Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #96


(So guys, I swore I had posted this yesterday, but looks like I still have to figure out WordPress’s new posting feature. Sorry about that!  I guess it’s a Scene it on Saturday now.)

Let’s talk about this scene. Why didn’t Vader kill Piett? Clearly Admiral Piett fears that his death is coming. They disabled the hyperdrive on the Falcon, were planning on capturing the Rebel leaders, and then…the Falcon heads into hyperspace and they wiggle out of the Empire’s grasp once more.

And Vader does nothing? He doesn’t even glance at Piett for this mistake, but yet killed Admiral Ozzel and Captain Needa previously for their blunders. The only reason I can think of is that he was just talking to Luke through the Force.

Was Vader so engrossed in thinking about Luke, the revelation he just made, and thinking he may have a chance to take down the Emperor, that he doesn’t mind so much that they got away? Sure, he didn’t capture Luke as he intended, but his purpose was still basically completed. Was he already thinking of the next steps in his larger scheme that he didn’t pay much mind to the Falcon’s escape?

The only other option I can think of is that Admiral Piett was actually somewhat competent and he knew he would need his best men in the upcoming days. Maybe Ozzel and Needa just weren’t that good and made too many mistakes.

Whatever the reason, Piett looks just as surprised as everyone else. I mean, his face! When they lose the Falcon! Priceless. Such a great moment of acting on his part. You feel the fear with him as he knows his death has just come (as does everyone else if you watch them). And then…Vader keeps walking. WHY?

Please feel free to chime in.

vader loses the falcon


Admiral Piett and another captain glance at Vader in terror. Vader turns slowly and walks off the bridge, his hands held behind his back in a contemplative gesture.


4 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #96

  1. Haha, I tried to schedule my last post for around 7 pm, but forgot that the settings are on a 24 hr clock (something I should be familiar with from my time in Spain), so it posted at 7am. Sigh.

    I’ve always kind of had a soft spot for Piett among the Imperial officers, just because he does seem competent. I was a little sad when that ship crashes in his bridge in ROTJ. I agree with your thinking, that Vader was so engrossed with thinking about Luke, etc. I think his encounter with Luke kinda resulted in a paradigm shift in his thinking.

    • Ugh, I know…I had scheduled this post and it just never posted. But when I thought I had scheduled my Showdown post, it ended up posting it right away so I just don’t get it right now. I also don’t like the new tagging feature on WP either.

      Anyway, I also think that he was engrossed with thinking about Luke. It’s probably also (maybe) the first time in 19 years that he wasn’t fully flowing with the dark side. I wonder if this is when the crack started to form in his hardened heart.

  2. I’ll submit the following theory/observation: When Vader killed Admiral Ozzel and Captain Needa he was angry and reacting almost instantaneously in that anger. When the Falcon gets away, Vader not only kinda realizes that it wasn’t entirely Piett fault but is also coming from a place of less anger, more calm. He is processing all the information that has transpired regarding his son.

    Also in ROTJ Luke claims there is still good in Vader, perhaps this is some of that good that he senses.

    • I just mentioned above that maybe this is the crack in the ice that is beginning to form. Perhaps its the first time he’s not all dark side and those long forgotten feelings of love are whispering at the corner of his soul.

      As for Piett, I don’t really understand why he wasn’t furious. If anything, shouldn’t this have been the last straw? I mean, they deactivated the hyperdrive for Pete’s sake! They should have had this in the bag!

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