Haiku Me Friday!

For some reason, I think these posts should have an exclamation point.  I mean, they sound so exciting.  HAIKU ME FRIDAY!  WOOO.

I think Ewan McGregor did a great job as younger Obi-Wan, especially when he had some terrible lines.  I also think that Sir Alec Guinness did an amazing job with older Obi-Wan, especially as he had no real knowledge of the character, setting, or universe.

But sometimes I have a hard time acknowledging them as the same person.  It really makes me wonder what happened during those 19 years that he was on Tatooine.  I really want to read Miller’s Kenobi, but another part of me is like, “Why bother? It’s not canon now anyway.”  Yet I’d love to see the author’s take on those many years when you go from one of the greatest Jedi in the universe to having to hide yourself away from everyone.  And also coming to grips with the fact that you trained and became friends with the person who is now a dark monster, creating fear across the galaxy.  He must have had so many “What if” questions. What if I had a closer watch on Anakin?  What if I had investigated Palpatine more closely?  What if I decided not to train Anakin, despite Qui-Gon’s wishes?  What if the Jedi paid more attention to what was around them?  What if the Jedi stayed out of so many political conflicts?

GOSH.  I can’t even imagine living with that for 19 years.  Oh, and do you think he had a set time he was planning on training Luke?  Or do you think he was hoping Luke would be satisfied with being a farmer his whole life and the Skywalker line would die out?  Did he even have a plan regarding Luke or was his only plan to make sure Vader didn’t find him?

These were my thoughts when I crafted my haiku today.

Ewan portrays youth Alec Guinness portrays depth Obi-Wan changes

Ewan portrays youth
Alec Guinness portrays depth
Obi-Wan changes


One thought on “Haiku Me Friday!

  1. I kind of wanted to read Kenobi, too, but have the same feelings as you. Could be fun, but EU is always so hit-or-miss, and it’s not canon anyway. It’s on my to-read list, but quite far down.
    I do wonder if Obi-Wan had a plan.

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