Idolizing the Original Trilogy

I’m getting a little nervous.  It seems like as we move closer and closer to December 18th and this new world of Star Wars (aka post-Disney takeover), the more I realize how much of an emphasis we are placing on the Original Trilogy.

Of course I’m a fan of the OT, but it seems like ever since Disney took over the franchise, they want to bury the Prequel Trilogy six feet underground.

star wars canon timelineIt started with Star Wars Rebels that takes place 5 years before the Original Trilogy.  This is leading us up to The Force Awakens, set around 30 years after the Original Trilogy.

We then have news of the first in the Anthology series, Rogue One, which will take place before A New Hope (no one seems to be quite certain on how soon before) and it involves stealing the Death Star Plans…which is basically what all of ANH revolves around.

Most Star Wars comics and books that are part of the new unified canon since Disney has come onboard take place after ROTS.  The only novel prior to ROTS is Dark Disciple, released next month that follows the unfinished story of Asajj Ventress.

I understand where Disney is coming from.  They want to play it safe and they want to start with a bang.  George Lucas, unfortunately, ruined the beloved Star Wars universe for many die hard fans when he brought the Prequel Trilogy into the world.  It was so different from the OT that it was almost a whole new breed of sci-fi movies, almost unrelated to the Star Wars universe they knew and loved.

But what Disney is currently staying away from, and what I hope they realize eventually, is that the PT also brought Star Wars to a whole new generation of fans, myself included.  I had seen the OT before, but I didn’t fall in love with Star Wars until I saw The Phantom Menace – many fans least favorite film of the Saga.

Let me phrase it this way:

The Original Trilogy is a universe I could see myself living in.  The Prequel Trilogy is a universe that I hope to someday live in.

The PT was clean, had interesting costumes, the ships were sleek, shiny, and new, and we got to see a government that star wars nubian prequel shiphad functioned for thousands of years crumble to the ground.  It was a universe of the future, even if it was the past in the complete Star Wars saga.

My main concern is that I don’t want Disney to forget that the Prequels are part of Star Wars too.  I know I’ve said this multiple times, but when you love something, you love the whole thing – good and bad.  I admit the Prequels are definitely not as strong as the Originals, nor are they as good as a whole.  That doesn’t mean that I think we should lock them in a broom cupboard and hope no one knows they exist à la Harry Potter style.  If anything, we should embrace those movies and if Disney really wanted to, perhaps they could work on repairing some of the damage that was done to the reputation of the PT and make it almost as beloved as the OT through Anthology movies and Expanded Universe releases.

I believe strongly that the PT universe has a lot of potential to breed very, very interesting stories, while still appealing to the Prequel haters.  The Jedi could produce an interesting action movie; we saw examples in The Clone Wars.  Any bounty hunter during this time would be interesting to watch from AOTC all the way to the fall of the Republic.  I’m guessing bounty hunters probably flourished more when the Republic was dismantled so seeing that transition could be fascinating.  There’s a lot you could do with that time period and I hope that Disney realizes this and explores the Prequel era with Anthology movies.

If there’s one thing I know, if you stretch an elastic too tight, eventually it will snap back.  The extreme focus on the OT time period will hopefully ultimately lead to an extreme snap back and willingness to re-open the Prequels.


4 thoughts on “Idolizing the Original Trilogy

  1. I didn’t notice this trend until you pointed it out. Now I am very worried. The prequels are what made me the Star Wars fan I am today and if they get pushed away that might not bode well for my mental state.

    1. Well, like I said at the end of my post, I do believe eventually we’ll head back to Prequel era. I just don’t like that there’s absolutely no hint of it right now…not even anything on the horizon. I’m going to give it 3-4 years and see what happens.

      Disney wants to start off in the good graces of almost all fans, if possible, which I get. Star Wars fans are very protective of the universe and most of them are huge OT fans and despise the Prequels. From a business perspective, it makes absolutely no sense to take over LFL and the SW franchise…and then do something PT based when the love, heart, and soul resides in the OT.

      Though I also enjoy the OT more than the PT, like you, I became a much bigger fan because of TPM. The PT holds a special place in my heart and I don’t think they are horrible either. So I do want to see more PT based stuff once Disney has established it’s foundation and secured it’s place within the Star Wars franchise.

  2. I was not old enough to see the original trilogy in theaters. I love all six of the movies for a variety of reasons. In my opinion, the prequels are definitely not as good as the original movies as far as story telling goes. They are certainly fun to look at, and the special effects are amazing. My hope is that the new movies, place the emphasis on story first, and then add the special effects. I’m very hopeful that they can pull it off! Trying not to get my hopes up but I think it’s too late. Fun to read!

    1. I believe the new movies will do that. From what I’ve heard from JJ and KK, it sounds like they are trying to really stick to the storyline and emphasis on characters…trying to bring Star Wars back to why people fell in love with it in the first place.

      And I wasn’t old enough to see the OT in theaters either! Gosh, I so wish I was. I would trade my youth to have seen it when it first came out in 1977.

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