Haiku Me Friday! Bossk Edition

Jabba’s palace looms A trail of dead in his wake Bossk is now feared more
Jabba’s palace looms
A trail of dead in his wake
Bossk is now feared more

Okay, can I just say, I LOVE this artwork?  Can anyone tell me where it’s from?  I was searching all over Google for it, and was coming up short so I had to take a photo with my phone.  I desperately want to know the story behind this.  Bossk either had a bunch of enemies or went on a killing spree.  OR BOTH?!

I’ve never gotten into the bounty hunters from ESB and I think that’s because I didn’t exactly get the concept of a bounty hunter when I was younger.  I didn’t know what a bounty hunter was so couldn’t even understand why Admiral Piett said, “Bounty hunters.  We don’t need that scum.”  (The Imperials love to say “scum” like it’s biggest insult.)

When I reached my pre-teen years, I figured out what a bounty hunter was.  My reaction kind of went like this:

steve erkel gif

I began to get the appeal.  Cool…these people chase fugitives…for money!  Hell yeah.  Okay, a little scary.  Ooo…no wonder people are obsessed with Boba Fett.

I read Tales of the Bounty Hunters and remember enjoying it, despite the fact that short stories don’t really do it for me.

Sadly, this fascination with bounty hunters was short lived.  It was kind of like when you discover pop rocks for the first time.  OMG THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER.  And after about the 5th time putting it in your mouth, you’re like, ok cool done.  I apologize to all the bounty hunter fans out there (like epicipseity and others) but you have to know by now that I’m pretty boring in my fascination with the Jedi and how they kind of, in a weird way, brought down years of a functioning Republic/democracy due to being narrow minded.

I digress again.

So what’s going on with Bossk in this picture?  If you know about Bossk’s history, you’ll know that he likes to hunt Wookiees…and those aren’t dead Wookiee’s in the picture.

I think I’m going to stick with Haiku Me Friday’s.  I love that they’re pretty easy, give me a jumping board for something to talk about, and I get to explore characters and situations from different points of views.  Are we all in accord?  Wait, why am I asking your opinion?  This is a dictatorship, not a democracy, no matter where your allegiance lies.


4 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! Bossk Edition

  1. I have totally seen this image before, but I couldn’t tell you where. I think my slight obsession with bounty hunters really comes from Westerns and that came a bit later. I was too young to understand what they were when ESB came out, so like you, I didn’t really get it until I was older and I really only had a healthy appreciation for the anti-hero persona of a bounty hunter from the Sergio Leone westerns, especially For a Few Dollars More.

    Still–that scene in ESB–it was Bossk that stood out to me, not Boba Fett.

    1. Well the way it was filmed was genius! Piett looks up and there’s bossk’s toes creeping over and then he makes that weird guttural sound. He just looks frightening when you’re looking up at him like that.
      Bummer… I wish you could remember where you’ve seen this photo! I love it because it really sparked my imagination.

  2. I submit my useless vote for continuing haiku.
    This is great artwork! Love Bossk, and all the bounty hunters. They tend to be the “grey” characters, which are my favorites.

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