Royal UK Star Wars Stamps

A few weeks ago, I had someone reach out to me from the Royal Mail in England asking if I wouldn’t mind reviewing their new The Force Awakens stamps.

Um, yes, is that even a question?  First of all, you guys are the Royal Mail and that sounds super official.  Anything English sounds more important.

All jokes aside, they sent me a really nice packet.  It even came with a UV flashlight because each stamp has a special imprint that you can only see when UV light is shining on it.

[I apologize my photos are not too great.  The paper quality was so nice that my phone did not get clear photos]

Here’s what I got:

  • A little pamphlet that describes the story of Star wars so far. It was like spark notes for someone who had never heard of this galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars royal uk stamps summary

  • The collection of Star Wars stamps that have the special UV imprint on it. It’s almost like a secret code that only those with the Force can see.  Or a special flashlight.
  • The stamps come on nice cardstock paper that opens up into a description of the light side of the Force on one side, with a timeline of the Jedi and the Skywalkers.

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  • The other side has a synopsis of the dark side of the Force and a timeline of Anakin and the Empire.

Royal mail uk star wars stamps dark side

  • A little bonus extra sheet of stamps that include the popular vehicles from Star Wars. The UV light does not reveal anything exciting when you shine it on these (sadness), but they do have cool descriptions of the vehicles on the back.

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With all of this, I got a nice envelope where I can keep the stamps protected when not in use.  And honestly…they will never be in use because I live in America.  Yet, even if I lived in the UK, I don’t think I would use these stamps because the presentation is clearly for stamp or Star Wars collectors.

I’m really impressed with the quality of this collector’s set and will definitely not be throwing it away.  Not that I throw Star Wars stuff away (oh, wait, I wonder what happened to my copy of The Crystal Star?), but what I’m trying to say is that it does not look shabby.  I was expecting something very different when they reached out to me – just a sheet of stamps like we get at the post office.  Based on those expectations, I was quite happy with what I received.

I would recommend this item to:

  • Those who want to give a Star Wars fan something to do with Star Wars, but are afraid of getting them something they already have.
  • People who love collecting stamps.
  • Star Wars fans that like collections in nice presentations.
  • Star Wars fans that like something unusual.
  • People who collect items that are available only for a limited amount of time.

There is more than what they just sent me…if you want to check it out or possibly buy your own, click here.

I tried my best to take photos one-handed while I shone the UV flashlight on it:

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7 thoughts on “Royal UK Star Wars Stamps

  1. Well, that’s super cool. That’s a swanky package for stamps – I’d keep them nice and well-kept too.
    As an example of how cool the UK post office is, here’s an ad from 1936 –
    (This was one of my favorite films I learned about in during my film major classes in my undergrad. I just love that revolutionary colorization and special effects were used for a post office ad. Do the special effects tie it back into Star Wars?)
    (Also, my copy of The Crystal Star might have disappeared too…)

    1. Wait, that’s a post office ad? Interesting! And yeah, I was totally surprised by the quality of the stamps and what they sent. Much nicer than I expected. I’m always willing to review things for companies as long as they approach me only for Star Wars. I’ve had companies approach me to review Dr. Who, Marvel, Lord of the Rings…and I’m just like, “Do you read my blog?!” Lol.

    1. I kept mine for a long time because I refused to throw away Star Wars stuff. Then I realized I was being dumb and donated it to the local library. I also donated a few other Star Wars books like an encyclopedia that was SO outdated, but when I got it, I was happy. I’m trying to let go of sentimental things that really have no use…

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