Haiku Me Friday! Individuality


There’s no difference
When it’s on, I’m one of them
Eyeing my helmet

I kind of liked playing with the idea of seeing all these stormtrooper helmets and getting ready to put one on.  If we are looking at this post OT, stormtroopers were recruited and were individuals, not clones.  So how would it feel to be hanging out at the Mess Hall on board a ship, where the other stormtroopers know you as an individual, and then to don a mask for battle and fade into anonymity?

Is it easy or hard to do?  Does it make it easier to gun down your enemy and know they’ll never see your face?  Or do you sometimes wish that people saw you for you, instead of a faceless, nameless stormtrooper?


6 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! Individuality

    1. Oh trust me… I feel you! I saw that picture on my calendar and endless possibilities arose.

      The mess hall is a good question. I always imagined it very military esque… Probably like bsg. You?

      1. Maybe they always keep stromtroopers anonymous – they have individual barracks and food is delivered there through some mechanical thing.
        A friend and I were discussing what the mouse droids are designed for – maybe they’re meal delivery droids.
        However, a regular mess hall makes sense – maybe the room Han Solo runs into on the Death Star is right outside of the mess hall, and those stormtroopers are really angry because they were about to have lunch.

        1. I ❤ mouse droids. Always have. And lol on the comment about Han Solo.

          They have to take off their helmets to sleep right? They don't get their own room, I'd imagine…so I'm sure other stormtroopers have to see what everyone looks like.

  1. I think it was suggested by the time of ESB that the storm troopers were clones but even if not, they probably were treated as such with any individuality trained out of them. Perhaps the reward for years of loyal service (and survival) was finally being given a name and the privilege of taking the uniform off.

    1. That’s an interesting thought…giving back someone’s individuality as a retirement gift, so to say. I feel like after years of anonymity, it would be hard to go back to a life where people can see your actions, know who does them, and judge you.

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