Haiku Me Friday! Scout Trooper Cloud City Edition

Good, good things going on in my life right now guys…which is much needed since the first half of this year has been like I  was thrown unexpectedly into the Rancor pit.  I feel like I’ve finally fought him off and I’m catching a break.  Not sure if I killed the Rancor yet, I guess that will only become clear later, but right now I’m breathing better than I have in a long time and feel good about the way my life is headed.  You know what I mean?

Do you ever have that instance where you write about 4 paragraphs and just delete it all?  Yeah, that just happened.

Onto Friday fun!  Happy Friday everyone!

We creep in slowly Do we pass on by or shoot? It’s hard to decide
We creep in slowly
Do we pass on by or shoot?
It’s hard to decide

My first thought was, “Since when would scout troopers ever be needed on Cloud City?”  This picture completely baffled me so I looked up some more information on scout troopers over at Wookiepedia (to think that I used to buy new editions of Star Wars encyclopedias whenever they came out!  I was constantly buying the latest editions because the EU was always changing. Now we have the internet and I am so thankful):

Scout troopers, light armored and far more mobile than regular stormtrooper units, were usually assigned to planetary garrisons where they patrolled perimeters, performed reconnaissance missions and identified enemy positions. As scouts, their mission profile often positioned them far from Imperial resupply. As a result, the scout troopers received special training in order to become efficient survivalists who were equipped with an array of equipment and supplies to aid in their military role.

Okay, so here I’ve been for the past 17 years of my life thinking that scout troopers only served in forest-like locations due to Return of the Jedi.  This is where I know I have huge gaps in my Star Wars knowledge.

I like to think I know a lot, and yes, compared to an average human, I do know way more about Star Wars than I should.  But I am the first to admit that my knowledge is very limited and it’s starting to bother me.  I focus on what I love most: the Jedi and how they inadvertently brought down the destruction of the Republic, the tormented feelings of Padmé, Palpatine’s master scheming, and mostly just detailed movie knowledge.

I know very little about the Empire and focus very little on their troops, systems, organization, and politics.  Over the past year and a half, I have made a concentrated effort to read more Star Wars novels (though I swore I never would lol) that are now canon and be more open minded about parts of Star Wars that just don’t interest me.  For instance, one of my goals this year is to watch Attack of the Clones and find 10 things I like about it.  Notice that I still have not done it yet?  I keep procrastinating.

But this news about the scout troopers really interests me because I had no idea how specialized they were.  Anyone with half a brain could have figured it out, because, well, “scout” is in their title.  “Scout” does not equal “forest” last time I checked.  This knowledge of scout troopers being so specialized really does open up a whole new world of imagination for me.  They were complete idiots in ROTJ, but perhaps that was an anomaly.  I kind of want to be a scout trooper and go on cool missions.

So when does this picture take place?  ESB?  Well, that doesn’t make complete sense because it sounds like the Empire made a straight out deal with Lando so there would be no need for them to sneak around.  Do you think these scout troopers are going to actually kill the guy sleeping on duty?  Or do you think they already shot him?

What’s your passion when it comes to Star Wars?  Have you ever been surprised by information you’ve taken for granted?  Have you ignored other aspects of the Star Wars universe because you like something else so much more?


7 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! Scout Trooper Cloud City Edition

    1. Lol I like it! Funny. Thanks for the laugh… And extra insight.

      The other 4 paragraphs were just about my blog if I remember correctly. Not really about anything in star wars specifically. I can’t even remember!

  1. We can’t all be experts in the whole Star Wars Universe, but we can do our best.
    As for Rancor pits, just practice your Jedi somersault skills, and you should be able to get past your problems. Easy. That’s actually what my graduate degree is in – Master in Parkour Attacks, with an emphasis in Jedi Ninja Leaps. Solves all problems.

  2. What an interesting picture! I guess if they’re trying to infiltrate they might just leave him, as shooting might give away their presence prematurely.
    There are plenty of areas of Star Wars I am unfamiliar with. Lots of stuff about the Sith I’ve never cared to learn. Any of the philosophies of the Force I find pretty boring. But I like learning about various alien species, and anything to do with starfighters or Jedi adventures.

    1. Ah interesting. I love stuff on the philosophies of the Force. I’ve learned a bit more on the sith since I’ve been writing this blog but not as much as I probably should know because they are the Jedi’s greatest enemy, after all.
      And yeah, the pictures on this calendar are interesting most of the time but then sometimes I’ll get a big wtf one where it will just make me laugh endlessly. There was one with old Obi-Wan as a ghost with mustafar in the background and he was stroking his beard and looking right at me. It was so bizarre that it made me laugh all day when I looked at it. But most of the photos are thought provoking but it does mean heavily on the OT side. I’d like a little more prequel pictures. Overall, I’m happy with this year’s though.

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