Rewriting ROTS

I decided this weekend that I am going to rewrite some of Episode III.  I’m rewriting it enough to give it what would be a satisfying ending for myself.

I was talking with a friend about the shortcomings of the Prequels and we went back to the fact that Padmé’s death was incredibly lame.  She “lost the will to live”?!  Really?  Tricia Barr makes a great argument on this in an Insider article, where I mentioned it in a past post.  But at the end of the day, Padmé is a strong, wonderful character and her death deserved more respect.

And when I say that I think it “deserved more”, what I really mean is that…I think Anakin should have killed her.  I feel like I could have mentioned this before, but I thought about it more in depth this weekend.

Anakin choking padme


I would cut out all the dreams Anakin has about Padmé dying in childbirth throughout Episode III.  I mean, at the end, we all know it’s just an excuse to see Hayden Christensen’s bare, muscular, fabulous looking chest.  I can do without that fine looking chest and cut out all of his dreams.

If we really do want to focus on Anakin’s internal feelings, perhaps let’s focus on how he felt abnormally good and powerful when he anakin killing sandpeoplekilled all the Sand People on Tatooine.  How those feelings of power have become sort of addicting and let’s use that to contradict it against his feelings of guilt as a Jedi.  He knows he shouldn’t like the feeling of power and the act of killing…but he does and it’s slowly taking over his life.

Intersperse that with Palpatine’s wheedling ways and the way he cracks Anakin’s shells by making him doubt everything.  We can keep the pivotal opera scene, but instead expand on what was discussed in the beginning about the Sith not being afraid to embrace the dark side of the Force.  He can talk about how Anakin’s feelings are not bad at all, instead that killing-spree-power-trip is necessary in order to be aware of all aspects of the Force.

obiwanpadmeThen we have Obi-Wan on the other side, trying to mentor Anakin down the road of the Jedi, coupled with the Jedi Council’s mistrust of Anakin.  Anakin’s need to prove himself as a Jedi Master only further frustrates him as he wants to believe what Palpatine is saying so badly.  Within these scenes, Anakin finds out how Obi-Wan and Padmé have been schmoozing on the back porch together and gets jealous aka sociopath jealous aka dark side jealous and just mulls over those feelings in his head (and the thoughts in his head are like TCW jealousy, not what we see in the movies).  It further adds to his internal war because though he loves both Obi-Wan and Padmé, he is starting to resent the Jedi and Obi-Wan is, clearly, a Jedi.

When he finally does welcome the dark side and kills Mace Windu, he doesn’t utter “What have I done?”, instead he relishes in the joy of finally being able to embrace who he is.

At this point, he still loves Padmé because even in ROTS, Anakin wants Padmé to join him and rule the galaxy.  In his twisted head, he thinks she will want power too, be understanding, and still love him, despite being a Sith.  And then Obi-Wan comes out of the back of the ship and all those jealous feelings that have been mulling around in his head internally just come out in a rage, similar to what we actually see in ROTS.

The only difference is that this time – he kills Padmé deliberately.  He doesn’t care about his unborn child and doesn’t care about her.  His dreams of ruling the galaxy with his love are extinguished as soon as he sees Obi-Wan step out of the ship. Because at this point, Obi-Wan represents everything he hates.  Obi-Wan represents the Jedi, which stifled him and refused to let him use his powers to his full ability; he represents the life he has led where he was not able to see his mother, not able to love Padmé freely, not able to feel joy when she announced she was pregnant; and he represents the guilt that Anakin felt for wanting to kill and enjoy it.

padme on ground

Padmé is far enough along with child that they are able to save the children after Obi-Wan’s duel with Anakin/Vader.  They have awesome medical care in a galaxy far, far away so it’s no problem, obviously.  Or the fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin is much shorter.  Or Threepio actually does something for once and pulls Padmé into the ship and manages to hook her belly up to something that saves the children.  Whatever.  Somehow, the children are saved and we still have Luke and Leia.

I feel like this makes the redemption in ROTJ so much stronger.  At the end of ROTS, Anakin is just downright twisted and evil…the Darth Vader we remember from the OT.  So when Luke breaks through and gets Vader to feel a little bit of love again, the ROTJ ending is much more poignant.

Or it can bring into question on whether Vader just killed the Emperor to feel the ultimate satisfaction of killing the hardest target.  Bwaha.  You’d never know if he did it for Luke or because he felt a good opportunity.


I know I can’t change ROTS, but sometimes I like to think, “What would I have done?”  Okay, now you all can feel free to tear my thoughts apart and point out all the holes.

As much as we all love Star Wars, is there anything significant plot wise (not characters) that you guys have wanted to rewrite in the Saga?


8 thoughts on “Rewriting ROTS

  1. In this or any other re-write, why does Padmé have to die right away (or even at all). Perhaps she’s wounded, c3po drags her to the ship, administers aid. She is unconscious. When she awakes she is told only one baby survived. Or she keeps Leias brother a secret until her death not too many years later.

    That would explain Leia having faint memories of a sad mother.

    1. Ahhh yes, you bring up a good point Icarus! I mentioned that in my Grievances post I believe. Leia does say she remembers her mother faintly and that she was always sad. Such a horrible oversight on Lucas’ part…though I’m sure many people reminded him of it and he probably just chose to ignore them.

      I like that rewriting as well. But the problem with that, and maybe Lucas realized this as well, is that wouldn’t Anakin be able to sense her? With his connection to her that spanned over 10 years, don’t you think he would know if she was alive or dead? So perhaps the only choice is to have her die since Anakin would always search for her.

      I kind of like the idea of Padme on the run – she harbors Leia for quite some time and is this tragic figure: once the love of Anakin’s life and now on the run for fear he will kill her. So as a fugitive from the Empire, and mainly Anakin, eventually she gives Leia to the Organa’s because she realizes that she cannot keep her safe or give her a normal life. And then she somehow dies.

      I should write a whole new post on this revision!

      1. “wouldn’t Anakin be able to sense her?”

        well he wasn’t able to sense Obi Wan or Yoda, so I’m thinking the sensing thing is more intermittent than we think!

  2. My college roommate and I wanted to rewrite certain points in AotC and ROTS, specifically Padme’s death. Leia says she remembers their mother as a sad woman who died when she was young, what if she survived living in exhale in the Alderaan court but is devastated by what Anakin did and that she had to give up one of her children and dies, not from a broken heart, but by some other natural means or protecting her daughter. Alas, we never had the time to sit down and write it, only discuss it.

    1. I’m totally beginning to realize the flaw in my rewriting due to Leia remembering her mother vaguely.

      I like the idea of Padme in exile on Alderaan. It’s a great way to connect Leia to Alderaan and a way for Anakin not to really know where she is. Because it’s not like he ever talked to Bail Organa. He also didn’t know that Padme was meeting in secret with him and Mon Mothma so he wouldn’t really make the connection.

      OH GEORGE LUCAS…why didn’t you realize you created a huge plot hole with Leia remembering Padme?? Wouldn’t it be awesome if htey could somehow patch all these inconsistencies up in Episode VII? Don’t think that’ll happen though.

    1. I really like ROTS as well! Every time I watch it, I’m like…wow that is a pretty good movie. Very dark, sad, and emotional at times.

      Have any thoughts yourself on how you would rewrite it? I do like what a lot of people brought up in the comments. I like the idea of combining Padme in exile with Leia, giving Leia to the Organa’s to hide her, and then Anakin finding her and killing her. Still dark, but fits in the with the entire saga better.

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