8 Reasons I Loved the Star Wars Rebels Season Two Premiere

I’m honestly in shock at how much I liked the SWR season 2 premiere that aired this past weekend.  Not that I didn’t like Season One (you can see my thoughts here and here), but I thought the beginning of Season Two blew all of Season One out of the water.  I kind of wish I went to see it at SWCA with all the other fans now.

Here’s what was downright awesome about the premiere.

  1. Darth Vader. I was really, really nervous going into Season 2 that they would try to humanize Vader in some formdarth vader ezra SWR season 2 because, well, this is a kid’s show at the heart of it.  But they didn’t.  He was evil and ruthless and whooped both Kanan and Ezra’s butt.  When they fought him in the end, I thought there was no way the writers could have both escape without compromising Vader.  They couldn’t defeat him (they are both not even close to strong enough in the Force or Jedi training to take him on); nor would he let them easily escape.  Filoni and his team did a great job by letting Kanan and Ezra escape but still showing Vader as the complete badass that he is.
  2. Ahsoka did not have much screen time. Don’t get me wrong – I love Ahsoka and I’m so glad she’s back.  But this is a new storyline with new characters.  While I’m happy she’s back, I’m also extremely pleased to see she is less feisty and quieter, which shows character development and I’m happy she is not central to the Rebels team.
  3. There was dissention within the Ghost crew. Now, this was no mutiny but I think it’s smart to show children, and us, that working with a team is not always perfect. Kanan did not want to be part of the Rebellion…he wanted to be on their own again, whereas Hera wanted to be part of the larger cause.  She spoke to Kanan about it quietly on the side and maturely.  When he stormed off, she didn’t push the matter.  I really admired that.  Further, she later brought the subject up with the whole team to see what everyone thought.  Stay with the Rebellion or continue solo as they had been?  The vote was 3 to 2 to stay with the team.  But it showed us an important lesson that working as a team means that sometimes there are disagreements on how to move forward and talking about it without getting angry is a good way to resolve matters.
  4. Ezra showed major character development. Ezra is an awesome character and those that disagree clearly don’t remember what it was like to be a child.  He’s is slowly figuring out right versus wrong, good versus bad, just like many of the children watching the show.  He wants to be a Jedi, but he struggles in grasping the Force and controlling his anger.  Sometimes he’s unsure if he even wants to be part of the team, but in this first episode we saw him realize that there’s more to life than just him and his friends.  There’s a bigger cause and sometimes it’s worth fighting for, even if it means helping someone who was once your enemy (Minister Tua) and you’re unsure if they can be trusted.
  5. It was good, classic Star Wars fun, very similar to the OT. Throughout this episode, there were moments where I was just nervous and on-edge, not knowing how it would turn out, especially when they were trying to get off of Lothal.  Vader was this looming presence that seemed to guess their next move at every turn, something I was not used to with SWR.  I’m used to the good guys winning and getting away with it, with their cocky assuredness.  That was not the case with this episode.  Yes, they got away, but it was not a victory.
  6. The Empire is cruel. In this episode we see Minister Tua blown up and killed as she enters her ship because she contacted the Rebellion for help.  It’s also used as a trap to extract and possibly capture the Ghost   Later, we see an entire town burned to the ground.  Though the show was clear in pointing out that they had taken all the citizens out before burning it, I don’t think that’s what happened.  I think that’s what they had to say because it’s on Disney but the sense I got from it was they burned the entire town, civilians included.  It drives home the point that the Empire was an oppressive government and to take it on would be a huge undertaking.
  7. What about the people just doing their job? I always think I would be a character similar to Minister
    I'm just trying to do my job!
    I’m just trying to do my job!

    Tua if I lived in the Star Wars universe.  I would be good at my job, enough to get me promoted and make me think I have some power.  I would probably help the Empire because I wouldn’t want any trouble and it is what it is.  But when I failed or got sucked in too deep, what would happen then?  Would I pull a Minister Tua and ask for help?  Gosh, knowing my personality, I doubt it.  I would just continue to hope for the best and that I’d be forgiven.  And end up dead.

  8. “The apprentice lives.” This brought so many questions with it.  Did Ahsoka know that her and Kanan’s connection was with Darth Vader?  Vader definitely knew it was Ahsoka, hence those words.  All Ahoska does is faint, yet she gets even more quiet for the rest of the episode and seems very unsettled.  What does this mean??

I really wish most of Season One was like this first episode.  I couldn’t help but love almost every minute…even Lando’s random appearance didn’t completely rankle me.

ahsoka star wars rebels

If you saw the premiere, what did you think?  Share!


11 thoughts on “8 Reasons I Loved the Star Wars Rebels Season Two Premiere

    1. I liked last season but it definitely was slow at some points. I understand they were being cautious since they didn’t know if they were going to be renewed but this premiere really got my two thumbs up and I’ve been reading pretty much the same reaction from fans all around.

  1. I had to wait to respond until I got back from vacation and could watch it. I recently went back and watched TPM and AOTC, and then ALL of TCW, then ROTS (because I do spontaneous obsessive things like that). I was nervous about Rebels at first, as it immediately felt different from TCW (which I thought was really good for the most part). Knowing that TCW characters are going to be in Rebels doesn’t help make me less nervous either–but, we’ll address that once we how they handle it. Ahsoka, so far, has been handled well.

    It doesn’t help that the show is on XD–the kid commercials just really make me cringe these days. Anyway, Season One had some really great moments and the character/team building the writers did to set the tone for the rest of the series was done very well–Whedonesque at times even.

    That being said, Season Two’s premiere really surprised me. I’m always nervous about Vader outside of the OT. For me, he occupies one of the top spots in my personal pantheon of favorite villains, and I can see how easy he would be to fluff–ESPECIALLY in a kid’s show. But no, thankfully his portrayal was about as good as they could possibly have done, and I am hooked.

    And I appreciate that the portrayal of the Empire in Season One as a group of inept bullies is realistic–we’ve seen the fringe of their influence, basically the third-stringers in a backwater system–and now we see the real Empire, as it should be, and they will kick your ass.

    I’m stoked to see the rest of this season. It’s got me playing Old Republic again just to prevent withdrawal (I binged Season One off my DVR in a couple of days).

    1. Ooo I actually love your obsessiveness. That’s the kind of thing I always want to do but don’t have the time.

      I’m so glad you felt the same about Vader because I was really, really nervous about it too. TCW turned me off in the beginning a lot because I wasn’t happy that they were using main characters from the movies. Though I grew to like TCW, I think one of the reasons I like SWR more is because they stay away from the characters we know and love (Ahsoka doesn’t count), until now… I even thought they did a good job with Tarkin last season. I guess my main issues was the fear that they would show that Vader could be redeemed, that’s what I meant by “humanizing” him. But I didn’t want that at all because Vader can’t be that way until he knows Luke is alive because Luke *has* to be that seed that is planted and begins to turn him back to the light side. So I was really happy to see Vader just be completely ruthless with no remorse. My hope now is that they don’t humanize him when or if he confronts Ahsoka. I actually think it would be awesome if they have him kill her just for storyline purposes to show that Vader just does not care about the Jedi and will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who is even remotely attached to them.

      I agree with your feelings on the Empire as well! When Tarkin came in at the end, and finally now, Vader…you’re like….oh okay, I get it. They are oppressive, domineering and have it together. The one thing SWR is driving home to me is how hopeless and hard it would be to overthrow the Empire. They are strong and organized. I guess the OT kind of made it look somewhat easy, or maybe it’s just because I grew up watching it and have always known the Rebels would overthrow the Empire, but here I’m getting a different story.

      I’m not sure the rest of the season will be as good as this first episode, partly because they had more time to draw out the episode since it was the premiere, as opposed to only having 30 (really 20) minutes. That said, I’m still excited to see where it goes now that they can do 3 or 4 episode arcs as opposed to just wrapping up each episode in one shot.

      1. Yes, Tarkin! I always forget how much I kind of like him until I watch ANH again. I smirked through all his scenes in TCW, and I’m glad they’re doing justice to him further in SWR.

        There’s always that thought in the back of my mind watching SWR that all of this is probably going to end badly. I hope they don’t back away from that hopelessness and go full dark when it counts and makes sense. One thing that I appreciated about TCW is the further insight it provided on Palpatine’s genius (another guilty favorite), and I hope we see more of his machinations in SWR.

  2. Just watched it! I don’t think Rebels is perfect, but I did enjoy the premiere. I was also surprised how much death and destruction there was. Vader was great. A lot of it really felt like OT Star Wars. I really don’t relate much to Ezra, but Hera and Kanan are consistently great. Looking forward to more 🙂

          1. It’s kinda hard to put my finger on. Something just hasn’t quite clicked for me. I think the pacing has been off, both within episodes and in the story arcs. And I’m really not as attached to Ezra as I should be. He is the least interesting character on the ship to me.

            Whereas I just watched LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales and loved it. I realize they’re pretty different shows, but it was way more fun.

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