Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #65

anakin threepio

It’s amazing how much time I can spend on my business. I get so wrapped up in marketing it, trying to get clients, etc. that I could spend all day working on it. So, if anyone cares, I did launch my business officially in May and just started marketing myself at the end of July. I have gotten quite a few emails, two calls (one that horribly and one that went well), and I am doing a trial run with a potential client right now. The past two weeks have been slow with my business, which has been disheartening following the greatness of those three weeks, but I’m hoping that is just because of summer.

Anyway, this blog has unfortunately been falling to the wayside as I work hard on the business, but have no fear. I am working on other posts other than Scene it on Friday’s, it’s just taking me longer to finish them due to other work.

I really like Threepio in TPM. I don’t think his “personality” is fully formed yet, but I do like how he is not the protocol droid from AOTC, which just seemed like an embarrassing almost Jar Jar-esque version of himself. The line at the end of this scene is just so Threepio, which makes me smile.

Also noticeable throughout TPM is Anakin’s word choice when referring to common objects. In this scene he calls the Nubian a “starship” and in an earlier scene he refers to a lightsaber as a “lasersword”. I’ve always wondered if Lucas did this on purpose. Was he trying to show that Tatooine was so far out of the way, and the slaves so disconnected from the Republic, that they didn’t know proper terms for items that others thought were common? Anakin clearly knows what a spaceship and a lightsaber are, but doesn’t know the correct noun.

Finally, I’ve always enjoyed this scene because I also think it’s some of Jake Lloyd’s best work as Anakin. He wasn’t the greatest actor throughout TPM but he really exudes the childlike innocence of going on a new adventure during this scene. As adults, it’s easy to look around our lives when things are changing and say, “I’m going to miss [insert item here] when I leave,” or “I’m so sad I’m going to have to give [insert item here] up when I move on.”

As a child, you are so caught up in the moment, and we see this with Anakin. He is SO excited to leave and become a Jedi that he doesn’t even really give a thought to leaving Threepio behind, a droid that he has built from scratch and worked so hard on. He just packs up his meager belongings, relays a bit of info to Threepio, and moves on with excitement. As a child, you don’t really think about it until after the fact. You see that when Anakin is leaving his mother in one of the next few scenes –   he was totally fine packing up and leaving until he is physically walking away. Then it hits him, whereas I feel that as an adult, at least in my life, it weighs on me every moment before I leave. But as a child you are not held back by doubts or insecurities. You know that you want to be a Jedi. You want to come back and free the slaves, so why should you doubt?

On that topic, I thought you might enjoy this video on the casting of Anakin. I, personally, have always loved the blonde haired child the best from what I’ve seen. That would be my “gut feeling”, as George says.




ANAKIN has thrown the last of his things in a small backpack. As he leaves, he stops and pushes the button that wakes his droid up. THREEPIO stares at him blankly.

ANAKIN: Well, Threepio, I’m free… and I’m going away… in a starship…

THREEPIO: Master, Annie, you are my maker, and I wish you well. Although I’d like it better if I were a little less naked. 

ANAKIN: I’m sorry I wasn’t able to finish you, Threepio…give you coverings and all… I’m going to miss working on you. You’ve been a great pal. I’ll make sure Mom doesn’t sell you or anything. Bye.

THREEPIO stares at ANAKIN as he rushes out of the room.

THREEPIO: Sell me?!?


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