Team Qui-Gon or Team Obi-Wan?

Hi peeps!

I definitely have not checked in for a while, and I apologize for that.  I’ve been super busy.  But tonight, I’m making a cake dedicated to my dear Patriots and drinking some wine…so this seemed like a good time to write a Star Wars blog post. Don’t judge.  My reasoning totally makes sense.

So with the Superbowl coming up (did I mention my Pats are in it to win it?), I’ve been thinking a lot about Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan’s relationship these past few weeks and wondering why so many people love Obi-Wan Kenobi (kind of like why people like the Seahawks…it just baffles me).  Now, it’s kind of like comparing apples to oranges, but so many people that I talk to seem to be squarely in Team Obi-Wan.


We do have more to go off of with Obi-Wan.  For one, he’s in all six movies.  Can you believe that?  ALL SIX MOVIES.  I know the story of the Saga is Anakin’s story, but in a way, you could also look at it as Obi-Wan’s story.  Off the top of myyoung old obi wan head, the only other characters that are in all 6 movies are Anakin/Vader, Artoo, and Threepio.  We see Obi-Wan go from a young Jedi Master, to a member of the Jedi Council, to a Jedi who has to go into hiding while watching the Republic fall apart, waiting 19 years in order to make a connection with Luke, dying at the hands of his former apprentice, and coming back as a Force Ghost to help Luke bring balance to the Force.  Hot damn.  That’s a lot for one person’s life…especially considering his life didn’t really end but continued through the Force.

The thing is…for some reason, I just don’t like Obi-Wan as much as Qui-Gon.  Despite all he’s seen, despite all he’s done in his life, I still feel like he’s too stuck in his ways.  He’s stuck in the way of the Old Republic, similar to how your parents refuse to get the new smartphones because they’ve finally gotten used to a cell phone in general (okay, maybe that’s just mine).

People talk about how funny he is.  But even in the PT, his sense of humor seemed forced to me.  The most connection I felt to Obi-Wan was during ROTS. I thought that was, by far, the most relatable human we see in him.  When he was finally stripped away from politics, from the Jedi Council, from everything he knew…then he was a bare bones human with Jedi-like ability but who had feelings.  He was torn over losing Anakin to the dark side.  It’s not like Ahoska, who just left the Jedi Order.  He had FAILED.  And his failure wasn’t minimal, like, “Oh woops I got 25% on my Physics final” (yes, that happened to me), his failure brought down thousands of years of established government.  And that failure is something he had to take with him and live with for 19 years on a God-forsaken lonely planet on the outer rim.  So all this makes for an interesting character…except that Obi-Wan leaves me yawning.  Does anyone else feel the same?  Am I bringing on the hate for this?

qui gonBut Qui-Gon…Qui-Gon is, in my eyes, the perfect Jedi.  We only see Qui-Gon in one movie, TPM, and his character comes through more clearly than Obi-Wan’s did in all 6 movies.  Qui-Gon knows his mind and is not set in his ways like Obi-Wan.  In fact, he always seems willing to push the boundaries and take everything one step further.  What Jedi would bet on a podracer race just so that he can get parts for a ship?  Obi-Wan wouldn’t.  I mean, Obi-Wan was immediately questioning Qui-Gon’s decision, and in a way, questioning Qui-Gon’s guidance in the Force.

What if this plan fails, Master? We could be stuck here for a long time.

But Qui-Gon did know it was going to work, so for him, it wasn’t a chance at all.  It was trusting in the Force.  All instances where Qui-Gon just does what he wants:

  • Landing on Tatooine despite the fact that it’s controlled by the Hutts.
  • Betting the Queen’s ship on a podrace (!!).
  • Raising the stakes and including Anakin into the mix (even though Anakin has never won a race).
  • Taking Anakin off of Tatooine to go to Coruscant.
  • Deciding to train Anakin as a Padawan against the Jedi Council’s wishes.


i do what i want

Now answer me, in all 6 movies, when did Obi-Wan take any real chances?  When did he step his toes outside of the line? When does he deflate any balls to get what he wants??  Oh, wait, wrong subject… Everything he does in the PT is basically with Yoda’s blessing.  Oh wait, that’s kind of similar in the OT as well.

I know I’ve mentioned this before on my blog but I firmly believe that if Qui-Gon had lived and trained Anakin, Anakin would not have turned to the dark side.  Because Qui-Gon was the kind of Jedi Master Anakin needed, not Obi-Wan.  Sure, Obi-Wan did okay, but he could never fully “get” Anakin.  Honestly, he just took Anakin on as a Padawan because it was Qui-Gon’s dying wish (that kind of sucks – the last thing your Master of the past 20ish years tells you is about some kid that you met 3 days ago).  It was kind of like an arranged marriage.  So, yes, Obi-Wan did the right thing, but where did it get him?

Ohhh yeahhhh…

empire needs you

Obi-Wan did the best he could with the time he was given.  But he wasn’t what Anakin needed, nor was he a super interesting character.  SO WHY DOES EVERYONE LOVE OBI-WAN?  Please.  Enlighten me.

So anyway, this was a long drawn out, semi-tipsy post on why I think Qui-Gon is awesomer than Obi-Wan.  Keepin’ it real, homies.


8 thoughts on “Team Qui-Gon or Team Obi-Wan?

  1. Oh no! You’re a Patriots fan AND you don’t like Obi-Wan?!?!
    I love Qui-Gon (and Liam Neeson sure did his best with the awful dialogue they gave him). He was probably a better Jedi than Obi-Wan (certainly a better swordsman), and I do agree that if he had trained Anakin, he may never have fallen to the Dark Side.

    But I love Obi-Wan because I identify with him so much more. He is analytical and a rule-follower. He is the best part of the prequels (and not just because Ewan McGregor is amazing). Best part of TPM? When he controls his emotions after Qui-Gon’s death to defeat Darth Maul. Best part of ROTS? Him cracking jokes with Anakin, and then at the end when he’s yelling “You were my brother!” at him. I think he took a chance when he decided to train Luke; even Yoda wasn’t sure that would be successful. He still held out hope for the future of the Jedi and of the galaxy.

    Also, just how much wine did you have to drink while writing this? 😉

    1. Um, of COURSE I’m a Pats fan. I live in MA. And I actually remember a time before Tom Brady and Belichick…when our previous coach was the guy now coaching the Seahawks so this will be a very interesting game.

      And thank you for commenting because now I remember why this has been bugging me! We had a discussion like this a few posts ago so that’s probably why it’s been stewing in my head.

      Liam Neeson was awesome, huh? I purposefully picked a very adorable, come hither picture of him for this post.

      And I agree – I totally identify with Obi-Wan. But I know I’m boring as anything, so maybe that’s why I love Qui-Gon. He is a Jedi, so we know he’s good, but he’s not quite your average Jedi.

      But I disagree that his cracking jokes with Anakin were a good part. In fact, I found it forced and icky. Maybe that’s because Hayden was a bad actor? But the “You were my brother!” did tear me up inside.

      I didn’t have THAT much to drink! Well, when I was writing it, I had about 3 glasses of wine. But when I was editing it, I had sobered up a bit, so I took out quite a few rambling parts haha.

  2. Obi-Wan is in the original trilogy. Therefore, he wins. And all the stupid stuff he does in the prequel trilogy doesn’t count, because EVERYONE is stupid in the prequel trilogy.
    For the record, though, I do think Liam Neeson is awesome. Just not awesome enough to save The Phantom Menace. 🙂

    1. Haha! I’m just not so much a fan of him in the PT or OT … You should do a month of your blog devoted to the OT and a month devoted to the PT. The OT will be fun and the PT will be a challenge. Unless you already did an OT month and I missed it, in which case you can still do the challenge of the PT. Yeah? ☺

  3. Hmm…Interesting thought, but I don’t know if anyone would find it fun for me to spend an entire month bashing the prequels. I just have nothing good to say about those movies. OT forever!

    1. Lol! I would enjoy it 😊 I like tpm and rots. Hate aotc though but that’s why one of my personal blog challenges this year is to find something I like about it and write on that movie specifically.

  4. Obi! He did defy the council when he ran to save Satine. He controls his emotions quite well in the face of Maul multiple times. I think his failure with Anakin was failing to tell him that it was OK for him to fall in love with Padme, after all he had fallen in love. Then again, I feel it wasn’t Anakin’s love for Padme that was the problem, it was his attachment problem. And I’m not so sure he still wouldn’t have fallen to the dark side since Anakin just can’t seem to deal with loss the way Obi and the other Jedi can. I think Obi’s failure is that he didn’t teach him to deal with loss. Then again, all the other Jedi never knew their families and were taught from such a young age to be detached. But that’s getting into Jedi code and philosophy. The Librarian in me is showing. 😉

    I do like Qui-Gon, I like that he challenges the norm of Jedi. And Liam Neeson is awesome. I think I would need to see more of him though.

    1. Okay – so here’s something interesting. I definitely, at one point, had a sentence in there how I wasn’t counting TCW and was only sticking to the movies…but it looks like the gremlins got it. This is why you shouldn’t write blog posts while drinking.

      Good point about Obi-Wan never really teaching Anakin on how to deal with loss. I feel like as a Jedi, it’s something you are just supposed to accept as Yoda kind of explains in ROTS. But I bet for Anakin it was doubly hard as he was much older when he started his training and already had the loss of his childhood/family behind him….like you said!

      I would LOVE more Qui-Gon. I hope they make a standalone movie about him, especially as Neeson doesn’t seem averse to stepping in Qui-Gon’s shoes again like we saw with TCW.

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