the 90s. Seriously fascinating!

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