Which Character Would You Choose to Be?

Before I start, a few notes.  “Hem, hem,” as Dolores Umbridge says.

First off, I have some great guest bloggers coming up in the next few weeks when I’m gone (7/4-7/21).  I really, really want everyone to comment and show love.  I can’t force you to, but would still love if you treat these people as an extension of me as they are putting in some time and effort to craft beautiful posts.   Also, if I die in Australia, they’ll be able to continue on the legacy of this wonderful blog.  Wonderful^2!

Yes.  This is the love you need to show.
Yes. This is the love you need to show.

You will notice that my instagram widget is now on the sidebar of my blog.  This is to hold myself accountable and actually follow through with my resolution to take 1 beautiful photo a day during July.  The point of this challenge is to become more aware of my surroundings and to try to look at the world from a different point of view.

This is very hard for me.  Some people see taking photos as the easiest thing, but I really am challenging myself here.  I was born lacking artistic skills.  Stick figures are the closest I get to drawing when I’m forced, so this challenge is concerning.  I have yet to take a photo today and yet to see anything worth taking a photo of.  Oh, and another concerning thought, and perhaps the most amusing, is the fact that I don’t know how I’m going to do this in Australia so there may be a two week lag of actually posting to instagram haha.  Or if everything works out with my SIM card, you’ll all be able to follow my photos on the side 🙂

Oh, and, this is my last post until I return.  Adios folks.  MTFBWY.

I was asked by a colleague at work last week a very simple, but difficult (for me) to answer question:

“If you could be any Star Wars character in the saga, who would you be?”  Upon further questioning, I found out that not only was it limited to on-screen characters, they didn’t want it to be someone with 2 seconds on the screen.  Okay.  So no Oola.  (I realized later that I wouldn’t want to be Oola anyway because she dies a horrible death)

Oh gosh, did you really just have to ask me that?
Oh gosh, did you really just have to ask me that?

This was more difficult than I thought.  Generic Old Republic Jedi wouldn’t do, neither would the Twi’leks who were massaging Sebulba.

Surprisingly, I settled upon an answer pretty quickly.  Wedge Antilles.  How weird is that?  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I rarely mention him.  He’s a cool character and I love what he did for the OT, but I’ve only lately begun to appreciate him.

Looking at the OT only and not including EU (even though a lot of what I am going to say still applies to the EU.  Legends.  Whatever.), Wedge is the guy who is always calmly backing up his comrades during the x-wing battles and survives throughout all three movies.  He may not get all the shining glory in the way Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie do.  But he appears in every movie and is one of the Rebels to help bring in a new age after the fallen Empire.  I like that.  If I were part of the Rebellion, I wouldn’t mind a role like that and I think it reflects nicely on my real personality.

It reminds me of when I used to do musicals in high school.  I never auditioned for the main role.  I never wanted the responsibility of carrying a play, singing a lot of solos, and memorizing a lot of lines.  I wanted that part that was memorable, but on the side.  I often had one solo, or would sing solos with another in a joint song, but never had the lead role.  However, it was always a memorable role and people were always coming up to me afterwards to tell me how much they enjoyed what I did.

If you haven't seen this, you should. It's my job on steroids.
If you haven’t seen this, you should. It’s my job on steroids.

It’s similar to my role today as an Executive Assistant.  I like playing an important role and having a lot of power by default…but I don’t actually like all the attention on me, nor would I like the responsibility of being an actual CEO.  I just like being the one who is calm and always standing by to help bring down the next problem.  Their right hand woman, so to say.


The thing is, we all have different shades of our personality.  As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes I’m more similar to Threepio than anyone else.  At times my stubbornness lends itself well to Captain Panaka.  My need for organizing and my administrative abilities could probably reflect Admiral Ackbar.

The difference between this question that I received and other questions that have been similar (Who is your favorite character? Which characters are you most like?) is that I got to choose what popular character I would want to be from the saga.  Just like I get to choose my profession and choose what role I want to try out for in a musical.

So, surprisingly, I choose Wedge: a character that I don’t often pay attention to and take for granted.  Loyal, calm, and there when you need him.

If you could be any Star Wars character, movies, EU, or anything else, who would you choose to be?  And why?

wedge antilles is awesome



14 thoughts on “Which Character Would You Choose to Be?

  1. Good answer 🙂 Although things might get awkward since Wedge was my answer for Star Wars character I want to make out with . . .

    I always thought I was a decent picture taker until I started hanging out with a friend of mine, who not only takes her camera everywhere — I mean, I do that — but uses it everywhere! It is a little intimidating because I just have no camera eye. It’s probably a habit one has to develop.

    In answer to your question, I have way too many posts about how I want to be Luke because I like him so much it hurts. I don’t think I would enjoy it, per say, but I understand him in a way I never imagined I would when I was idolizing Han as a teenager.

    1. HAHA! I always wanted to make out with Luke when I was younger. But ANH Luke, not ROTJ Luke.

      See, I do love Luke, but I don’t think I would choose to actually be him. Too much on his shoulders. I actually idolized Luke when I was a teenager and as you said “liked him so much it hurt”…but now I’m leaning more towards the bad-boy-turned-good Han. Not that I’d want to be him. But I wouldn’t mind making out with him as well.

      Han lives too much on the edge for me to actually choose to be him. Luke has too much responsibility. Leia has her family wiped out and is too involved with politics for my liking. So that’s why I would choose Wedge. In the middle. Maybe Chewie wouldn’t be bad either but I’m not sure I could live with that much hair. I’m too vain 😉

      1. I don’t relate well enough to Han to choose to be him. I first gravitated toward Luke, kind of against my will, in writing fanfiction because I realized Han was impossible for me to “get into,” whereas Luke came easily. And I just flat out don’t like Leia, lol.

        But if it was all free choice and didn’t have anything to do with who I act the most like or relate the most to — actually, I’d choose to be Qui-Gon, and I think I would actually enjoy being him too. Especially if he faked his death and moved to Tatooine!

        1. I really, really was tempted to answer Qui-Gon, since he is one of my favorite characters. And he was an Old Republic Jedi without being stuffy like the others! So trust me, I wanted to answer him but I just couldn’t get over his death. It makes me too sad.

          1. Then you will definitely get a kick out of my conspiracy theory post because a large part of it goes toward proving he never died on Naboo ^_^

  2. Oh man, now that you say that, I totally agree! I would love to be Wedge!! I’ve harbored secret ambitions to be a fighter pilot since reading the X-Wing books and watching Top Gun. I would be a terrible fighter pilot, I’m sure.
    I might also say Luke, because he’s my favorite of the trio. His journey always resonated with me, and I’d like to be a Jedi also. Maybe Obi-Wan would be better, because he doesn’t have the huge responsibility of rebuilding the whole Jedi Order.
    When I took this quiz (http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/Ukldm8Pi5Ub/Star+Wars+Character) it told me I was Threepio…I think it was right…

    1. I agree! I’ve always harbored ambitions to be a fighter pilot but I think I’d actually poop my pants if it was presented to me lol. I love Starbuck in BSG. I have horrible eyesight and am deaf in one ear so it would never work out in real life. I’d be terrible too.

      Obi-Wan isn’t a bad choice! He kind of gets the best of all worlds. He has excitement in the beginning of his life, lives with the Jedi in its heyday, then has 0 excitement for about 20 years, a brief spurt of excitement again…and then ends up dying in a noble way. Also comes back as a Force ghost which is awesome.

      I got Threepio too in the quiz. Sigh.

  3. Wedge to Star Wars is a lot like Horatio to Hamlet – He helps out the protaganist, and is in the background for much of the story, but doesn’t have all of the issues and bad stuff happening to him. I would much rather hang out with them and be them than the main hero.

    If I could be a Star Wars character, I think my personality would suit a younger Obi-Wan – I get things done, but am practical about things.

      1. That’s part of why I’d stick with young Obi-Wan. Older Obi-Wan hangs out in the desert, and then sacrifices himself – though, hanging out with Yoda and Qui-Gonn as a blue ghost spirit thing isn’t too bad either.

  4. I always kinda figured it would be better to be Biggs Darklighter, to be honest. Dying in a heroic battle, saving the guy who actually did the deed, so to speak, plus, let’s be honest, that’s one HELL of a name…

    1. Haha! In the original script, Biggs was actually a little condescending to Luke when he went back home to tatooine. He was so uppity because he was in the real world flying and Luke was stuck at home. When I saw that, it kind of changed my perception of him.

  5. I have a copy of the penultimate version ( I think ), and yeah, I can see that, but he’s still there for Luke on an emotional level and, heck, even tried to get Luke hooked up with the rebellion. He’s one hell of a good guy paying the ultimate sacrifice. Wedge is great, but he was privileged. Biggs, as far as I see it, was Luke without the ancestry. Just a shame he died.

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