If you are seeing the movie later than today or tomorrow – stay away from my blog.  I will not be keeping this place spoiler free after seeing The Force Awakens.

In the meantime, this is playing in my house:


Also, there are already 2 people lined up at the IMAX I’m going to!  Call the wambulance because I’m sulking.  I don’t think I can get there until 2pm.

A “review” will be coming up tonight or tomorrow.  That’s in quotation marks because I always love movies the first time I see them.  It’s only after 2-3 viewings that I start seeing flaws.  So my review might be along the lines of, OMG THAT WAS AMAZING *BRAIN EXPLOSION*

Tonight is the first viewing, tomorrow night the second, next week the third.

May the Force be with us.


7 thoughts on “TONIGHT

  1. There is an outside chance a friend will give me her ticket to see the movie Saturday afternoon but otherwise it might be a while before we can get away to see it.

    However, in this day and age I don’t expect to be able to go too long without hearing spoilers.

  2. Thanks for warning me! im not going to be watching the movie soon (as in a few days) so if someone unfollows you its probably me, and i’ll follow again when I’ve seen it! have fun watching TFA! 🙂

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