Geek out!

  1. I’ve been super busy, but there are posts in the works.
  2. Star Wars Rebels started up again this week. I will write my thoughts soon, but did you guys have any?
  3. Rumors flying like mad that the official poster for TFA will be released on Sunday, tickets will go on sale Monday after a new trailer Monday evening during MNF.  And there’s supposedly a new logo as well. Guess we’ll have to see about that.
  4. There could possibly be a 7pm showing on December 17th (which would be great for all of us who are not night owls!).
  5. Some theaters might do a marathon beforehand starting at 4:00pm on December 17th.  Ugh, no thanks.

We are in crunch time for TFA.  I’m starting to feel the excitement.  I have, unfortunately, stumbled upon some spoilers on Instagram of all places, so I know a little more than i wanted to.  But the general plot is still as thick as a Dagobah mist for me and I don’t know 95% of the movie.


kylo ren


4 thoughts on “Geek out!

  1. I’m trying to decide which theater around here I want to see TFA at. The brand new Cinemark? Or the one in my hometown, where I saw the prequels? Or the one technically closest to my house? I’m just sad it’s not coming out in summer, because I can’t see it at the drive-in theater.

    I don’t think I’m up for a marathon, though. I did that once before and it was fun, but I was much younger then lol

    • I’m sure it’ll be enough! Disney would be alienating too many people if they integrated TCW and SWR heavily into the storyline. Anyway those occur way before TFA so I don’t think too much of that will matter.

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