Haiku Me Friday! The Cutest Little Droid

Artoo works with speed Helping our friends in a bind The loyal, cute droid
Artoo works with speed
Helping our friends in a bind
The loyal, cute droid

Artoo has always held a special place in my heart because he is just so darn cute.

BB-8 though, man, that droid is giving Artoo a run for his money…and I haven’t even seen the movie yet!  Remember when we all called him the soccer ball droid?  The way he peeks out of that corner, SO CUTE!

Speaking of all these pronouns, do you guys think Artoo is a guy?  I’m not sure why I always thought Artoo was male, but it’s stuck since I was little.  I’m already gender placing BB-8 into the male category but I’m slightly more hesitant on that one and open to BB-8 being female.

So that kind of brings us to the thought, if astromech droids are androgynous, then why do most people agree Artoo is a male?  Is it because George has referred to Artoo as “he”?  Or is it our Western culture/society, which has always placed an emphasis on masculinity, subvert our thoughts automatically to thinking astro droids are male (unless they’re pink)?

OH, and no one got my blogger high five last week on the best haiku ever, so I’m going to explain the two reasons on why it’s the best haiku ever.

  1. Asteroids are no concern – a reference to Vader’s line when he said, “Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral.”
  2. Empire at it’s tail – Falcons are a type of bird so they have a tail. It’s a pun and it’s funny.

It’s okay that you guys are just not up to my level of genius.

you can't handle


7 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! The Cutest Little Droid

    1. Return of the Null!

      I understand that the literal reason is because of the scripts, Luke and Anakin, but I feel like we look at all astro droids as “he” so was musing on why that was. Unless I see a pink astro droid, I always think “he”.

      1. Most droids appear to be male, but there are some female droids. Wookieepedia has a nice list of droids by programming gender: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Droids_by_programming_gender

        For the most part, female droids have the kind of jobs women dominate and male droids have the kind of jobs men dominate. Female droids have jobs such as waitress, nanny, and protocol droids (protocol droids seem to be roughly 50/50 male/female). There are even a few female astromech droids (and they’re not all pink, such as R4-P17), but most astromech droids appear to be male. This reflects the fact that mechanics are overwhelmingly male, and this is probably the basis for our tendency to assume astromech droids are male.

        Male droids tend to have jobs like battle and assassin droids, medical/surgical droids (though not exclusively), pit droids (like the ones seen in Episode I), and labor droids.

        According to Wookieepedia, BB-8 is male: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/BB-8.

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