Haiku Me Friday! The Lightsaber Passes On

Early Rey Concept Art

It’s been found again
The lightsaber awakens
A new Skywalker?

I thought today would be a good day to discuss the speculations surrounding Rey, my new favorite character (I can’t tell if this is a phase or if she really is taking over Luke for my new favorite character).

If you haven’t seen TFA: move along, move along.

So far I’ve heard two main theories:

  1. Rey is Luke’s daughter.
  2. Rey is Obi-Wan’s granddaughter.


I like theory #1 the best…

  • The trilogies have always followed the Skywalker family.
  • Even though you could argue that Kylo Ren is a Skywalker, it would be an interesting twist to start following Leia’s side of the family. It makes more sense to follow Luke.
  • As part of this theory, there’s a sub-theory that I like a lot:
    • Luke gets married. We’ll call her Mara.
    • Luke and Mara have a daughter – Rey.
    • Luke trains Jedi’s, including Ben Solo.
    • Ben Solo falls to the dark side and kills Mara, along with all the other Jedi knights Luke was training (I believe this second part is canon but all we know is that the Knights of Ren killed the Jedi, not necessarily Ben).
    • Luke goes into despair. He can’t look at Rey because it reminds him of Mara.  Or he isn’t even thinking about her.
    • For whatever reason, Rey ends up dumped on Jakku.   Maybe because Luke wanted to go search for Jedi Temples.
    • Part of this is that Luke shut down Artoo and told him to only let people know where he is when Rey shows up again.
    • This is why Rey goes to search for Luke, not Leia. Because she’s his daughter and somehow knows.
  • There seemed to be a moment of recognition on Luke’s face at the end of TFA. There could have been tears in his eyes though that might have been the strong winds.


As for theory #2…

  • You’re really messing with canon and the Prequels if you think Obi-Wan had a daughter.
  • I understand that JJ and possibly KK too, turn up their noses at the PT, but Obi-Wan was a very by-the-books Jedi. He was even a stickler for obi wan and satinerules when Qui-Gon was his master.
  • Kenobi did love Satine, as was recognized in the TCW, but I don’t think he ever acted on it.
  • Based on Rey’s age, the only way to make this work would be for Obi-Wan to have a daughter or son when he was guarding Luke, and then they have the child Rey. But even that is questionable as we only know Obi-Wan as loving Satine and again, I do not think he compromised his vow with the Jedi Order for her.  It would also mean that Satine had to hide the child…it starts getting complicated.


So, no, I do not think she is related to Obi-Wan and I think mainly because that would really be messing with canon and the PT to have that be the case.  Also, story-wise, they should be staying with the Skywalker family.  If anything, we learned that JJ is obsessed with ANH (sometimes I felt like TFA was just ANH 2.0) and he stuck as close as possible to the Original Trilogy.

I’ve basically accepted that I believe Rey is Luke’s daughter in some way.  Just like I thought that logically Han had to die, I believe that common sense points to Rey being Luke’s daughter.  BUT I WOULD LOVE TO BE WRONG.


What are your thoughts/theories/speculations on Rey?


P.S. Found out today I am having a girl! So the name Luke is out. 😦  Any suggestions?



15 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! The Lightsaber Passes On

  1. First, congratulations!

    Second, after seeing TFA, my sister – who is not as big a Star Wars fan as me, but had Star Wars novels pushed on her while she was a kid because my brother and I read them – decided the coolest twist would be if Rey was Luke and Mara Jade’s daughter, and the new trilogy brought Mara Jade from the outer rim of the “Legacy” stories into the core of the new canon. (I’m very proud of how nerdy that sentence was)
    I also think it would be even more cool if Mara Jade was played by Sigourney Weaver. I don’t think this is going to happen, but it would be cool.

    I have friends who want Rey to be related to no one because it would expand the possibilities of the trilogy. However, I think that goes against the core of the “episodes” – This is a family story told on an epic, galactic scale. The spin-offs, however, are welcome territory for exploring the non-Skywalker corners of the universe.

    We’ll see what Episode 8 brings…

    1. Yes! I agree completely with the family story, which is why I think Rey is Luke’s daughter.

      They did pull a lot from Legends with TFA but always tweaking it slightly, so it would be interesting IF Luke has a wife, to see if they name her Mara Jade. That would be an interesting move and I’m not sure they would do that. Because then there’d be the hardcore Legends fans who might become irate when “Mara” does something out of character, even though the EU has been erased.

  2. Congratulations! My recommendation for a name would be Amaya Rey [Insert your surname here].

    As for the Rey Skywalker theory, I personally both don’t think that is the case and really hope it is not. To me, making Rey Lke’s daughter would be to much connecting to the originals. I feel like Ben being Han and Leia’s son plus the little adventures with Han are enough of a connection.
    As for the focusing on the Skywalker line thing, we still would be. Kylo Ren is related to the Skywalker line through his mothers side, and we still have Leia more or less in the center of things. So the movies are still about the Skywalker family if Rey isn’t Luke’s daughter.

    1. Amaya…hmmm I actually really like that. What makes you say that name? Any special reason? I like any name that ends in “ah” sound for a girl. One of my favorites used to be Adrianna.

      I guess we’ll see! I think for the reasons L. Palmer listed that she is his daughter, same with what I said – they like to focus on the Skywalker line and though Leia is a Skywalker, Luke and Anakin were the “main” Skywalkers before so I think we’ll be following Luke’s lineage over Leia’s.

  3. Yup, I’m thinking theory #1.
    Yay, a girl! You should totally do Rey for a middle name! (I say this knowing my husband would never go for it either…) Or Jaina 🙂
    I tend to favor more classic, British-sounding names like Alice, Eleanor, and Charlotte. Adelina is supposedly about to get popular. I like Irish names too, but pronunciation is a problem.

  4. 1. If you want a really crazy theory (all mine, didn’t steal it anywhere!) : Rey is indeed Luke Skywaker’s daughter. With her mother being… *drumbeat*… Leia Organa. Why do I like this theory, aside from its sheer crazyness?
    (a) It neatly explains why Rey is so Force-powerful, being a doubly-descendant Skywalker.
    (b) It fits in with the pattern of Episode VII being linked to the Game of Thrones 🙂
    (c) It fits in with the pattern of Episode VII being a re-work of Episode IV (Luke and Leia’s romantic tension, pre-Ep VI).
    (d) It doesn’t introduce any weird unknown love interests for Luke who aren’t named Mara Jade 🙂

    2. Daugher naming: How about “Leah”? Suitably Star-Wars-ey, while being fully Muggle name,

    1. OH GOODNESS. That is an intense theory…but very not Disney so I don’t think that’ll be the answer lol. The only part that might work is point D on your list, but still not with Leia.

      I think we’ve actually settled on Ayla. We really like that name…and then my friend reminded me of the twi’lek Jedi Aayla Secura LOL. We did not pick that name because of the Jedi.

      1. As an unhappy bearer of a surname that’s hard to spell or pronounce (and of first name whose spelling I chose to legally change for the same reason), I feel compelled to warn you that Ayla may have similar negative side effects. If you discount that challenge, it’s a very good sounding name!!!

        Good point re: Disney… or is it? https://www.google.com/search?q=disney+inappropriate

        ProTip: do NOT search Google for “Disney+NC17”. You may not find what you were looking for.

        1. Haha, yes I’ve definitely seen those inappropriate Disney references before, but they are not deliberate. Making Rey Luke and Leia’s daughter is a very in-your-face inappropriateness that they won’t do.

          That’s funny that you think of bad pronunciation as negative. I’ve never seen it as negative (from experience), just annoying. My name (Kiri) has been horrible my whole life. My husband’s aunt still calls me Keri and spells it Keri. Sigh.

          We did discuss that it will be hard to figure out but we’ve gotten over it. It’s not too outlandish (like Kiri) and once you’re corrected once, people won’t have a problem. There’s only two ways to pronounce it: Ai-lah or Eye-Lah. Compared with what I went through as a kid, that seems easy haha. We are going with Ai-lah.

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