Haiku Me Friday! A bounty so large…

Find me Han Solo Or a grim fate awaits you Got it, Boba Fett?
Find me Han Solo
Or a grim fate awaits you
Got it, Boba Fett?

How do you guys feel about the Han Solo anthology movie?  More importantly, observe who the directors are: Christopher Miller and Phil Lord.  (I think Phil Lord looks kind of like Ramsay Snow/Bolton from Game of Thrones so it kind of creeps me out.)

I bring this up only because Miller and Lord’s best known works are comedies.  They are most recently well-known for The LEGO Movie, which was fabulous, amazing, and hilarious.  Other directorial works include Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 22 Jump Street.  And that’s about it.

So are Disney and KK giving them a chance to flex their muscles with something more serious?  Or do they want to go towards a comedy for the Han Solo movie?  Or a combination of both?  If it’s a combo, that makes me a little nervous because I haven’t seen anything on their resume that screams serious, so evidence seems to be pointing towards a movie in a comedic nature.

I do think Han Solo is one of the funnier characters in the OT, but I think he’s funny more due to his wry, cynical personality.  I can’t see him and Chewie jumping around the galaxy and laughing the whole way.

Looking at this picture from my calendar today made me think about the directors of the movie all over again.   This is a hardcore photo.  Han Solo was someone who had been evading Jabba for quite some time and it’s one of the few storylines that persisted in all three movies of the Original Trilogy.  He is one badass, and yes, he’s funny, but is he hilarious?  Are his storylines hilarious?


3 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! A bounty so large…

  1. I am interested in reading up on Han’s younger life and how he came to know Chewie. I think I read somewhere that Episode II was suppose to have a young Han with the Wookies on Kashyyyk, but the idea was scrapped. If anything, I think these kinds of stories are best left for maybe television \o/, comics, and books.

  2. Miller and Lord have done all right so far. They’re goofiness might be better than the dourness of much of the Prequels. Yet, Han Solo works because he’s got a pain behind his cynicism that makes him a complete character. A bunch of ridiculousness isn’t going to cut it for Han Solo.

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