Official The Force Awakens Trailer

Guys, here is the official The Force Awakens Episode VII trailer.  I had to sort through 4-5 fake ones on YouTube before confirming this is it, so wanted to spare everyone the hassle.  Also, you can just view it on but I didn’t have Quicktime and it said 20 minutes to install it.  I was impatient 🙂

Thoughts?  Let’s talk.


27 thoughts on “Official The Force Awakens Trailer

  1. My initial reaction: wtf? I have no idea what is going on in this movie.
    Visuals look cool, and I like the focus on the new characters.
    My nerd friends and I just had a good laugh at that ridiculous lightsaber crossguard.

    • Looks like Star Wars. Is it Star Wars? Definitely different and I just LOVED the Daisy Ridley shot. For some reason it just had Leia written all over it. Again, I don’t know much about her character due to staying away from spoilers, but it just seemed so reminiscent of Leia on Endor…and I wonder if that was on purpose.
      Liked seeing the rebel insignia 🙂 I did have a little bit of fear after getting my tattoo that the new movies would introduce a different twist on the insignia.
      Seeing John Boyega in a stormtrooper outfit definitely raised questions for me.
      I thought the new lightsaber was interesting. I do like when they introduce new ones…I just couldn’t see how it would be very helpful or conducive to a fight. What if your hand slipped? HAHA.
      That droid was VERY weird. Couldn’t see the point of that except that the fans will just start asking questions.
      Looks like they are definitely still at war. But are the Rebels the dominant force (no pun intended) now or are they still fighting something bigger?

      • Yeah, the Daisy Ridley shot was my favorite.
        You’re right, the “feel” was good. I just have no idea what the movie’s about!
        Was that Max von Sydow doing the voice over? I couldn’t recognize the voice?

        • Me neither, but i like it! I guess that’s why they call it a “teaser” trailer.

          I think it was Andy Serkis doing the voice.

          But Mei Mei, I just thought of something!! I’m sure tons of other fans are having this revelation too, but have you been keeping up with Star Wars Rebels? If you have, there was that episode a few weeks ago where Ezra becomes a recruit to be a stormtrooper and befriends that young black kid who decides to stay in the Empire to try to find out what happened to his sister. IS THAT JOHN BOYEGA?? He definitely was in the trailer as a stormtrooper AND they said they will begin to tie in the TV shows and movies more now.

  2. It definitely did the job of teaser. thank you for providing the correct link so I can avoid the fakes, though I fully expect some parody trailers to hit the airwaves pretty soon.

    one of my colleagues pointed out that there’ s a frame with a relic AT-AT — could that be Hoth after global warming

  3. I had to stop it and restart it, because I thought it was another joke trailer. The way that they had the guy pop up to the horn blast, and then the soccer ball droid rolling? I honestly thought it was some sort of soccer thing. The rest looked good to me, though. Especially the Xwings flying over the surface of the water. I had hoped that JJ was getting away from the CGI though – more like Nolan’s Interstellar. I’d say it was a 7/10 for me on the “getting me excited” meter.

    • Haha! Even I had a moment of fear when I posted this since I had seen so many fakes. I was like, “I better be 100% sure because I can’t imagine putting this up and having it be wrong.”

      Yeah the droid was the only thing that had me completely thrown! Like I mentioned above, it could just be a random Tatooine scenery shot that won’t mean much to the movie.

      I think Abrams and Kennedy will stay away from an excessive CGI movie, even though this trailer was pretty heavy with it. At the same time, you can’t expect them to completely ignore CGI and use effects like they had with the Original Trilogy. They have a wealth of special modern, amazing effects they can and SHOULD use, as long as it’s in moderation and keeps it realistic looking. The whole problems with the Prequels is that the CGI made it look like a different universe, not the one we had grown used to. But I think if they can do awesome shots with the Falcon like they did at the end of this trailer, then by all means – go for it. It looks cool and adds excitement, so I’m for it.

  4. I feel like the level of CGI was okay especially since it all still looked very real. My theory with the little droid is that the girl we see hop onto the speeder built him to have some company and he was just riding the football. The droid an the guy popping up at the beginning threw me off, everything else kinda made sense.

    • Interesting that you think the droid is with Daisy Ridley’s character. I’m not sure what it was doing, but I would be interested to see if it turns into a main character that rivals Artoo.

      I read another analysis on the trailer that said that Boyega’s character that popped up in the beginning could also be the stormtrooper the camera kind of focused later on in the trailer. I think that could make sense.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I loved this trailer! The sleek new stormtrooper armor, the feel of the universe. That shadowy figure (more on that lightsaber!). The x-wings!!! I love them and then the Falcon dogfighting TIEs, I couldn’t contain myself!!!

    One thing to say about the red lightsaber… The blade doesn’t look normal. It’s kind of fiery or surging with energy? One theory I read is that it’s a hybrid energy blade and the “crossguards” are actually some sort of exhaust ports?

    Also… Hi. *waves*

    • Hi extrohero! Long time since you dropped by 🙂

      Yeah, the lightsaber blade has everyone talking. I also read the theory that it could be an “unfinished” lightsaber so maybe that’s why it does not look so contained. It would be interesting to see if it was a hybrid energy blade.

      I also read a theory that the character holding that lightsaber could be Gwendoline Christie’s character, which would be AWESOME to have a female on the dark side. We’ve never had that on the big screen so I would be all for that.

      Glad you liked the trailer…I did too and I can’t wait for more.

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