Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #65

Lando you belong with us in the clouds

Your comments on my last post was SO much fun to read.  It definitely seems like ESB was the strongest contender for converting folks to Star Wars.  It definitely was the case for me and four other commenters.  We then had a ROTJ, ANH, TPM, and AOTC.

I find it so interesting that AOTC converted someone to Star Wars!  As you all know, it’s my least favorite of the Star Wars movies and I find it painful to watch at times.  Reading that comment from Matt (Welcome! If you decide to come back to my blog, we’ll welcome you with open arms!) kind of put me in my place regarding AOTC.  I always say that I don’t care how people came to love Star Wars, as long as they get there.  But I was surprised that someone should love it so much that it leads to the other Star Wars movies…however, why should I be when I’m probably one of the strongest defenders of TPM?

Oh, and can all of you guys please buy tickets to Celebration so we can all meet up and have a happy WordPress Star Wars party.  PLEASE???

Anyway, let’s Scene It guys.

Lando a little refreshment

At this point, we get a feeling that Leia doesn’t trust Lando very much.  Funnily, if you think back on their interactions and how the reception has been, there’s no real reason not to trust him.  Other than Leia thinking he was a little too welcoming/friendly when they first arrived, Lando has been nothing but a perfect gentleman (okay, a little creepy at times, but I think it’s supposed to be in a Clark Gable kind of way).

The only thing that Leia has to go off of is when she asked Han if he trusts Lando, back when they were about to float away with the garbage.  Han answers a negative but I thought he seemed to kind of reassure him when he told Leia that Lando has no love for the Empire.

Chewie Threepio dismantled cloud cityAfter reviewing all of this in my head, I’m surprised at how quickly she turns down Han’s offer to have Lando’s people fix Threepio.  The thought did cross my mind that maybe she doesn’t trust his people with Threepio since Threepio is a huge blabbermouth.  He would probably reveal all the Rebellion’s secrets (or the little he knows) under enough pressure.  Or, she’s suspicious of how he randomly got destroyed and realizes that when Threepio comes back around, you don’t want him speaking to Lando’s people about what happened.

But, no.  I think it’s Lando himself and that she doesn’t want anything to do with Lando.  Sure, she’s smart and the other factors probably contribute in her self-conscious but I think that her reaction was more along a gut reaction.  Lando?  No thank you.  I’m not sure if it was a woman’s instinct or an I’ve-been-part-of-the-Rebellion-my-whole-life-and-know-when-something’s-not-right instinct, but she had him pegged before any of the showdown with Vader.

So why doesn’t Han, who knows Lando better, suspect anything?  Is his rapport with Lando actually a hindrance so that Lando knows how to pull the wool over his eyes?  In this script, it says that Han looks suspiciously at Lando when he invites them to eat, but I never read it like that in the film.  I thought it was always Leia who was the suspicious one.

When Lando does enter the room, he becomes the flatterer again, but I think he just ends up putting Leia off guard and it comes out a little creepy instead of well-meant.  Which probably just raises her red flags even more.  Nice going, Lando.

Finally, the last line that Han says as they leave the room, denying that there’s a problem with Threepio shows that even Han can’t think fast all the time.  So funny.  It’s like if I was trying to start my car in the freezing cold weather and it wouldn’t start (yes, this has happened quite frequently lately), but I was asked, “Having trouble with your car?” and I denied it.  Hahaha.

Lando Leia cloud city


The door zaps open. Chewbacca walks in, carrying a packing case of Threepio, arms and legs hanging over the edge.

LEIA: What happened?

Chewie sets the case on a table, grunting and groaning an explanation.

HAN: Where? Found him in a junk pile?

LEIA: Oh, what a mess. Chewie, do you think you can repair him?

The giant Wookiee studies the array of robot parts. He looks at the princess and shrugs sadly.

HAN: Lando’s got people who can fix him.

LEIA: No, thanks.

There is a buzz and the door slides open, revealing Lando.

LANDO: I’m sorry. Am I interrupting anything?

LEIA: Not really.

LANDO: You look absolutely beautiful. You truly belong here with us among the clouds.

LEIA: (coolly) Thank you.

LANDO: Will you join me for a little refreshment?

Han looks at Lando suspiciously, but Chewie barks at the mention of food and licks his lips.

LANDO: Everyone’s invited, of course.

Leia takes Lando’s proffered arm, and the group turns to go. Lando spots Threepio’s remains.

LANDO: Having trouble with you droid?

Han and Leia exchange a quick glance.

HAN: No. No problem. Why?

Han and Leia move arm-in-arm through the door, followed by Lando and Chewie. The door slides closed behind them.


2 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #65

  1. Yeah, I definitely think it was a gut instinct on Leia’s part; she is Force-sensitive after all.

    I love how Han does a total 180 from “Lando can help” to “No thanks” in less than a minute. I wonder how much of that had to do with Lando hitting on Leia…

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