Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #199

darth sidious lightsaber

This is an epic confrontation and yet Yoda shows…arrogance?  It’s such a strange thing to see from our little green friend.  Wise?  Yes.  Thoughtful?  Yes.  But arrogant?  That’s not the first adjective I would use when I think about Yoda.

Yet here he is basically trash talking Darth Sidious.  It reminds me of a hockey game.  Here’s Yoda and Sidious on the ice talking trash to each other, and before you know it, the gloves are off, the stick is thrown down and they’re at it.  Kind of like this:



Is it okay to say to Yoda that his overconfidence was his weakness?

Interesting to note, though, that Sidious acknowledges Vader will become more powerful than both of them.  He is including himself, which is a strange admission from Sidious.  I thought he would never let anyone know that since it reveals that he is not all-powerful.

Yoda said his faith in Vader and in the dark side was misplaced.  Was it?  I don’t know if his faith in Vader was misplaced.  We saw in TPM that Anakin had the highest midi-chlorian count that anyone had ever seen.  So yes, with time Vader would become more powerful than Yoda and Sidious.  Unfortunately, Vader got really disfigured on Mustafar, which Sidious maybe did not foresee and though Vader’s Force powers were still strong, he had limited ability with physical movement.  Null told me the other week that he could not do Force Lightening because of his limitations within the suit.  Did Yoda know any of this or possibly see it in the future?

Was Sidious’ faith in the dark side misplaced?  Definitely.  I explored this a few weeks ago.  Sidious did not take into account Vader’s ability to love and become attached.  In the end, that pulled Vader away from the dark side and back into the light side.  His love for Luke overrode the dark side and Sidious’ faith that it would capture and grip someone forever was misguided.

And lastly, I laughed out loud when Sidious was thrown over his desk with a Force push from Yoda.  It was so comical.  I’m not sure if it was meant to be, because I remember being one of the few that laughed in the theater.  But his strangled cry as he flies backwards and the way his robe flaps up…I mean, it was pretty funny.

if so powerful you are, why leave

On another topic, here are some small geek out news:

  1. Star Wars Rebels TV movie premieres tonight!! Check it out on the Disney Channel at 9pm.  The series kicks off on Monday 10/13, on Disney X D at 9pm.  I’ll tell you my thoughts next week.
  2. There is an epic Biblical movie coming out in December titled “Exodus: Gods and Kings”. As a fan of watching Bible related movies and epic movies, I’m definitely going to watch this.  Will it be accurate?  Who knows…but the reason I bring it up is that our own Joel Edgerton plays Pharaoh (and is almost unrecognizable).   I’m not sure if you guys have been following his career since he was in AOTC and ROTS, but it’s really taken off.  He’s done some great stuff, Australian and American, and I’m excited to see that Star Wars was his first step into a larger world.  He had done movies prior to Star Wars, but it was AOTC that put him on the map in Hollywood, IMO.

stunned yoda


MAS AMEDDA leaves the room. PALPATINE approaches a stunned YODA.

DARTH SlDIOUS: I have waited a long time for this moment, my little green friend. At last, the Jedi are no more.

YODA: Not if anything I have to say about it, Lord Sidious.

YODA uses the Force to throw DARTH SIDIOUS back, knocking him clear over his desk and onto the floor in a heap.

YODA: (continuing) At an end your rule is and not short enough it was, I must say.

DARTH SIDIOUS flies through the air, cape flapping, heading toward the exit. At the last second, YODA flies into the exit and stops the Dark Lord.

YODA: (continuing) If so powerful you are, why leave??

YODA ignites his lightsaber.

DARTH SlDIOUS: You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us.

DARTH SIDIOUS ignites his lightsaber.

YODA: Faith in your new apprentice, misplaced may be, as is your faith in the dark side of the Force.

Their swords CLASH. The battle is extremely fast and furious.


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