10 Reasons I Like Attack of the Clones

attack of the clones

I had only one New Year’s resolution when it came to this blog.  In 2015, I was going to watch AOTC and find 10 things I liked about it.  I never watched it on my own, but I did watch it a few weeks ago with the friends when I worked through the saga with prior to TFA (another post on that soon!).

To find 10 things I liked about AOTC was great up until number 8.  Then I really struggled with the last two items.  I eventually came up with them, but I had to rack my brain.

Here is my top 10 list for AOTC, therefore fulfilling my New Year’s resolution a month from the end of 2015.

10. Kamino. Out of all the new planets introduced in the Prequel Trilogy, Kamino is one of my favorites.  The weirdest thing is, I’m not a big fan of rain, but I love the visual element of it.  Plus, we’ve all had Kamino days before where you kind of feel bad for Kaminoans and the constant battering of rain…though with their skin, I’m not sure they’d last long in the sun.  Regardless, Kamino is one of the coolest planets in AOTC with the city on stilts, their transportation on the Aiwha’s, and their impressive cloning facility.  Super modern for a place that must experience a lot of power outages.

9. Puns. No Star Wars film is as rife with puns as Episode II is.  Part of me groans and hates how corny they are, but the pun-loving side of me rejoices in seeing so many in one movie.

2 Examples:

-Threepio’s head being dragged by Artoo to be put on his proper body: “Oh, this is such a drag!”

-Anakin worrying about Padmé and Obi-Wan says: “She seems to be on top of things,” as she climbs up the pole.

8. “This party’s over.” This is an example of a corny line in Star Wars this party's overthat is done so, so well.  Every time Windu utters that line I just want to woop.  Then all the Jedi start igniting their lightsabers across the Geonosian arena and it looks amazing.  It’s classic good versus evil.  The Jedi show up to save the day and you can’t help but think, “This is how it should be.”

7. The Geonosian language. I had some big debates on this when I was reading my list out loud after watching the movie but I have always loved the language of these critters.  All the weird sounds they make with clucks, clicks, whirring noises, and slightly human sounds in it is super interesting.  It’s my favorite language of species out of the entire Star Wars saga.  In case you ever want to listen to 10 hours of it, someone has granted your wish:

6. Seismic charge. The asteroid chase scene, while an homage to ESB, did not come close to matching the magnificence of the Empire chasing the Falcon.  What it did do was give us two well-equipped adversaries battling it out with lots of obstacles.  So in a sense, it was very different from the chase in ESB as this was not so much of a “chase” but a seek-and-find.  Out of this, resulted the seismic charge, a cool new addition to the Star Wars universe.  My favorite part is the silence when it’s released, followed by the explosive electric sound and the flat horizontal destruction it creates.  According to the Wookiepedia page, the reason I love this so much is actually because it defies science:

The sound from an explosion of this weapon is an interesting take on the Star Wars “ignorance” of the fact that there is no sound in a vacuum. There is no sound at the start of a blast, but there is still the impossible phenomenon of sound in space afterward. The idea during the production of Episode II was that the charge would suck in and absorb all the sound around it (such as the sounds of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett’s ships during their fight in the Geonosis asteroid belt), and then release them in a sonic explosion, resulting in the shockwave effect heard in the explosion sound.

Maybe that’s why I love Star Wars so much…it’s always defying science and reality.

5. The 2nd to last scene. When the Imperial March starts playing and you all the ships are starting to look like Imperial Star Destroyers…I get chills.  Then you see some of the senate members staring out and Palpatine is looking out at everything and you know he’s just maniacally laughing in his head.  Then you see Organa’s head bow down with one hand in a fist.  His misgiving is clear.  And those rows upon rows of clone troopers – amazing.  Begun the Clone Wars has.

AOTC 2nd to last scene

4. Imaginative planets. There’s no denying that the locations and scenery on Naboo are stunning.  Geonosis had the interesting hive of swarming bugs as a planet, and most of the scenes took place within the hive of the Geonosians, with the exception of final battle.    I felt like we really got to dive into Coruscant with the Zam Wesell chase scene that culminated in the underground nightclub.  We got to see the life of an average civilian with the Dexter Jettster diner scene.  As a whole, the film brought us to new planets that were multi-layered and showed us more depth than we had seen before.

3. Sound effects. This plays into my #6 reason, but at a larger level.  You could argue that the sound effects in every Star Wars movie are amazing, and they are, but I’m not a big sound gal.  Yet every time I watch AOTC, I notice the details of sounds and the minute way the play into the scene at a brilliant level.  Some of my favorites include when Padmé’s ship first flies into the scene (I feel like it sounds different than the other ships), the seismic charge, the sounds of Coruscant in the Zam Wesell chase scene, the Obi-wan/Jango fight, and the final battle.  In this movie, I think the sounds play as an important a role as the visual element. 

2. Padmé’s costumes. Beautiful, so beautiful. I would like to put in a caveat that I am not referring to her stupid white costume during the latter part of the movie that was strategically ripped right at her abs.  The rest of them are stunning though.  Not just the lakeside dress, but her sexy leather dress, her picnic dress, even the ones she wears on Coruscant when Anakin is pouting.  I love her nightgown and scoured the internet until I found one somewhat similar and bought it (note: it’s not very comfortable to sleep in, but I don’t care).  I even like the one on Tatooine that we see so little of that also strategically shows her abs…it has a nice feminine flow to it.  Trisha Beggar should have gotten an Oscar instead of Colleen Atwood for Chicago.  Unfortunately, she didn’t even get nominated for this film which I see as a real shame because it wasn’t just Padmé who had beautiful costumes, the others had a lot of detail in them as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1. Across the Stars. Oh man, oh man, this was really close with #2 but I just couldn’t deny putting it at number one. This is one of the greatest tracks John Williams has ever created and it kills me that it’s not more recognized.  It’s beautiful but tragic all at once – which sums up Padmé and Anakin’s relationship.  Even though logically, if you don’t know the story of Star Wars, the ending of AOTC should be happy (a wedding! True love! Yay!)…from the music you can tell it’s doomed.  There are notes of triumph but it’s so overshadowed by the lower notes of heartbreak.  The harp at the end is just a cherry on top.  The music is poignant, it’s crucial, and it evokes so much emotion from me even when I listen to it 13 years later.  Sometimes I feel like this track makes the whole movie worth it. Bravo, John Williams, bravo.


What are your top moments from Attack of the Clones?

12 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Like Attack of the Clones

  1. I was hoping you’d mention Padme’s costumes! “10 Hours of Poggle the Lesser Speaking Geonosian” made me laugh out loud, too.

    I absolutely hate hate hate those puns. I would have picked the “You don’t want to sell me deathsticks” scene instead 🙂

    Truly, I applaud your positive perspective on AOTC. I always like to look on the bright side of things, especially when it comes to something I love like Star Wars. There are plenty of flaws to be found in the prequels, but I’m sure it’s healthy to always be harping on them.

    1. How could I not mention Padmes costumes? They are SO beautiful! I did try my best with this list and ended up finding more than I thought. I think the reason why the deathsticks scene didn’t make it in there is because it’s so small. There are lots of little scenes and moments in AOTC that I love, but I wanted to find bigger, more substantial reasons.

      Yeah the puns are really groan worthy. That was one of the things I was scrambling to figure out at the end. I think it was the last one I put on my list because my friend convince me to since I like puns so much. I realized when I relaxed about them, I enjoyed them for their stupidity.

  2. While the puns are fun, I think they also show the weakness of the script.
    Kamino is a pretty cool planet, though, and the asteroid chase is my favorite sequence in the prequels – I love spaceships, and this is the best actual spaceship battle in the trilogy.
    Across the Universe is also a beautiful peace of music with a great sweeping epicness with a tinge of sorrow.

    1. I’m glad you like the asteroid scene too! The only thing I don’t like is Boba’s horrible evil laugh, but everything else is great.
      Yeaaah, the puns were not my first choice but my friends convinced me to put it on the list because of how much I love puns. Though true, I felt like they were a little too forced in AOTC.

  3. I am not a huge fan of young Boba until he makes his appearnces in The Clone Wars. I do however absolutely love the seismic charges. The feeling of power they release when you first hear the reverberating thrum is enough to trigger anyones excitement.

    I have to say the battle within the Geonosian arena would be close to the top of my list. I love seeing all those Jedi in one place and the creature were amazing. The Ackley is to this day one of my all time favorite creatures in Star Wars.

    To top the whole movie off however is Yoda’s fight with Dooku. I’m not a fan of Dooku, but I love seeing Yoda completely flip out (Pardon my Pun). We are so used to seeing Yoda as an wise elderly figure, but AOTC let us see another side of him that was previously unknown.

    1. Yeah, I could take or leave young Boba…and if you’ve read my other posts, my view of him is now tainted by how much Daniel Logan pisses me off in person.

      I glad you like the battle in the Geonosis arena! I know a lot of fans thought it was copying the popularity of Gladiator at that time so felt it was a little bit of a cop out. Maybe you were too young to have seen Gladiator but it was such a huge hit with Russell Crowe, that when AOTC was released with this scene, people were slightly miffed. I think if I hadn’t seen Gladiator, I would have liked it more because it is a cool scene. However, because I’m also a big Gladiator fan, I think I took the side that this seemed a little unoriginal.

      And I also love that you like Yoda’s fight! I think there are two camps on that one. People who either loved it or people who hated it (kind of like all the PT). I prefer his fight in ROTS, but I’m glad that we did get to see him fight.

      Thanks for telling me what you liked an didn’t like! I love other points of views.

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