Haiku Me Friday! The Never Ending Battle

You know what?  I love the Rebellion and I love the protagonists, but gosh, it must be SO tiring to be a Rebel.  Palpatine was so deliberate in every single one of his actions and made such a huge Empire where it’s reaches were felt all over the galaxy.  And the fight…the fight for freedom goes ever on and on, down from the road where it began…and it just NEVER ENDS.

How did they not throw in the towel, put up the white flag, or even sleep in for a day?  It amazes me how people, when they really believe in a cause, will not rest until they get what they want.

Look at Ghandi.  Look at Martin Luther King, Jr.  Look at the French Revolution. Hell, look at our American Revolutionary War (which started in my hometown of Lexington, MA holllllla).

It’s the same thing with the Rebellion in the Star Wars saga and will only continue in The Force Awakens.  It makes me tired when I think about it.  The constant fighting, the constant small victories, that feeling when you’ve finally gotten somewhere…only to find out that for everything you win, the Empire still seems to be going strong.

Sometimes it really makes me feel inadequate, but other times I feel really, really blessed.  I can sleep in on weekends.  I can go to bed without fear of a bomb dropping on my head.  I’m not forced to leave my home and the place I love.

The Rebels never really rested.  They believed in fighting the Empire with all they had and they will continue to do so in Episode VII and beyond.

So on this Friday, in my own small way, I want to raise a glass to those out there, right now, right this moment, that are fighting for what their cause and are not giving up against tyranny and terrorism, who don’t have the luxury of sleeping in, and who don’t have a home.

If Star Wars teaches us anything, it teaches us that you have to keep fighting for what you believe in, even if the odds are against you.  Because there is always hope in the goodwill and kindness of strangers, in humanity doing the right thing, even if it feels like a never ending battle.

It goes on and on The never ending battle Will we see results?
It goes on and on
The never ending battle
Will we see results?

4 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! The Never Ending Battle

  1. I’ll be curious to see how the new films handle the “fall” of the Empire. The way I imagined it when I first could grasp the enormity of the Empire (definitely not when ROTJ came out when I was five, but much later) was that the Rebels severed the head of a massive unwieldy beast, a Galactic beast feeding off millions of worlds. I seriously doubt all the millions of worlds under its rule sided with the rebellion, and certainly not all the power-hungry despots commanding its legions. How many Hoths happened after ROTJ? Definitely not zero. (one thing that sticks in my head after the prequels is the sheer number of capital ships the Empire had suddenly under its control, all the spoils of the Confederacy, all the Republic’s fleets, and then they built all the modern star destroyers they built by the end of ROTJ. (Hey, maybe they “recycled” them for scrap to build new ones, but I think it’d be cool to see prequel ships being used by either side in the new conflict).

    Like you, I’ve avoided spoilers on episode VII as much as possible, so I see stormtroopers and tie fighters and I get excited without really trying to suss out what it all means. What I want is a Three Kingdoms China feel to it: The Emperor dies and the Warlords rise, all the Moffs, Admirals, Generals, etc., and maybe the Republic never recovers for thousands of years because the beast is just that big, and the corruption and influence of the Dark Side is just that well-seeded in it. I feel like Palpatine’s Empire was living thing, something he had birthed out of the Dark Side and given life of it’s own, like the ultimate apprentice, a galactic organism feeding and feeding off the Chaos. Cut off its head and it still runs around knocking over tables and breaking stuff for a while until it runs out of energy or grows a new head (or two, a la HYDRA).

    Sorry, you got me thinking.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean re: all those ships. I’m not the biggest fan of AOTC but the ending was just jaw dropping. You were like…oh shoot, they’re bringing out the big guns. Literally.

      And I agree – I’d love to see some prequel ships but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. JJ has adamantly made it known that he is trying to stay away from the prequels, which is a shame, because there’s tons of good (even great) stuff in there. Nostalgia can really make people bitter sometimes. Don’t get me wrong – the OT is better in terms of story line and characters, but the prequels had strong moments.

      I feel like you may be right with the admirals, generals, etc. And perhaps the Republic will never really recover and all these future episodes will just be trying to get out of what Palpatine “birthed”. It will be a chaotic large scale civil war because I’m sure there are also many in support of the Empire/First Order. How spoiler free are you? I’m pretty spoiler-free, but I do gobble up anything that’s officially released.

      These images you present are quite compelling. Palpatine birthing this monster and now that the head is cut off, maybe a bunch of little heads take its place.

    1. LOL. Goodness. My sister is getting her PhD right now and that is a never ending battle.

      We all face never ending battles at some point in our lives. I am in one right now where I need to remind myself of the hope that Aragorn, Gandalf and Arwen proclaim there is in Lord of the Rings.

      But the good thing is that there is always an end…right? Even if some battles are so long and so big that we don’t see the ending in our lifetime, we know that there is always the end. Our lives and the world cannot thrive on constant chaos.

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