Haiku Me Friday! Baby, It’s Cold Out There…

Hoth is relentless The wind seeps into my bones Maybe we’ll be safe?

Hoth is relentless
The wind seeps into my bones
Maybe we’ll be safe?

This photo really made me think about the poor people in the Rebellion who were forced with the task to find a new hiding spot (I mean, base) away from the Empire.  Imagine scouring as many planets as you can for a suitable area.  At this point, the Rebellion is large enough that they need a base somewhere to hold everyone and plan attacks against the Empire in a cohesive way.

And then imagine being the people who find Hoth.  Out of the way and…so, so cold.  Hopefully they don’t have to be the ones to also send out the memo to the entire rebellion:

“Hey pack your bags.  We found the perfect place to keep hidden away from the Empire!  There’s just one catch.  Leave all your warm clothes behind because we’ll be hunkering down on a snow-filled planet, living in ice caves.”

UGH ACK YUCK.  My favorite weather is 83 degrees with sunshine and a breeze so this just sounds awful.  Hoth looks like the worst place to live, imo.  I’m not sure I could even do it for a cause I believe in.  I’d ask for every mission possible that would take me far, far away.  Preferably somewhere warm.

But thankfully, I’m not on Hoth and right now, it’s 80 degrees and sunny outside.

Have a great weekend, peeps.  (By the way – we hit the 6 month mark yesterday!!)


8 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! Baby, It’s Cold Out There…

  1. If I were part of the scouting crew, I would make it sound like a vacation spot, like Park City or Mammoth. “Bring your ski’s! Ride a tauntaun*! We’ll bring the hot cocoa! *Tauntauns not rated for super low temperatures.”

  2. 83 degrees?! I can’t stand anything higher than 73! After livin in Wyoming for 8 years I think I am better suited to live on Hoth but I would still not like it.

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