That Moment You Fell in Love

I want to know the exact moment you fell in love with Star Wars.  Does it stand out to you?  Or was is it something you were surrounded with from a young age so you don’t know a time without it?

My love affair with Star Wars was one of those moments when you walk into the room, see someone’s face, and know you will never be the same again.  Except with me, I walked into the room where my parents and sister were watching a movie and complained they weren’t letting me watch what I wanted to watch.  My family was always staunch believers in only 1 TV per household because they thought reading a book was so much better.

Anyway, in the midst of my complaints and attitude, I looked over at the TV and saw something riveting.  It was a strange, small machine AtST Hothwalking on two legs in the background of these much taller walking vehicles.  Little did I know, but I had come into the room right during the Battle of Hoth.  And what a GREAT scene to come into.  Funnily, most people don’t remember or notice that there were AT-ST’s on Hoth since it’s the moment of glory for the Imperial Walkers/AT-AT’s.  But I remember it clear as day because it was the moment I walked into something that changed my life forever.

I gave some feeble complaints for about two to three minutes more but then decided I should just sit down and watch it, because when Vader entered the picture (pun!), I was done.  I watched the entire movie and then begged my parents to let me see more.  I was allowed to watch ANH the next day, and I re-watched ESB and then ROTJ.  I was changed forever, in Vader Valentinethe non-corniest way of saying that.  I mean, I feel like since I have a whole blog devoted to Star Wars that I’m in a safe zone now, right?

So, since I honestly do not like Valentine’s Day and think it to be a complete waste of time and money (and I think the appropriate name should be Singles Awareness Day), I thought I’d make my own ode to Star Wars and my first love ever.

Ahem.  Get ready for some epic poetry.

I remember when I first laid eyes on you

And my world was completely changed

In that moment, I just knew

My life was about to be rearranged

There was something about the expanse of white snow

Those strange mechanical two-legged beings

And everyone running to and fro

I knew I would never be free of these feelings

So on this holiday I despise the most

I instead want to raise a toast

May our love only continue to grow;

All you have to say is, “I know.”

Okay, I hope you guys laughed more than were creeped out.  Safe zone, remember???

So share, please.  Tell me when you first began your love story with Star Wars. 

I’m off to Arizona tomorrow morning on a 6am flight! WOOO.  Goodbye 3.5’ of snow!  Goodbye -2 degrees weather!  Helllooooo 80+ degrees.  As much as I don’t like Valentine’s Day, it will kind of suck to be at a wedding (albeit a warm one) by myself.  I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day like this:

valentine solo

25 thoughts on “That Moment You Fell in Love

  1. Star Wars has always been a part of my life because Episode 1: the Phantom Menace was the first movie I ever saw in theaters and the bright flashy lifts enthralled me.

    1. I can’t believe you were 2 when you saw tpm and liked it! I feel like TPM is a little heavy on politics and talking which could make it boring. Well at least it had you hooked!

  2. I distinctly remember the Wampa scene as being one of my first experiences in a movie theater and that has stuck with me forever. I was about 2, and I remember it frightened me, but I was hooked. A couple of other scenes stick out in my memory of ESB stronger than anything from ANH and ROTJ, and I think they are all from seeing it in the theater when it originally came out–Bossk’s feet and growl (one of my weird favorites), and the Cloud Cars (probably because they are orange).

    Not long after that, HBO ran it for the first time and it was the first VHS tape that was MINE recorded from TV. My ritual was to wake up at 6, run into the living room and watch as much of it as I could before I had to go to school. On the weekends, it was on continuous loop (well, as much as rewinding the tape would allow) I watched it repeatedly months before I finally saw ANH – which I think actually was on network television. And by the time ROTJ came out, I was old enough to demand we go see it at least five times opening weekend. …. I saw it only once in the theater in ’83. : / My aunt got married that same summer and I was the ring-bearer, so as a gift she gave me a Bib Fortuna action figure and a Return of the Jedi picture book (which bothered me because it had a still of Lando and Luke on Tatooine that was not in the final movie and I thought I had missed something important)

    Anyway, it was ESB that did it to me, not just love of Star Wars, but love of Science Fiction and Fantasy period. Every once in a while, on those high-speed stretches of open road in Texas, I’ll flip on The Asteroid Field and punch it, brings back memories that are some of the oldest i have.

    1. Another one hooked at 2! Lol crazy young. You know, I feel like you told me that story about hbo and the tape on repeat before… But then again, I could have posted a similar post to this before. Sometimes it blends together.

      2 though! Still so young! I’m actually kind of jealous you got to see any of the OT in theaters!

      Funny that they picked the cut sandstorm scene to put on the picture book. I wonder if it’s worth any money? Prob not some you’ve prob worn through the pages lol. Seems like a lot of people fell in love with star wars through ESB.

  3. Hey, I like that poem! I see nothing weird about writing Star Wars poems. I wrote one once. It was a bit more Seussian, though, called “What I Would Change”:

    Yoda would not fight in Episode II!
    That’s no thing to put us through.
    He looks so stupid I can’t even watch–
    I’d like to kick him in his dumb crotch.

    He should not fight with a lightsaber,
    He should not fight with his next-door neighbor.
    He should not fight with Force lightning,
    He should not fight, dive, jump, or swing.
    He should not fight with Count Dooku.
    That whole segment makes George seem cuckoo.

    I’d erase this scene so flipping fast,
    And replace it with something unsurpassed.In short, that’s the thing I’d change:
    No Yoda-on-smack in sight range.
    Obi-Wan would fight LIKE. A. BOSS.
    And Yoda his cookies would probably toss.

    But more to the point, this is an awesome post 😉 In fact, this sounds very much like how something would’ve gone down in our household. I was 11 when I first saw it — exactly 18 years ago today. My parents gathered everybody together over a pizza to watch A New Hope, and it was just another cool movie. I didn’t fall in love until about a week later with Return of the Jedi. In fact, I have written a post about it 🙂

    1. You seem to be beating me to these posts! Haha actually I think I’ve written about when I fell in love before but minus the poem. I’ll read yours as soon as I’m near my tablet or laptop.

      And I love your poem! I think it’s much cooler than mine. I’m not sure how I feel about Yoda fighting to this day. I understand that they wanted to give him street cred for being the oldest Jedi… But at the same time, I don’t think we needed to see it. He had almost 900 years behind him so we can use our imagination and know he was a good fighter.

      1. It always troubled me that Lucas felt the need to make Yoda some kind of badass warrior after Yoda’s insistence “wars not make one great.” I never doubted he could hold his own in a fight — but we needed to see Obi-Wan pwn fools, not Yoda. “I loved it!” my niece told me at the time, “It was hilarious!” And I thought, that’s what’s wrong — it made Star Wars a laughingstock. It completely compromised his respectability, and that’s really when I started hating Yoda, now that I think about it. It was too ridiculous.

    2. Ahhhh I took the time to read it and I love it. I’m actually one of the few that fell in love with Luke first. Now I love Han but I sad a little delayed in figuring that out. Good post though. Much more eloquent than mine and I loved the story of your mom hiding ROTJ and your mind being blown.

  4. I was somewhere between ten and 12, visiting at a friend’s house, and the older kids decided to watch The Empire Strikes Back. I remember my family was supposed to leave to visit my grandparents, but when my dad came down and saw what we were watching, he delayed our trip for another hour so he could finish it with us. Not only an awesome movie, but one that had my awesome dad’s approval! That was one of the moments that cemented my destiny as a world-class geek. 🙂

    1. ESB seems to have won a lot of converts! And I like that you were introduced to the series through a friend AND your dad decided to stay and hang out. My dad does not understand my obsession and thinks the movies are good but wouldn’t hang out for another hour to watch it lol

      1. That’s because it’s one of the best movies ever made! And yeah, I get my nerd genes from my dad. He was obsessed with Star Wars and sci-fi back in the day.

  5. ESB was my first, too! I was around 2nd grade or so; a summer babysitter showed it to me, my sister and 2 other kids she was watching. We didn’t really know what was going on, and when Luke was hanging upside-down in the Wampa cave, she was like “Shhhh, he’s going to use the Force!” And then he moved the lightsaber. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I wanted to.
    Loved your poem. Star Wars and Valentine’s Day should always go together 🙂

  6. I was doing home work and walked down stairs to ask my father a question. The rest of the family was watching star wars. It was the battle of Hoth as well, however I looked at it said this looked stupid and walked off. Later that night I was channel surfing nothing on so I put in the movie an hour and half later was a star wars fan for life

  7. I was 5 when Attack of the clones came out so I heard a lot of fuss about Star Wars and it always intrigued me and all the cereal box toys, fast food toys etc. so one day I made my dad show me the original Star Wars on VHS and I fell in love and felt like I needed to know more so the next day I made my 7 year old sister walk with me to blockbuster down the street and I rented ESB , ROTJ, and TPM. Watched and re watched over and over again, I fell in love and then in 2005 when I was eight I made my mom take my best friend and I to ROTS, after the movie my mom had to go to safeway and my friend and I were acting out the obi wan vs Anakin lightsaber battle in th store using rolled up magazines hahahaha, and then after that my love for star wars was always there but not huge, but In middle school my now best friends and I had hung out for the first time and watched a Star Wars marathon on TV and I fell in love all over again up until today! and I’m hopefully going to celebration Anaheim with those friends In April!!!

    1. WOOOO…Guess I’ll see you at Celebration then because I’ll be there too. Holla. This will be my second Celebration, my first one was 12 years ago when you were 5! It was the Celebration for AOTC and I had a GREAT time. I can’t wait to go back. Ever since then, I’ve been so spoiled because it was the best convention to go to (imo) and every one I’ve gone to since then has not been as good.

      And I kind of like that you got hooked through the Prequels. I love hearing stories like that! Older fans forget that there’s a whole new generation of Star Wars fans that fell in love with it because of the Prequels, then another group that fell in love because of TCW, I’m sure there’s some kids falling in love right now with SWR and then a whole new generation with the new trilogies/standalones.

  8. Star wars has been in my life for almost as long as i can remember. when i was about 5 i went to play at a friends house and he introduced me to lego. there was this really cool space ship that when i asked him turned out to be from star wars. back then i had no idea what that was, so i go home, and ask my dad if i should be worried about these wars in the stars (i don’t think i actually said that 🙂 ) but then we went and watched ANH and i was hooked!

    1. I always wonder if my kids will have an experience like we all have because I’m such a huge Star Wars fan already. They’re going to grow up having it constantly around them, I’m not sure they’ll ever have this “love at first sight” moment like so many of us have.

    2. Oops, hit send too soon. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it would be cool to introduce my kids to Star Wars like how you sat down with your dad and had this moment of…”Wow, this is the coolest thing EVER.” I’m just not sure that’ll ever happen in my household haha.

      1. ‘impossible to see, the future is’ i don’t think i have to state who said that, but Darth Vader would have said: ‘i find your lack of faith disturbing’ I’m sure anyone who is introduced by someone who is so enthusiastic about it, will love star wars as well 😀

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