Haiku Me Friday! Clone Troopers

I look just like them I am a unique being But part of a team
I look just like them
I am a unique being
But part of a team

Am I the only fan who didn’t like the addition of a chip in the clones that would force them to obey Order 66?  I was going to talk about why I wasn’t a fan of this storyline, but then I realized I already had and has written about it much better in an older post.

So for now,  I guess I’ll just say that I like what The Clone Wars did with evolving the clones as individual beings despite that they are, well, clones.

But since the chip is now canon, and I have to accept it, I’m really interested in the three clones we see returning in Star Wars Rebels: Rex, Wolffe and Gregor.  What happened when Order 66 was issued with these clones?  We know what Commander Cody did – but Captain Rex is a mystery.  He was introduced in TCW but we didn’t see him in ROTS.

In the latest Insider, we have an interview with Dee Bradley Baker (super funny guy by the way, if you ever get to see him at a convention, definitely do it) who voices the clones in TCW, and now SWR, and there’s a question on what they think of the Jedi.  He answers,

That’s actually part of what’s interesting about what’s unfolding…What do they know?  What do they remember?  What is it that they are putting together as this continues to unfold?  That’s a very interesting question, and I think that’s part of what this series will have to address.

Vague, but food for thought.  Is he suggesting that they possibly could have followed through with Order 66 but don’t remember it?  Or that they blocked it out?  Or could they have “woken up” right after it happened and freaked out?

It will be interesting to see how their story unfolds.  For starting out as smaller characters, they really have grown to be a great addition to the animated series and the Star Wars universe.


14 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! Clone Troopers

  1. You are definitely not the only fan who dislikes the addition of the "chip" that forced the clones to obey Order 66: I hate hate hate it. In addition to the points you made in your previous post, I hate that the chip detracts from Palpatine’s pure genius in (a) creating an army of obedient clones, (b) creating a long list of contingency orders (including some targeted at the Chancellor’s office) with Order 66 hidden among them, and (c) turning them both against the Jedi. The chip is simply unnecessary — the Jedi were traitors as far as the clones and the public knew, so why wouldn’t the clones execute them?

    It’s one of several things I dislike about TCW’s canon changes, and I didn’t even watch much of it.

    1. YES YES YES! Omg, yes, you articulate what I’ve said and more. I always thought the clone troopers should just be following orders. That’s what they should do so when they heard Order 66, no matter how close they are to the Jedi, their job is to kill them. They were trained to be soldiers, and that’s what they should do. It’s like I said in my previous post, the chip is just a way to excuse their actions after people got attached to them in TCW.

      It actually reminds me of when I was going to join the army. There were a few things you had to go through physically, but for the academic portion you had to pass a MAP test (mental aptitude, I believe). Most of it was really easy but there were interesting questions on it like:

      “You have been tasked to guard a lighthouse and keep the light revolving until 6:00am the next day by your commanding officer. You get a call that evening from someone in a different unit asking you to turn off the lighthouse because they’ve sighted enemy ships. Do you:

      A) turn off the light
      B) Refuse because of your orders
      C) Ask to speak to your commanding officer
      D) Fire on enemy ships”

      Can you get the answer? It’s B. But it was interesting because I knew some people who failed the test because they would pick something like D. And I was just like…helloooooo the army is all about obeying orders!! Why would you pick that??

      Anyway, I like to think that the clones would be all answer B all the time. So, yes, I didn’t like the idea of a chip either.

      1. Great minds think alike!

        I would have chosen either B or C. If I had been in the situation, I would have initially refused the request because of orders and then tried to contact my commanding officer to see if my orders needed to be changed. A and D are clearly wrong — A because you’re disobeying your orders (and the request might have come from an enemy), and D because you don’t know that they are enemy ships (you might be firing on friendlies).

        I didn’t know you were planning to join the army at one point. That’s cool. When I was in my teens I wanted to be a fighter pilot, but after college I had better opportunities.

        1. Yeah, there were all kinds of those questions on the test. It was a 3 hour test that covered basics of English, math, science, but a whole section devoted to that.

          A little unknown fact about me. I regret that I never followed through with it. I pushed it off for a year and then ended up getting sudden hearing loss and lost all my hearing in my left ear. I wasn’t qualified to join after that happened. When you lose hearing in one ear, it’s incredibly difficult to understand or know where noises are coming from. So if there were yells to the right of me or gunshots behind me, I wouldn’t know where to look. And by the time I figured it out, I could be dead.

          Not that they allow girls on the front lines anyway, which I was told when I first signed up, but it’s the principle of it.

          1. My high school administered the ASVAB, which sounds somewhat similar to the test you describe in that it covered subjects like math and science. But I don’t remember it having any questions about following orders.

            I didn’t know you lost your hearing in one ear. I’m sorry to hear that!

  2. I don’t think all clones followed the order. As we will find in Star Wars Rebels, there were some clones who disobeyed and deserted (Return of Rex, Wolf, and another Clone of unknown name at this time). This leads me to believe that the troopers that worked directly with the Jedi and got to know and trust them had a hard time obeying Order 66. Odds of probability also suggest there are some clones who were not perfect copies (I.e. 99 : http://clonewars.wikia.com/wiki/99). It is very probable that there could be some chips that were also imperfect.

    1. How do you know Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor deserted? I thought that wasn’t confirmed from LFL…

      I get that maybe not all followed the order, and I’ve come to accept it, but I still don’t really like it.

      1. I was very skeptical going into Clone Wars…I thought, it’s a cartoon, this is kids stuff. The more I watched it, the more I enjoyed it. The stories were very grown up and there was a lot of emotion and thought put into the stories and characters. Luke will always be my favorite Jedi, but Asoka is a very close second. I was very upset when Five’s got killed. At the end of Clone Wars, I knew, I just knew that even with Order 66…not all of them would have obeyed.

        1. Yeah I was too! I know you’re a new blog follower but I have tons of posts on how I originally hated it but now I love it. I, too, move Ahsoka and I’m glad she’s back for SWR

          1. Then…one has to wonder, how many of the clones that lived through the war adapted names. I would think, if a clone begins to identify itself as an individual, then they would become defective. I know there was an episode that discussed this, but the logic remains. If they can forego their orders as being identified only by identification number, then it goes to reason they could disobey other orders as they so chose.

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