Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Thar be no spoilers ahead!  Read with ease…

You should know by now that the title for Episode VII has been released.  Unless you live on Dagobah.

The Force Awakens.

star wars the force awakens

My first thought was, “This makes no sense.  When was the Force ever asleep?”  It’s always been present and waiting to be harnessed for those that can utilize it (namely Jedi or Sith).  Even when Yoda and Obi-Wan were the last of the Jedi, Vader was still using the Force quite well as we saw with multiple chokings.

You can always count on my husband to understand it.  “It totally makes sense!” he said to my speculation.  “The Force is being awakened in a whole new group of Jedi that Luke is training.  It was sleeping before because not many people were using it.”

First of all – I am pretty much spoiler-free and my husband is even more spoiler-free (because he doesn’t care) so this is just based on his random guess.

But maybe he’s correct.  Perhaps the Force is being awakened in a whole new generation because in a way…I guess he has a point.

Another thought could be that it’s being awakened in one person.  Maybe that person is even more powerful than Yoda or Anakin and is now discovering they have the Force.  I mean, in this way, the Force has been “dormant” due to the fact that there have been no Jedi around to help nurture younglings and help them grow in the way in the Force.  So if someone was strong with the Force (this sounds too similar to Star Wars Rebels so maybe it’s not the most plausible theory), but didn’t know, in a way it would awaken in them.

If we go by the other titles in Star Wars, the title was always SUPER obvious after you saw the movie.  The Phantom Menace is the only one that I can think of that may take you a while if you’re…6 years old.  I know it took me a while and I was 11, but I’ve always been known to not get things until someone spelled it out.

And speaking of the other titles – I do miss that this one doesn’t seem that corny.  Think about the others: The Empire Strikes Back is about as comic-y as you can get.  A New Hope, Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi…also very comic book style.  As for Attack of the Clones, the title is so ridiculous that Ewan’s reaction sums it up nicely:

The Force Awakens?  I dunno, sounds more noble and epic than silly and comic book reminiscent.  Also there is no “Episode VII” any more in the title which kind of freaked me out to begin with, but then I started reading up on how the OT did not have the episode numbers in the promotional materials and it made me feel better.  The episode numbers were only put in the opening scrawl of the movie.  I guess the trend did not start until the Prequels on putting the number on movie posters, toys, etc.

Twitter was going crazy with the jokes on this and I’ve pulled two for you.  Even my husband had a joke about it almost immediately (I won’t post it here because it was too inappropriate).

And lastly, check out this cool article from an awesome fan who guessed the title correctly two years ago.  Fun times!

Please tell me your thoughts!  I want to know!  I am so tempted to go online and look at what other people think but am scared of spoilers.  Oh, also, did anyone have guesses on what the title would be?


3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  1. My opinion: it’s a little bland maybe, but it’s not terrible. I love all the jokes; I saw a couple about hitting snooze, etc. 😀 And I’m glad the title doesn’t have the words “dawn” or “rises” like so many many other recent sequels…
    Are you gonna watch the trailers when they come out?

    1. Good point about “dawn” and “rises”! Maybe they realized it too and that’s why they changed their title to Awakens.

      Yes – I will watch the trailers. It’s hard to explain my spoiler-free philosophy. I basically want to pretend that there’s no internet and only know what Disney/LFL wants me to know. So I don’t mind anything that’s in Star Wars Insider, anything released by news, trailers, etc. That way I still know SOME stuff, but can still make predictions on my own and not know what’s really going to happen until the movie is released. Make sense?

      1. Totally makes sense–you just want the official stuff and not the crazy fan rumors/leaks. I personally have looked a little of rumored concept art and some character details, but I don’t want to know too much, and I *really* don’t want to know anything about plot.

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