Reflections on the Guest Posts

I am back!  Still a little jetlagged and tired, but overall, I had a great time.  I went to four different places in Australia in two weeks and embarked (and disembarked) on nine different planes.  Though fun, I am exhausted.  This, my friends, is what I believe is the difference between vacation and traveling.  In my eyes, vacation is what I did in May when I went to the Bahamas: I relaxed, read books, went swimming and really had no responsibilities or commitments.  Traveling is what I did this time: I saw as many places as I could, jam packed our days with flights, sightseeing, family visits, driving, and doing as much as possible.

While I was gone, I had two wonderful guest bloggers!  There was supposed to be four, but oh well, two is better than zero.  I want to thank Megan and Null so much for their work on the posts.  Both are fabulous and I appreciate the hard work that you put into writing them.

For the future, if anyone is interested in guest posting, please let me know.  There are really no rules other than it has to be about Star Wars.  As you can see, Null slammed the Jedi even though my blog is often pro-Jedi.

Now that I have had the chance to read through them, I thought I’d give my feedback on both.


Facts in Fiction: Conspiracy Theories for Star Wars 

First of all, I love the concept of this post!  It’s so much fun!  I have never really thought about conspiracy theories around Star Wars (this would force me to think outside the box and we all know how I’m not very good at that) but this was a fun way to look at questionable circumstances within the Star Wars universe and create crazy explanations for them.

Theory 1: Jocasta Nu erased Kamino from the archive for Count Dooku.

I actually really like the theory of Nu being in love with Dooku.  And weirdly enough, I am kind of looking at Dooku and Jango’s relationship differently.  So good job to Megan for making me rethink things.

I do agree that this subplot could have been very interesting.  I understand why it wasn’t explored in depth…it would kind of be a tangent in the movie.  But it would have been interesting to explore if Jocasta had deleted Kamino for her own reasons.  I believe Null is correct, that we are supposed to infer that Dooku cut Kamino out, but this is a post on conspiracy theories so anything goes!  What if Jocasta Nu did have a larger role to play in the galaxy?  A small task done for love that ultimately had much larger consequences?



Theory 2: Luke Skywalker is Obi-Wan’s son, not Anakin’s.

LOL to the fact that Padmé had multiple boyfriends!  I mean, if you watch TCW, it gets even worse so I can somewhat believe this.   I agree with Null that Anakin was really pathetic around Padmé.  I like to blame it on his emotional issues of losing his mother and being thrust into this rigid, chaste monastery of Jedi Knights.  But, no, in the end, I do not think that Luke is Obi-Wan’s son.  I think both twins belong to Anakin because I hope, in the end, Padmé did love Anakin a lot and I would like to believe she remained true to him during the saga.   (Though I agree that she can be kind of personality-less at times)

Theory 3: Qui-Gon faked his own death in order to marry Shmi

I love this theory.  Mainly because I love Qui-Gon so the thought of him still being alive (and happily with Shmi!) warms my heart.  I have a hard time believing Obi-Wan would be pulled into this though…however, it would be hard for Qui-Gon to make it to a bacta tank without him, so maybe he was?  And then for Cliegg to know about Qui-Gon too…?  I dunno.  As much as I love Qui-Gon and want to believe this theory, I find it just a little too far fetched.  He seemed to die a pretty certain death on Naboo and I don’t think he ever got to go back and see Shmi.

I loved reading all the theories and I definitely think theory 1 would be the most plausible of all.

conspiracy theories

Thanks, Megan, for putting this together!  I love fresh looks into the Star Wars universe.


On The Jedi Code

Null’s in depth post on the Jedi Code talked about how the Jedi don’t actually follow their code.  Or, worse, their rigid following of the code creates an exclusive society that is detrimental to the good of the galaxy.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

Null made good points about the Jedi and their need for controlling power.  I never really thought about the Jedi Archives (what a coinkidink that both my guest bloggers brought it up!) and how the Jedi keep it to themselves.  Perhaps they should give access to the public, but keep certain potions just to themselves?  I’m sure the public was not completely ignorant and I also believe there were probably other libraries within the galaxy.  We meet people from all over the galaxy in the saga and none of them seem very ignorant, excluding Jar Jar Binks.

Interestingly, the second point made under the knowledge header was how the Jedi prohibit understanding the dark side.  I agree completely with Null that they are, in turn, forcing ignorance of the dark side.  There will be Jedi who are curious and will find other ways to get the knowledge.  I have also thought about this before and thought that maybe the Jedi should have had someone like Mad Eye Moody to teach them a class where they were presented with the dark side so they could understand it and fight it better, and would not be tempted later down the road.  Armed with the knowledge of the dark side, they would be better equipped to face their enemies, as Null also mentions.

There is no emotion, there is peace / There is no passion, there is serenity

In my own post on the Jedi Code, I also wrote about how Luke brought about the fall of the Empire with his passion, exactly what the Jedi

Don't turn off your emotions! You may end up choking your wife.

Don’t turn off your emotions! You may end up choking your wife.

Code tried to stamp out.  I did not look at it from Vader’s point of view, and I find that most interesting.  I also like how Null brought up the Sith.  The ultimate Sith, Palpatine, is a perfect example of the lack of emotion that the Jedi try hard to achieve.  In the end, how can you care about the galaxy and not feel passionate or emotional?  The Sith care about no one but themselves, so their lack of emotion is easier to maintain and easier to live by.

But as I wrote last year, I still stand by the fact that I think Yoda mastered his emotions the best out of all the Jedi we see.  I disagree with Null that Yoda showed grief after Order 66.  I read it more as complete shock.  I think the grief was fleeting; I think if he felt grief he would not have been clear headed enough to sense his own clones turning on him.  Similar to Obi-Wan sensing Alderaan blowing to pieces, it hurts him briefly, but it’s more shock than emotion.


I must say this is a great post from Null.  I agree with so much of what he said and think that trying to follow this code inadvertently brought about the destruction of the Jedi.  I’m hoping that Null sits down and writes one on the Sith Code for us next!  I’m super interested in that since I know next to nothing on the Sith.


Again, thanks to both writers.  Another one of my followers, Icarus, has a guest blog in the works so expect to see that in the near future!


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        And no, I don’t live in those place, I’m in a country town about 20mins out of Canberra.

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