Want to Guest Blog?

Does anyone want to guest blog here in July?  Please let me know by filling out the contact form on my connect page.

If you want to write about Star Wars, or have a topic regarding Star Wars that you don’t think is showcased enough on my page, please feel free to write a post!  I’d love to have fresh perspectives on our favorite galaxy far, far away.  You can even write your own haikus!

I will be in Australia with little internet access from July 4th-July 21st and won’t have time to blog 😦  But I’ll be doing a lot of other fun stuff, so it more than equals out.

be our guest blogger

I’ve never done this before…  If no one answers, I’m totally fine with that and will let this blog go dormant for the time I’m gone, but I figured I’d shoot this out!

8 thoughts on “Want to Guest Blog?

  1. I’m tempted to try and watch the Clone Wars on Netflix and write up a review ala A.V. Club style but you’d be better off scheduling some posts while you are gone

    1. Hahaha yes. But our trip consists of two airbnb places, a farm, and relatives. One of the airbnb places does not offer internet, the other offers it at a fee so I’m unsure if I want to pay that yet, and apparently it’s expensive to connect at the farm. My relatives have it, but I won’t be there until the last 4 days of the 2.5 week trip.

      So we may go to a coffee shop occasionally to check emails and whatnot, but I’m not going to devote my time to blogging.

      1. Yes I am still here. I may not post many comments but I am always reading all your posts. Sorry about the name mixup, I use Marcus online usually rather than the real name, I must have forgot what I used on your page 🙂

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