Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #30


This scene only reminds me of this:

star wars arcade

It was awesome. I cannot watch this scene or think about this scene without remembering going to the local amusement park in the summer where they had this game. I would bring so many quarters because I think the game only let me play about 3 minutes on $1. And it was so, so, so, so addicting to a 12 year old. The structure I played on also had black curtains that you could pull on the sides so you really were drenched in darkness and it further propelled your addiction and money spending.

I also learned a new word from this scene: “slalom”. Slalom: any winding or zigzag course marked by obstacles or barriers, as one in which automobiles are tested for maneuverability or drivers for reaction time.

But a kind of interesting thing to note about this scene – how were the scout troopers able to maintain that fast of a chase, in that constricted of an area, for that long? Assuming they are humans with no Force abilities, they must be trained extensively on speeder bikes. I always chucked it up to the fact that Leia and Luke have the Force so are able to maneuver themselves so easily.

Also, why is the script still calling lightsabers “laser swords”? Really. We’re far enough along in the saga that you can write lightsaber.

I wonder if when Anakin asked Qui-Gon about his laser sword in TPM, it was just a joke between all the writers?

luke leia speederbike


The two fleeing Imperial scouts have a good lead as Luke and Leia pursue through the giant trees at 200 miles an hour, the fire from their bike’s laser cannon hitting harmlessly near the moving targets.

LUKE: Move closer!

Leia guns it, closing the gap, as the two scouts recklessly veer through a narrow gap in the trees. One of the bikes SCRAPES a tree, slowing the scout.

LUKE: Get alongside that one!

Leia pulls her speeder bike up so close to the scout’s bike that their steering vanes SCRAPE noisily. Luke leaps from his bike to the back of the scout’s, grabs the Imperial warrior around the neck, and flips him off the bike, into a thick tree trunk. Luke gains control of the bike and follows Leia, who has pulled ahead. They tear off after the remaining scout.

LUKE: Get him! 

The speeding chase passes TWO MORE IMPERIAL SCOUTS. These two swing into pursuit, chasing Luke and Leia, firing away with their laser cannon. The two Rebels look behind them just as Luke’s bike takes a glancing hit.

LUKE: (indicating the one ahead) Keep on that one! I’ll take these two!

With Leia shooting ahead, Luke suddenly slams his steering vanes into the braking mode. Luke’s bike is a blur to the two pursuing scouts as they zip by him on either side. Luke slams his bike into forward and starts firing away, having switched places with his pursuers in a manner of seconds. Luke’s aim is good and one scout’s bike is blasted out of control. It explodes against a tree trunk.

The scout’s cohort takes one glance back at the flash and shifts into turbo drive, going even faster. Luke keeps on his tail.

FAR AHEAD, Leia and the first scout are doing a highspeed slalom through the death-dealing trunks. Now Leia aims her bike skyward and rises out of sight.

The scout turns in confusion, unable to see his pursuer. Suddenly, Leia dives down upon him from above, cannon blasting. The scout’s bike takes a glancing hit.

Leia moves in alongside him. The scout eyes her beside him, reaches down, and pulls out a handgun. Before Leia can react, the scout has blasted her bike, sending it out of control. Leia dives off as her bike explodes against a tree. The happy scout looks back at the explosion. But when he turns forward again, he is on a collision course with a giant fallen tree. He hits his brakes to no avail and disappears in a conflagration.

ANOTHER PART OF THE FOREST: Luke and the last remaining scout continue their weaving chase through the trees. Now Luke moves up close. The scout responds by slamming his bike into Luke’s. A fallen tree forms a bridge across their path. The scout zips under. Luke goes over the top and crashes his bike down on the scout’s. Both riders look ahead – a wide trunk looms directly in Luke’s path, but the scout’s bike beside him makes it almost impossible for him to avoid it. Luke banks with all his might, leaning almost horizontal over the scout’s bike, and is able to make it by, just clipping the tree. When he straightens, he and the scout discover that their two bikes have locked front vanes and are moving as one.

Another big tree looms in Luke’s path. He reacts instinctively and dives off his bike. The two bikes come apart a second before Luke’s explodes against a tree. The scout sweeps out and circles back to find Luke.

Luke rises from the undergrowth as the scout bears down on him and opens fire with his laser cannon. Luke ignites his laser sword and begins deflecting the bolts. The scout’s bike keeps coming and it appears that in a second it will cut Luke in half.

At the last instant, Luke steps aside and chops off the bike’s control vanes with one mighty slash. The scout’s bike begins to shudder, then, pitching and rolling, it rises up to slam directly into a tree in a giant ball of fire.


2 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #30

  1. Oooh, good scene. And almost exactly how it is in the movie. Nothing like a good chase scene. I always loved Luke’s little braking maneuver.
    Why is SCRAPE randomly in all caps twice? lol The “laser sword” is pretty funny, too.

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