Third Times the Charm

(Please, please, please…if you have been reading all the spoilers on the internet – do not write about them here!  These are all my own theories and I want to be happily correct or incorrect WHEN I SEE THE MOVIE and not beforehand.  Thanks.)

Okay.  So.  This:

This happened last night.

These are my thoughts in no particular order and I am spoiler-free so these are all just MY theories:

  • The most obvious question on everyone’s mind is…where’s Luke?  He was not on the trailer poster released Sunday.  He had a voiceover in the 2nd trailer but it was revealed at Celebration that he recorded that later, so it may not be in the movie.  My theory is that Luke is missing or he’s locked himself away for some reason and the plot revolves around finding him.  I do not think he plays a large part in this movie.
  • Rey is crying and it looks like she’s crying over a body (possibly dead?).  I believe she’s crying because Han dies.  I’ve believed from day one that Han will die in this movie only because it took a lot of convincing, and money, to get Ford to come back to Star Wars.  I think for that reason alone, his dragging feet, he will be written out of the story line.
  • L. Palmer refers to Poe Dameron giving Finn a “bro slap” when he goes off to his x-wing…but I kind of interpreted it differently.  I’m not sure that looks friendly to me, nor do I think Finn thinks it’s friendly.  He looks a little thoughtful and definitely not happy after Dameron walks away.  It could just be that they’re heading into battle so everything is serious, but I’m curious.
  • And speaking of Dameron…dude what are you doing hanging out with Kylo?  What is that all about?  There has been so much speculation since character names were announced that Poe is evil because of his name but I’m not seeing any evidence of that – until now when he’s chilling with Kylo.  Okay, he looks like he’s in a lot of stress and may be getting tortured, but he’s still with him.  finn gif tfa
  • Rey’s accent is English, Finn’s is American.  I was sure, and still am leaning towards, that Rey is the daughter of Han and Leia.  I also have this wild theory that Kylo and Rey are siblings (maybe twins) and she’s hiding from him on Jakku (which I believe is actually Tatooine, but renamed after the Empire fell because it’s WAY too similar to Tatooine and we go to Tatooine in the first movie of both trilogies).  That could be why she’s trying to be “no one”.  Maybe she doesn’t want Kylo to know where she is.  Not sure how all this ties into my theory of her being Han and Leia’s daughter unless she got hidden at birth (like some other twins we know!!).
  • Kylo Ren wants to finish what Vader started.  What the heck did he start?
  • Nice juxtaposition in the trailer of Finn being aimless versus Kylo who seems to have a very clear direction.
  • Kylo will whoop Finn’s butt in the lightsaber battle at the end.  Finn looks nervous and not confident at all.  Maybe this is where Luke comes in and saves the day?  That would be awesome.
  • How does Finn get the lightsaber?  It sounds like, from all the trailers and the title, that the Force can “awaken” in you if you know how to let it in or let it emerge.  So does this get rid of the notion from the Prequels that you are either born with the Force or not born with the Force?  That’s a lot to erase from something that is officially canon…
  • Not sure if anyone has noticed over the trailers and the cool San Diego Comic Con clip that was released – Finn and Dameron share/switch jackets.  To me, it looks like the jacket belonged to Dameron, maybe Finn helped rescue him, and gets the jacket from him?  I only say this because of that brief, split second clip from SDCC when we see Poe being hurtled off in Starkiller Base (or a Star Destroyer) by two stormtroopers and he’s wearing the leather jacket.  Perhaps Finn is one of the troopers leading him away?
  • I think it might be Lupita/Maz doing the majority of the voiceover in this trailer.  “Who are you?…The Force…it’s calling to you.  Just let it in.”
  • It’s kind of cool to see how Han did a 180 from ANH to this trailer.  Now he believes in Jedi vs. telling Obi-Wan to shut up on his nonsense.
  • Lots of other Kylo Ren peeps standing around Kylo Ren…probably the Knights of Ren we’ve been hearing about.  But why don’t they get lightsabers?
  • Anyone see the cool Mandalorian skull on the flags around that temple?  Also, a droid!  JJ is not completely ignoring the Prequels!  It definitely looks more Prequel than OT.
  • Did you notice BB-8 is all over the place?  He’s with Rey, Finn, and Poe during this trailer.  Which makes me think that maybe he doesn’t really “belong” to anyone, or he plays a more pivotal role that any of us suspect.
  • I hate the name Captain Phasma, but she’s starting to grow on me because she looks BAD ASS.  Bring it.
  • Another trench on Starkiller Base.  Another blowing up of a gigantic battle station?  Please no.  Let’s try to be more original.

And finally, here is what I think the timeline of events is based on the trailers:

Dameron gets captured by the First Order.  Finn is a stormtrooper, has a change of heart, rescues him. Gets in trouble, rey the force awakens with bb8escapes via TIE and the Star Destroyer shoots it down.  He ends up on Jakkooine (my friend’s and I term for Jakku) and meets Rey. He’s a wanted man so they escape on the Falcon (still hazy on how she ends up with the Falcon other than she has been repairing it in her junkyard? Maybe?) to the Resistance.  Somehow they have to go find Luke because Kylo and his Knights of Ren are being talked about.  Finn and Han go to find Luke.  End up at a temple where maybe Maz or Luke is.  Finn gets a lightsaber.  No idea what happens to Rey.  There is a climatic battle at the end where Finn ends up facing Kylo, Han dies, Poe blows up battle station (boo).

As you can see, lots of holes!  But that’s my basic prediction…and I’ve got less than two months until I find out!

I got 7:00pm Imax tickets for December 17th.  Woot.  Excited.


18 thoughts on “Third Times the Charm

  1. First, I think a lot of people are assuming the trailers are shown more-or-less in order (i.e. beginning of film to end). It takes on a new meaning if you could shuffle the frames around a bit.

    Second, I don’t think that’s Darth Vader’s mask. I think it’s Luke’s. Before the prequels and in the aftermath of the OT, one of the speculations I read about what could be the storyline for the last three movies was either Luke going dark or an offspring of Luke going Dark and Luke having to rise again to save the galaxy.

    Third, I was hoping there was something hidden in the name Jakku , like it’s an old Japanese word for “sand world” but too many spoiler sites for me to investigate.

    Finally, Rey makes me think of Siona from the Dunes books. Both are connected to their ancestor (Leia, and Paul respectively) by a bloodline and not much else.

    now the real challenge will be finding a baby sitter so we can go see this movie!

  2. I also want to know what he thinks Vader started. Destroying the Jedi? Creating a New World Order? Something else? Could be philosophical or political.

    I hadn’t noticed the jacket thing! Interesting!

      1. Haha, I was on my lunch break! I’m now prepared for more speculation lol.

        I also thought Rey’s accent sounded a bit English, not sure if they are still going with Coruscanti=British. The recent poster really made me think Rey and Kylo might be siblings, given how their weapons are perfectly aligned.

        Though honestly, I am skeptical that anything is what it looks like. Do we really know that’s Luke touching R2? Do we really know Finn is a stormtrooper, not just disguised as one? Do we really know that’s Kylo Ren under the mask? I am convinced there’s some crazy twist that we can’t tell yet.

        I kind of thought that the promotional stuff would feature a new “trio” to replace the old one, but I’m only seeing a “duo” with Finn and Rey here. And I would not be surprised if at least one member of the old trio dies in the course of the movie.

        Also, it hadn’t occurred to me before that the Sith and the Empire remnants might not be working entirely in concert. There are some shots of Kylo Ren with stormtroopers behind him, but not a lot. Are the Knights of Ren separate from Captain Phasma et al? Are the heroes fighting on two fronts?

        1. Yay, way more thorough. 🙂

          My friend said maybe Rey is Obi-Wan’s daughter, hence the accent? I thought that was an interesting theory. I also am leaning to Rey and Kylo being siblings though, so unless they’re both Kenobi’s…which would be an interesting twist, for sure, but I think that it would more likely be Solo twins.

          I am the type of person that takes it all on “what you see is what you get” so if there’s some crazy twist going on, I’m going to be more surprised than anyone. Mostly because I am so literal and it’s hard for me to think outside the box.

          I agree re: the Knights of Ren/Sith and Empire. There was that shot of Kylo Ren on Starkiller Base though, so it seems like he is working with them. I also definitely think the Knights of Ren are separate from Phasma, but not sure if the heroes are fighting two fronts.

          Interesting thoughts for sure…I like the questions you raise!

  3. I’m not sure all of it is in chronological order but they have confirmed that Jakku is in the beginning of the movie so we know that those scenes in the desert are from the early portion of the movie.

    That’s interesting you think it’s Luke’s. I definitely think it’s Vaders.

    Nice comparison to Siona, I didn’t think along those lines. I’d like to know just how much Rey is connected to Leia, if at all. I still think she is, but you never know! And I wonder if she knows it or it’s a revelation later on.

    Good luck with the babysitter!

  4. I agree that Jakku looks way too much like Tatooine. Way to similar. I really don’t have any other theories thought other than that Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter and that Finn is related to either Lando or Captain Panaka or Typho since they haven’t released his last name either. Oh, or maybe even Mace since he does have a lightsaber.

    1. Interesting theory re: Mace! And, yes, you’re right, they haven’t revealed his last name and Abrams definitely said that was on purpose. I guess Mace would be the only one that makes sense with the lightsaber. Hmmm…but Abrams hated the Prequels. And the Jedi weren’t known for having kids running around. I don’t think Lando really fits. Waaaay back in the beginning when I still read stuff online, people were speculating that he was Obi-Wan Kenobi’s son.

      Ha. You’ve given me more to think about.

      1. Exactly, his name and Rey’s for that matter weren’t released on purpose. They have to be related to someone we know. Him being related to Mace just came to me since we see him with a lightsaber it made sense. Related doesn’t have to mean descendant, perhaps a nephew or cousin since Force sensitivity can run in families. But it could be any of the others I suggested really, even if he hated the PT. If Obi had a son, it would have been with Satine and of course hidden away, therefore a black son makes no sense. If he is Lando’s, I think he’s undercover looking for something and gets found out and is escaping, not defecting. Rey could even be in hiding waiting for him except they don’t know who they are supposed to meet up with in case they get caught. Or maybe he’s supposed to find her too. Now my brain is doing all kinds of thinking and speculating!

  5. This is a lot of fun speculation. What I’m trying to figure out is my schedule for watching the movie – I want to see it the day it comes out, but that’s also the last day of finals. Such dilemmas.
    I am sure you will have an epic and awesome time.

    1. Oh no…finals! How dare they?? I remember ROTS coming out right in my high school finals and ROTK right during mid-terms. I saw both at midnight anyway, so I’m not sure I can give you advice. I always pick Star Wars over school. 🙂

  6. I’ve thought about the death of Han idea before, too. I’m not sure how I feel about it – on the one hand, it could be incredibly poignant, and emotionally devastating, and could be the thing to give this new franchise the gravitas to lift the new films high, high above any of the other big sci fi franchises.

    On the other hand, the death of Han Solo? I was depressed for days when the novels killed off Chewie, I’m not sure if I can handle Solo breathing his last, even if I was always a bigger fan of Luke.

    1. Haha I don’t know… I think I’ve always been prepared for it since they announced an episode vii. He’s the only really established/highly successful actor out of the three main heroes. If he does die… I wonder what will happen to Chewie (it would only make sense that he dies too) and what will happen to leia. Perhaps all three of those could die! But the one I’m putting money on is Han, and by default, maybe Chewie too.

      1. Hmm… killing off Han and Chewie? I really don’t think they would do that to us – or to Harrison Ford, because it would steal his thunder.

        My guess is that it’ll be Han, solo (see what I did there?).

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