Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #24

that little droid did it


Edit 6/22
So it turns out that most of this blog post is irrelevant, because the lines that I were dissecting in this post, are not in the final version of TPM.  I was just getting stuck over and over again on this cloaking device aspect and how I had never heard of it before this post.  After reading the comments I got, I decided to go check out the movie, and a whole section of lines were cut out of the final script.  Needless to say, that made me feel better.  I have bolded the lines that were cut out below.


Aw this scene brings back such happy memories.  I mean, this was the first time we saw Artoo in action in the Prequels.  We recognized him when Jar Jar went into the droid hold, but it was awesome to see him fix the ship!  It’s this great moment when you want to punch the air in happiness.


r2 gif naboo ship





The line by Captain Panaka: “No, this is not a warship…we have no weapons.  We’re a non-violent people… that is why the Federation was brave enough to attack us,” is such a throw away line.  I feel like it shouldn’t have been in this scene but stressed earlier in the movie, perhaps when the Federation jammed their transmissions.  It just seems so important to understand in the dealings with Naboo versus the Federation.  This is Star Wars.  People are used to ships fighting their way out of tough situations or even the inhabitants of the planet nubian escapes trade federationmaking a stand.  So to throw this line in there about 25% of the way through the movie seems a little silly.

And on that topic, why wouldn’t they have a cloaking device on their ship?  That just seems so…dumb, even if you are a peaceful planet.  You need an evacuation plan, even if you’re peaceful.  This is a big galaxy and I know most of the planets out there are not peaceful and DEFINITELY own weapons.  So why would you make ships without cloaking devices??  Wouldn’t you rather your people be safe and alive than killed?  If you have to evacuate your planet, which was considered in this movie, and you don’t have cloaking devices on your ship, then the enemy will see you guys as soon as you leave.  So dumb.  Okay, now I’m just perseverating, but seriously.  Naboo should have thought this through better.

Yeah, so anyway, go Artoo!  (Does anyone notice how he’s just referred to as the “Blue Droid” in the script? If you’re wondering, after the droid is introduced to Amidala, the script later refers to it as “Artoo”)

Artoo naboo ship


The lights go on, and all the DROIDS are activated. DROIDS rush to an exterior air lock, except for the red one, who runs into a wall.  JAR JAR holds on for dear life. 

One LITTLE BLUE ASTRO DROID, who is especially dedicated, lets out a loud screech as he passes JAR JAR, causing the Gungan to jump.

The LITTLE DROID enters an air lock and is ejected onto the exterior of the ship.

CAPT. PANAKA: Stay on course! 

QUI-GON: Do you have a cloaking device?

CAPT. PANAKA: No, this is not a warship…we have no weapons.  We’re a non-violent people…that is why the Federation was brave enough to attack us. 

RIC OLIÉ: We won’t make it.  The shields are gone.


The DROIDS pop onto the exterior of the Naboo spacecraft; The ship races across the surface of the massive Federation battleship, as its guns blast TWO ASTRO DROIDS.

OBI-WAN: We’re losing droids fast.

CAPT. PANAKA: If they can’t get those shield generators fixed, we will be sitting ducks.

RIC OLIÉ: The shields are gone.


The Federation battleship blows away ONE MORE ASTRO DROID.  The BLUE DROID connects some wires, causing sparks to fly. 

RIC OLIE: Powers back! That little droid did it. He bypassed the main power drive. Deflector shield up, at maximum. 

The lone BLUE DROID finishes his repairs and goes back into the ship.  The Naboo spacecraft races away from the Federation battleship.


8 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #24

  1. Overall this was a great scene thanks to R2.

    I always thought it was clear that Naboo was defenseless so I agree that Panaka’s line was unnecessary.

    Regarding the cloaking device, I checked the Wookieepedia article for the ship ( and apparently it’s a special ship for the Naboo queen. I was initially going to disagree with your comment that the ship should have a cloaking device — if it was just a plain diplomatic ship for a peaceful society then a cloaking device would be overkill. There’s generally not much danger shuttling between Naboo and the Republic Senate, especially with escort fighters. But after reading the Wookieepedia article and seeing that the ship was built for the use of the queen especially, I think it would make sense for them to have added a cloaking device unless such a device would have cost prohibitive (but we aren’t given enough information to make that judgment). The cloaking device question is just confusing.

    I think Lucas should have deleted both Panaka’s line and Qui-Gon’s question which prompted it. We don’t see many cloaking devices in the movies so the audience wouldn’t really expect one anyway, and it’s clear from the context (the Naboo queen fleeing her planet and under attack from the Trade Federation) that Naboo is defenseless.

    1. Funnily, when I actually was looking around on google for cloaking devices in Star Wars, it kept trying to direct me to Star Trek pages. You mention we don’t see “many” cloaking devices in the movies…do we even see any at all? Not that I know of. It doesn’t seem prevalent in the Star Wars universe.

      If you go to Wookiepedia’s page on cloaking device’s, it looks like most of the references are from the EU. Legends. Whatever.

      I wasn’t necessarily saying that it was obvious Naboo is defenseless. I mean, it kind of is, but I think it took me 2-3 times to realize that when I was a child. I just wish that if they were going to have a line like that, it would have served the movie better to have it a calmer point in the beginning. It was just dumb to have it here when there are a million things going on and it just sounds too descriptive and banging it over your head.

      It’s funny, I never really noticed these lines when watching the movie. OH SH*T. THEY WERE NEVER IN THEM. I JUST REWATCHED IT. Okay, time to make an edit to my post.

      1. I know there are cloaking devices in the EU but I wasn’t sure if we actually saw any cloaking devices in the movies so I worded it that way. After doing some research I believe cloaking devices are only mentioned in the movies once (by Captain Needa in ESB:

        Since we don’t actually see any cloaking devices in the movies they must be rare — so it’s a good thing the cloaking device question was removed from the script.

        1. Yeah – I saw that Captain Needa reference while I was researching on Friday. Which kind of implies that only large ships have cloaking devices, so I doubt the Nubian would have one.

          This whole conversation is kind of moot since the lines were taken out. But I’m glad I learned something anyway!

    2. You know what I should have noticed? Ric Olie says “The shields are gone” twice. And I know he doesn’t say it twice in the movie. Shame on me! Next time I will make sure to look at these scenes more thoroughly if anything sounds out of place.

  2. It’s a really good thing Artoo is awesome in this scene, because the dialogue is just horrible. Qui-Gon throws out a question about a cloaking device, probably just to sound Star Wars-y. I agree with Null that the question is just confusing. Why would Qui-Gon (or the audience for that matter) even think there would be one?

    Then Panaka tries to give us exposition during a space battle. His comment is also kinda funny considering Naboo has a squad of fighter pilots and the queen keeps a hold-out blaster in her throne. So, you’re right, they clearly understand the need for self-defense, yet they use a defenseless ship to run the blockade? The queen flies around in a defenseless ship??

    Several people feel the need to state the obvious, and the pilot comments TWICE that “the shield are gone.” Less talk, more space battle, please.

    I do love that’s he called “little blue astro droid” 🙂

    1. I thought you would notice that Artoo was called a little blue astro droid! You have such a good eye for little nuances in the script that I notice, but don’t mention in my Scene it on Friday’s. So this time I figured I would put that last line in there before you said anything haha!

      So anyway, you can read my comments to Null above. Turns out they cut allll those lines from the final movie. Everything is better. I’m going to make an edit to my post.

      1. Haha, props to you for doing extra research! I thought that some of the lines might have been different/deleted, but I didn’t realize all those lines were not there. But thank goodness someone knew how to edit something in that movie! 🙂

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