Haiku Me Friday! Asteroids and Falcons

The Falcon zips through Asteroids are no concern Empire at its tail
The Falcon zips through
Asteroids are no concern
Empire at its tail

This is one of my favorite haikus I’ve ever written.  Seriously.  If you can guess why, I’ll give you a blogger high five. Hint: there are 2 reasons why it’s one of my favorites.

But this scene, oh, this scene!  How good is it?  I think this was such a great tactic on Lucas and Kershner’s part: show that the Falcon is faulty.  By doing so, they’ve created the Millennium Falcon to almost have this human-like quality.  In ANH, our trio and their characters are pretty one-sided.  They are heroes, with personality quirks, but generally we leave the movie with these one dimensional opinions of them.

The same goes with the Falcon…we see it in ANH as this awesome, magnificent ship despite looking like a piece of junk.  I mean, c’mon, it can go 0.5 past lightspeed plus did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.  You don’t mess with a ship like that.  It got our heroes away from the Empire with no problem.

Then here we are in ESB, and the ship is falling apart!  What?  How can that be?  The hyperdrive isn’t working??!  Nooooo.  Then you realize how important lightspeed is in a galaxy far, far away and how even amazing spaceships are still just pieces of machinery compiled together.  It’s like your favorite car, and I’ve written about this before, that you don’t want to get rid of because it’s got all those special modifications.

Just like we see our characters in ESB go through developments and changes, so does the ship, by letting us down a little bit.  Kershner and Lucas brought a human-like quality to the Falcon and elevated it to another level in ESB.

The asteroid field sequence is also some of my favorite music in the OT.  In case you need a reminder, listen to the music while reading my fab haiku:

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