Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #23

jar jar and obi wan

I don’t really remember this scene.  I think I blocked it from my memory.  I mean, I remember it, and I remember Jar Jar touching all the droids, but the specifics are hazy to me.

But reading the script here, I’m seriously tempted to hit my head against a wall at the outrageousness of Jar Jar.  How annoying is he?  Why does every scene he’s in during TPM have to be just a disaster that’s meant to be funny?

In Jar Jar’s defense though (and it’s kind of weird to write this), I really didn’t find him that annoying when I first watched TPM in the theaters at 12 years old.  In fact, I don’t remember finding him funny either.  I was much more obsessed with the plot and the Jedi than to give Jar Jar too much thought.  I knew about the Jar Jar hatred, but I didn’t understand it.

jar jar binksAs I got older and continued to watch Star Wars, I began to realize why people couldn’t stand him.  If you were an older fan who grew up with the OT, seeing Jar Jar on screen would make your jaw drop and have you question Lucas and what Star Wars was turning into.  As a younger fan that has (basically) grown up with the Prequels, I began to find Jar Jar kind of a waste of a character.  I don’t think we really need him in the movies at all.  If we want to argue that his character gave emergency powers to Palpatine and therefore changed the course of the galaxy, I think that still could have been done differently and without Jar Jar.

Imagine watching a senate scene and seeing a completely random character give emergency powers to Palpatine…would it really have been that different?  It still would have propelled the movie forward.  We could even change Jar Jar’s character completely, tweaked a few things with the plot, and it still would have had a better movie.  I mean, what if we even kept Jar Jar as a Gungan but just made him less silly?  He could have been banished for reasons other than clumsiness, maybe something deeper like treason and give him a bit of a mysterious edge.

Okay, I’m getting ridiculous now.  It is what it is (I can never say that anymore without thinking of Paula Deen saying “I is what I is”) and it can’t be changed.

In other news, I went on a mini-vacation last week to the Bahamas and it was wonderful.  My husband and I haven’t vacationed alone for a while.  All we did was relax, drink, eat, and swim and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Would you like to be jealous for a few seconds?

As I was swimming in the crystal clear blue waters one day, this guy swam by me heading towards shore.  I looked at his back shoulder blade and saw a tattoo that made my heart happy.

“Hey!  Hey!”  I shouted out to him.  Once he turned around, I said, “That tattoo looks familiar!”  And proceeded to pull down my bikini string to show him my matching tattoo.

I love the excitement of meeting other Star Wars fans.  We chatted about Star Wars and the new movies, etc.  I only saw him and his wife once more that vacation and I wish I had gotten the chance to talk to him more about Star Wars.  If anyone knows a Chris who got married in Charleston, but was honeymooning in the Bahamas for 12 days with a rebel insignia tattoo on his right shoulder blade, please tell him I say hi (that is an intense SEO sentence).

One more thing (please ignore this part if you hate potty humor – I love it because I think I have the heart of a 7 year old boy): sometimes when you’re in the Caribbean, you get diarrhea.  Shit happens, literally.  I thought of a great code phrase for when it does happen: “My rear deflector shield isn’t stabilized,” or “I need to figure out a way to stabilize the rear deflectors.”  HAHAHA.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.46.27 AM


The sleek spacecraft speeds away from the planet of Naboo and heads for the deadly Federation blockade.


The PILOT, RIC OLIE, navigates toward the massive battleship, QUI-GON and CAPTAIN PANAKA watch.

RIC OLIE: …our communications are still jammed. 


JAR JAR is led into a low, cramped doorway by OBI-WAN.

OBI-WAN: Now stay here, and keep out of trouble.

OBI-WAN closes the door. JAR JAR looks around and sees a long row of five short, dome-topped ASTRO DROIDS (R-2 units). The all look alike, except for their paint color, and they all seem to be shut down. 

JAR JAR: Ello, boyos. (no response) Disa wanna longo trip… hey?

JAR JAR taps a bright red R-2 UNIT on the head, and its head pops up a bit. He lets out a gasp as he lifts the head.

JAR JAR: (Cont’d) Tis opens?…Oooops! Many springs and things come flying out. 

JAR JAR quickly closes it again, very embarrassed.

JAR JAR: (Cont’d) Yoi! Just yoken!


The Naboo spacecraft, surrounded by EXPLOSIONS, heads even closer  to the massive Federation battleships 


RIC OLIÉ: There’s the blockade, hang on.

ALARM SOUNDS fill the cockpit as OBI-WAN enters.

RIC OLIÉ: (Cont’d) The shield generator’s been hit.  Our deflector shields can’t with stand this. Power down…  Hopefully the repair droids can fix it. 


4 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #23

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation, and I’m glad you are not a Jar Jar fan. There are many greater things that could have been there in his place.

  2. *buries head in hands regarding rear deflectors joke*… Actually thats not bad.
    Ridiculously jealous about the Bahaman vacation. I’ve recently started plotting reasons I should visit my friend in LA, mostly because it will get me closer to the ocean. Darn landlocked Nebraska… 😛

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