Darth Tyranus vs. Darth Maul Showdown!

In April, I promised a post on the Sith. I started writing it and got bored writing it, and left it alone, and went back to it, and got bored again, so I realized that if I can’t even be interested in my post, nobody else would be.   Then this past week I started thinking about pitting Jedi against Jedi and Sith against Sith and I thought…actually, this is a more interesting way to think about my post.

I was planning on writing an entire post on the four Sith we see in the saga, including Vader vs. Sidious, but it’s too long! So I’m cutting it up and today’s excerpt will just be Darth Tyranus vs. Darth Maul. And yes, I am also planning on doing a Jedi Showdown at some point, I just need to get to it.

So introducing our first pair in the rink! (They can’t be paired with Sidious because of the different weight class. Sidious is obviously much heavier with the Force and would ruin them as soon as the buzzer went off)

This is ranked on a point basis: 10 means they exhibit the qualities to the extreme, 1 being that they show too many Jedi qualities 😉 Points will be given based on intelligence, ruthlessness, experience, and lightsaber combat.



Presenting Darth Tyranus! A formidable fighter, but can he withstand the brutality of his Dathomirian counterpart? 

Darth Tyranus comes into the ring:

  • Intelligence: 8/10. As someone once respected by the Jedi (known as Count Dooku), I’m sure he was able to get away count dooku sidiouswith a lot more before anyone caught on that, hey, wait a minute, you’re no longer a Jedi. Tyranus took over the clone army project and erased Kamino from the Jedi Archives. He also was a leader of the Separatists and trained quite a few chilling opponents of the Jedi. This guy was pretty organized and intelligent – helping Sidious pave the way for an Empire ruled by Sith. He lacks two final points because he was not quite smart enough to realize that he was just a pawn in Sidious’ game.
  • Ruthlessness: 6/10. Once turned to the dark side, Tyranus had no qualms killing those he loved. Looking at his backstory, you can see that he was once good friends with Jedi Sifo-Dyus, and murdered him in order to become a full Sith and take over the clone army project. He also took on Asajj Ventress as a pseudo apprentice but ordered her killed as well. Though he didn’t succeed, it shows that he has no problem abandoning those he should also have some sort of attachment to. The only reason I don’t give him more points is because he seems to be a bit of a coward. He ran away from Yoda in AOTC and sent someone else to try to kill Asajj Ventress.
  • Experience: 9/10. Tyranus was pretty formidable even in his older age. All those years as a Jedi and now a Sith leads to one thing: he knows his stuff. He knows how the Jedi fight and also how to outmaneuver them, as we saw in AOTC. He is experienced in politics and the Force, which makes for a deadly combination. He trained Jedi and then went on to train leaders in the Separatist Droid Army: Durge, Asajj Ventress, and General Grievous. Plus, he knows how to create Force lightening and you can’t do that as a rookie.
  • Lightsaber combat: 8/10. Wookieepedia says that Dooku was a well respected instructor at the Jedi Temple and “one of the most renowned swordsmen in the galaxy”, up there with Yoda and Mace Windu. I think that was pretty obviouscount dooku vs yoda when in AOTC, he took on Obi-Wan, Anakin, and finally Yoda in a battle where he bested 2/3 of his opponents. He even did pretty well in ROTS when he again took on Obi-Wan and Anakin. Though he lost his life, he held out for quite a while. It’s clear that Obi-Wan wasn’t much of a match for him. I almost gave him 9/10, but the fact that he ran from Yoda and died at Anakin’s hands shows that he wasn’t the best.

Tyranus total points: 31/40 or a 78% chance of winning in the rink.

And now we have…Darth Maul! A formidable, rage-filled opponent, but does he have enough experience to defeat the older veteran?

dooku vs maul

 Darth Maul comes into the ring:

  • Intelligence: 5/10. I always got the impression that Darth Maul was more of a mercenary than an intelligent being valued for his input and ideas. Reading up on his history in Wookieepedia, I see that I was kind of right. Apparently he was trained while Sidious was still an apprentice to Plagueis. Plagueis was aware of Maul, but agreed to train him to be “expendable”. You don’t train intelligent people to be expendable, because they will catch on and turn on you. Also, Maul failed to see that Obi-Wan was using the Force to jump up and grab Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber. Do you remember his baffled look as he slowly tried to figure out what Obi-Wan was doing? Not the brightest bulb.
  • Ruthlessness: 10/10. Yes, I give Maul a perfect score on this. This dude is legit crazy. Not only was he trained as a Sith, he was also trained as a Sith Assassin, where horrible torturing techniques were used on him to hone him into a skilled, heartless warrior.darth maul tcw Maul survived his encounter with Obi-Wan Kenobi by living off of his rage (I like to pretend this storyline doesn’t exist but alas, it’s part of canon now) as his “mental equilibrium slowly became undone.” If you watch these TCW episodes, you’ll see how ruthless he really is. When he is brought back to some sort of normalcy (well, “normal” for him) he goes off on a mad hunt for Obi-Wan, killing multiple people in the process in bloody rage. He is cray cray, and that leads to him being a ruthless Sith.
  • Experience: 7/10. When Maul starts out, he doesn’t have much experience other than his training. He almost dies on Naboo (okay, he totally does, grrr), but then goes on to lead his bloody rampage. When we last see Darth Maul, Sidious has kidnapped him and plans to use him for his own purposes once more. Darth Maul built his way up from almost being killed, to gaining more experience battling Jedi, pirates, Nightsisters, and even dabbles in the politics of Mandalore. He definitely does not have the same amount of knowledge as Tyranus does, but given time, he may be near indestructible when his rage is combined with his experience.
  • Lightsaber combat: 7/10. I struggled with this ranking. We only see one fight from Maul so it’s almost unfair to rate him.darth maul fighting However, from this one battle we can see he did manage to kill Qui-Gon, but in the end was bested by Obi-Wan. But to be defeated by Obi-Wan means that your lightsaber combat skills cannot be the best of the best. I only say that because, well, we’ve never actually seen Obi-Wan kill any Sith Lord other than Maul. He failed against Tyranus, Anakin (though that may have been emotional), and couldn’t even really hold his own against Grievous who doesn’t even have the Force. I’m not saying Obi-Wan is easy to fight, I just don’t think he’s the best. Maul does a much better job in lightsaber combat in TCW, so I upped his points, but he still can’t manage to beat Obi-Wan.

Maul total points: 29/40 or a 73% chance of winning in the rink.

And the winner is…drumroll…

darth tyranus

Darth Tyranus! Also known as Count Dooku, this man possesses the right combination of experience, intelligence, and combat skills to defeat one who relies primarily on his rage.

I really enjoyed writing this post and learned a lot in the process about these two Sith. We all know I’m a Jedi girl, but this was just pure fun. Personally, I like Darth Maul better than Dooku and I wish he hadn’t died in TPM. The lightsaber battle is one of my favorites of all time.

Do you guys agree with my little assessment? Think Tyranus would win if he was placed against Maul?

Also, Rebels finally has a release date!



12 thoughts on “Darth Tyranus vs. Darth Maul Showdown!

    1. Me too! I think he is SO scary and I wish he had more screentime. He lived on in TCW, but I really didn’t like his storyline. I thought he should have remained dead on TPM. I actually had no idea who was going to win and kind of just did it based on my readings and intuition. But after all was said and done, I did realize that Dooku was the better Sith.

  1. Oooh what fun! I do love that look on Maul’s face when Obi-Wan makes his move. I think that’s the real reason he lost to Obi-Wan: as you said, he’s not the brightest bulb. Maul is undoubtedly better at lightsaber combat than Obi-Wan; he already bested Qui-Gon, who was a renowned swordsman, and had Obi-Wan dangling above a pit. He should have walked away the victor, but Obi-Wan out-thought him.

    I like Maul better as a character, but I think you’re right that Dooku would win. Good job with the rankings!

    1. Thanks! I really like Maul better as well. Not so much in TCW, but in TPM he was pretty awesome. I never really thought about how he was kind of dumb until thinking through all of this. I really wish he could have won the showdown, but guess it wasn’t meant to be. Too bad Dooku is just so boring in the movies!

  2. I agree with your analysis that Tyranus would defeat Maul, mainly due to sheer experience. But I think you scored Maul’s lightsaber skills too lowly — I would have given him 9/10. I know you scored him lower due to his death by Obi-Wan, but this was a plot-driven death and I really think Lucas did a horrible job portraying his defeat. If you ignore his death Maul is *very* good with both the double-bladed lightsaber and with only one blade. He easily beat Qui-Gon twice (don’t forget their encounter on Tatooine) and dominated Obi-Wan right up until his plot-driven death. The actor who played Maul is a martial artist in real life, and it shows.

    Also, I think it would be better to split skills between lightsaber skills and Force skills. Maul and Tyranus are comparable in lightsaber skills but where Tyranus’ experience really shines is in his Force skills — he has Force Lightning, Force Choke, etc., whereas Maul only seems to use Force Push.

    1. I *did* say I struggled with the lightsaber fight ranking for Maul! It was hard because the one battle we see in the movies, he dies really fast. And I was struggling with 7/10 vs 8/10; I’m not sure I would put him at 9/10 because he died in his first battle. I’m sorry – I just can’t ignore the fact that he died by OBI-WAN. I do not think Obi-Wan is that good in a lightsaber combat, so that really weighed my opinion of Maul’s combat skills. And I have met Ray Park in real life! He’s not as fit as when he did TPM…

      I like the idea of lightsaber skills and Force skills! I should have done that… I based my categories on what I had written in my previous (boring) blog post on these characters. I just took the common themes, but Force skill would have been a good one.

  3. This is a great concept. I to would give it to Tyranus, on the grounds of experience. Though if I was writing it out as a script I have their first battle a draw, and then have T win in their second battle based on what he observed in the first one. Though that didn’t help him with Anakin.

    1. Haha no kidding! He was much too arrogant and confident and didn’t take into account that Anakin had improved so much by the second battle. Also, I think Anakin was pulling more on the dark side than he was in AOTC and he probably did not expect that either.

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