Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #85 (and other ramblings)

i know where luke is

Yo.  Lando.  You have absolutely no say on what goes on here.  And, by the way, why aren’t you in handcuffs locked away in some small room on the Falcon?

I mean, that’s what I would do if I had been stabbed in the back.  I can’t believe you’re even allowed in the cockpit to give your opinion.  Sure, we can say he managed a sneaky little rescue operation through Lobot, but he still hosted Darth Vader in Cloud City, froze Han in carbonite, and sold him off to the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett.

This scene is more significant, though.  Here we have Leia using the Force for the first time.  Luke is calling out to her from his precarious position on the weather vane…and she hears it.  How in the world could she hear it/sense it without the Force?

It’s a great moment because it teases at the movie to come.  Obviously, I never saw ESB when it was first released, but I can imagine the questions that came out of this scene.  How did she know where Luke was?  How did Leia hear him call for her?

More interestingly, and I didn’t pick up on this until I was older, is how did Luke know to call to Leia?  Obviously he tries to call to Ben first, but it doesn’t work and I think he knew it wouldn’t work.  Ben told him he couldn’t help him if he decided to go after Vader.

But why choose Leia?  Did he sense that she was strong in the Force?  Did he know she was his sister subconsciously?  Did he know that Han was already in carbonite?  Was it his lingering feelings for her (not as a sister) that made him think of her first?

backstage millennium falcon

My week has been so busy this week! Wrapping up before I go to Australia next week has left me very little time for blog posts.  I can’t wait though.  A week from today I’ll be on my way there.   I just want to be done with work, done with packing, done with stressing, and in Sydney!

Anyone else have big plans for this summer?

ready player oneAlso, I just finished reading a great book and it’s easily the best book I’ve read this year (though we still have 6 months left so it may be overtaken).  It’s called Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.   Look it up, I recommend it.  I mean, I am always reading a novel and rarely do I take time out of this blog to actually say…hey check this out.  So it resonated with me.  I heard they’re making a movie of it, which makes me sad because I love the visuals I have in my imagination.  Anyway, I recommend the book if you like video games, computers, 80s geekery, Star Wars, anything along those lines.  I mean, heck, I’m not even that into video games (the entire book was one long video game) but I still loved most of it.  Let me know if you’ve read it and also like it.



Leia seems to be lost in a fog, her expression troubled.  Chewie is busy operating the ship. Lando stands next to the Wookiee, watching a readout on the control panel.

LEIA: Luke…We’ve got to go back.

Chewie growls in surprise.

LANDO: What?

LEIA: I know where Luke is.

LANDO: But what about those fighters?

Chewie barks in agreement with Lando.

LEIA: Chewie, just do it.

LANDO: But what about Vader? 

Chewie turns on Lando, the newcomer, with an ominous growl.

LANDO: All right, all right, all right.


The Falcon makes a graceful banking turn back toward Cloud City.


6 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #85 (and other ramblings)

  1. This is a great, pinnacle scene. As for Lando, I felt he redeemed himself by helping them get out of there, and they need him to help fly or shoot. He didn’t deserve a double-cross and being locked away.

  2. Oooh, a good scene. This movie is so much better written, compared to the other “tense cockpit scene” last week. Love how Chewie is initially questioning Leia, but as soon as Lando pushes it Chewie turns his wrath on him. And I love the way Lando says “All right all right all right” in the movie.

    I have read Ready Player One and it was such a fun read! It was not complex or deep, or even all that well-written, but it was just really enjoyable. I especially loved Art3mis. I hope it will make a good movie!

    • See, I kind of disagree with it the book not being complex or deep. Yes, you are right with that, but I think it brings in some great questions of looking at our society and what it would be like if we got to the point that we were all online. Can you fall in love with someone online and then still love them in RL? Are we really just hiding online because we are ashamed of how we look, our economic status, etc? Are we really being ourselves online since there are no preconceived judgement based on afore mentioned subjects, or are we presenting a fake person to the online world?

      Those are the questions that went through my mind while reading it. So, yes, I agree that it wasn’t “deep” in the sense that it was full of symbolism, but I think it did bring questions to light and examine them through the story.

      Anyway, I think I liked Ogden Morrow the best. Small character, but big parts to play in every part of the story though you never actually talk or see him often.

      Also, I like how you notice that Chewie is initially questioning Leia but as soon as Lando says something he flips out and goes on Leia’s side. Haha. Good moment of his personality.

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