Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #51

fire the emergency booster grievous

Ohhhhhh, Lucas, why must you have such short scenes in the Prequels? Especially AOTC and ROTS. I can’t write anything about them when you do this to me!

Here are some interesting tidbits about the ship:

  • Operated by 600 droids, commanded by real people, aliens, etc.
  • The ships were easy to modify to suit someone’s desire because of modular compartments. An example of such ship would be the one in this scene, General Grievous’ ship named The Invisible Hand. Modifications include:
    • Aft reactor bay rearranged to provide more hanger space, dorsal fin refitted into spacious quarters.
    • Turbolasers, 34 dual laser cannons, two capital scale ion cannons, 12 point-defense ion cannons, and 8 proton torpedo batteries.

In reference to the booster engines from wookiepedia:

The thrusters could be arranged to provide different emergency settings, the main one using blast shields to redirect the ion particles exiting the thrusters, and provide a breaking thrust which slowed the ship’s movement during an atmospheric descent. A similar setting utilized emergency booster engines to slow the ship. In addition to thrusters, a Providence-class ship could utilize airbrake panels that lined the ship to slow descent in an atmosphere.

Little trivia tidbit: in the commentary behind the scenes, good ol’ Georgie refers to the Invisible Hand as a “Star Destroyer”. Gotta love him.

Okay, I tried. Have a great weekend!



GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Fire the emergency booster engines.

PILOT: Leveling out, sir.


5 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #51

  1. This overall sequence, while a little long, is one of the best in the prequel trilogies. It finally gives us a real dog fight in space. Spaceships are everywhere! Explosions! Spacefighters!
    Did you know I love spaceships?

    1. Haha just like Emmett! I do like this long s sequence in the beginning too. It actually reminded me of naval warfare in the eighteenth and nineteenth century with the tall ships. If only Hayden Christensen’s acting was better.

      1. LOL…well, when in doubt, I try to give facts on the location and/or ships in reference. Not much more I can do. Personally, I think it makes for a VERY boring blog post, but I refuse to cheat on lol.

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