Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #36

Oh my goodness, this is very reminiscent of my car sometimes.  My car has slowly morphed into the Falcon.  When I bought it used from an older lady, I named it Yavin, because it was a pretty green color and reminded me of the moon Yavin 4.  But then it started having a lot of problems and I found myself saying often, “Hear me baby? Hold together,” or “She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts.”

I’ve also put quite a bit into this Subaru.  It has a rebel insignia sticker on the back window and Darth Vader floor mats.  It’s gotten to the point where I now also say, “I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.”

But don’t get me wrong!  I LOVE my car.  I LOVE it.  I can’t imagine trading it in even though it’s 15 years old.  It’s now my version of the Millennium Falcon and, as such, has been christened the Falcon in the past two years.

No, this is not actually my car. Yes, it looks exactly like it. I travel in style.
No, this is not actually my car. Yes, it looks exactly like it. Don’t judge. Why buy a new car? Then I wouldn’t be able to go to Star Wars Celebration.

So when I read this scene, it honestly warmed my heart.  It’s so relatable in this weird way.   I mean, not Vader chasing you with snow troopers up your butt, but the whole vehicle-falling-apart-when-you-most-need it.

Except with this scene, I remember it always drove me crazy how Threepio didn’t just say what he wanted to regarding the hyperdrive.  It’s like he had the key piece to the puzzle and he decides to keep it in his pocket by mistake.  And since when did Threepio ever shut up for anyone??

This is what I believe Vader is thinking as the Falcon flies off..

foiled again

But you know what’s weird?  Why can’t he sense that Luke is not on the Falcon?  I mean, is his connection with darth vader hothLuke not that strong yet?  Do you think his connection with him got stronger when he revealed he was his father?  Because why would Luke have any reason to be receptive to Vader when in his mind he is nothing but an evil minion of the Emperor?  Or is it a combination of the fact that Luke is still relatively green with his Jedi skills and the fact that he sees no reason to be “tuned in” to Vader?

So it’s interesting that he chases the Falcon around the whole time because he believes Luke is in it.  OR – am I reading this completely wrong and do you think that all Vader knew was that there were important Rebels in the Falcon?  He would probably know by now that the Falcon is the one that helped destroy the Death Star and I’m sure his intel is pretty good.  But I always thought he believed Luke was in it, which is why he gave such a mad chase after it.

Thoughts on that anyone?

Also, and I can’t confirm this right now, but didn’t the Falcon not start the first time they tried in this scene and Han had to hit it?  Or is that later on in the film?

Oh, and let me know if you’ve ever had a vehicle similar to the Millennium Falcon in your life!  I love stories regarding beloved buckets of bolts.

 (While looking for Vader pictures online, I found this one and thought it was perfect for my life right now as we have over 3 feet of snow)



Imperial troops run through the base corridors. Vader surveys the place. A huge chunk falls, almost hitting him, but he calmly, purposefully, continues around it.


A distant, huge, explosion rocks the hangar deck. Ice cakes come crashing down on the Millennium Falcon.


Han, standing before a control panel, is busy flipping switches as Chewie watches a troublesome gauge. A worried Leia observes their efforts.

HAN: (to Chewie) How’s this?

The Wookiee barks a negative reply.

LEIA: Would it helped if I got out and pushed?

HAN: It might.

Threepio clanks into the hold.

THREEPIO: Captain Solo, Captain Solo…sir, might I suggest that you…

Han gives the gold robot a devastating look.

THREEPIO: It can wait.


They move to the cockpit where Han flips some more switches. Leia watches him, impatient, disbelieving.

LEIA: The bucket of bolts is never going to get us past that blockade.

HAN: This baby’s got a few surprises left in her, sweetheart.

Han and Leia look out the cockpit window and see a squad of stormtroopers rushing into the far side of the hangar.

Quickly, Han straps himself into the pilot’s seat and Leia into the navigator’s chair.


Stormtroopers hurriedly set up a large bazookalike weapon. Behind them the giant hangar doors open slowly.


A laser gun appears on the Falcon and swings around to aim at the Imperial troops.

The stormtroopers, preparing to fire their bazooka cannon, are hit by the Falcon’s fire and are thrown about in all directions.


Chewie rushes into the cockpit.

HAN: Come on! Come on! Switch over. Let’s hope we don’t have a burnout.

A laser hits the window near Chewie as he is settling into his chair. Letting out a loud whelp, Chewie quickly pulls back on the controls and the first stage of engine fire can be heard. Han flashes a big grin at Leia.

HAN: See?

LEIA: Someday you’re going to be wrong, and I hope I’m there to see it.

Han looks at Chewie.

HAN: Punch it!

The roar of the Falcon’s main engines blasts out everything as the ice-cave wall rushes by outside the cockpit window.


More stormtroopers run into the hangar, closely followed by Vader. Hearing the loud roar of the Millennium Falcon’s engines, Vader looks toward the main hangar doors just in time to see the Falcon lift up and disappear outside the cave.


3 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #36

  1. You know, I do remember him hitting it, but that could be another scene. Or just Harrison Ford improv lol.
    I always assumed that Vader thought Luke was on the Falcon, or at least some valuable Rebel leaders that would give him some leverage. Maybe Luke wasn’t strong enough in Force at that point for Vader to feel him that specifically? I dunno.

    I love that you say those things to your car! 🙂

    1. Now this is bothering me. I tried to stream it online for free but then it attacked my internet and I had to force shut down chrome. I have SUCH a tendency in attracting malware on all my laptops and it’s usually due to something dumb like wanting to stream Star Wars for free. Sigh.

      I’m glad you thought that Vader thought Luke was on the Falcon too. I could write a novel on my car. I really refuse to give it up because it’s great in the snow (3 feet with another 18″ tomorrow!) and it only has 86k miles. Also, buying a new car is such a hassle.

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