Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #239

breha organa 2

Now here’s my question, and I’ve definitely touched on this point before, but HOW IN THE WORLD COULD LEIA REMEMBER HER REAL MOTHER??  Just reading this scene made me think about this all over again.  Leia was only alive, what, 20 seconds before Padmé died?  Okay, okay, sure, say she remembers her real mother through the Force, but even this is a stretch for my imagination.

Rant done.

As Episode III wraps up and this is one of the last scenes, I have think that this display of Alderaan was lame.  As a fan of Star Wars and of some of the EU, I always wanted to see a lot of Alderaan.  We were introduced to Bail Organa in Episode II and the connections were made immediately.  Here’s Leia’s adoptive father!  And knowing he would play a more pivotal role in ROTS, I was hoping we would see more of Alderaan.  I have this memory of reading a passage in one of the EU books (no idea which one) where Leia goes into depth about how beautiful the planet is and my yearning to see it has never been satisfied.  I feel like by seeing more of the planet and its beauty, fans would have had a newfound reaction to when it gets blown up by the Death Star. It looks beautiful from split second we see it, but I want to see more.  No chance on that with Episode VII, but maybe the spinoff movies will give me what I’m looking for.

The Queen of Alderaan’s name is Breha Organa, formerly Breha Antilles.  Damn, so many Antilles.  She became queen during 22 BBY.  She suffered 5 miscarriages and was told that she ran the risk of death if she made another attempt to conceive a child.  This drove Bail Organa to alcoholism when he would try to drink his sorrows away.

After adopting Leia, Bail and Breha also adopted Winter, the child of deceased Sheltay Retrac.  Though Leia and Winter were raised together, Winter was not considered royalty.  I always wondered about Winter’s past but never bothered to look it up.  Apparently, they also fostered a third child, Neena, but she was sent off to a musical school when they discovered her talent with instruments.  She was at the school when Alderaan blew up and was unable to get in touch with Leia.

What the heck is Wookiepedia planning to do with all this information when Episode VII comes out?

breha organa


The QUEEN OF ALDERAAN sits on a balcony looking out over the awesome mountains of Alderaan. BAIL ORGANA brings a small baby to her. She takes her and rocks her.

EDIT: I forgot to share this AWESOME photo with you guys from the Star Wars Instagram account that went up today:

star wars instagram


11 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #239

    1. I’ve definitely seen that trailer! At the place I used to work, there was this guy that was obsessed with Star Wars gaming (he even bought me the original KOTOR on Steam for me to play because he really wanted me to get into gaming) and he made me watch the trailer. Alderaan looks kind of cold though. Pretty, but cold.

        1. I sure did. But I got stuck on this apartment level that I believe was in the beginning and couldn’t figure out how to get out so I gave up. That’s my problem with video games…I don’t have the patience to sit there until I get it.

          1. Yeah, that’s near the beginning of the game. Once you get off Taris you get to use the Force (light or dark — your choice) and explore several worlds like Kashyyyk, Tatooine, and Korriban. The story is great but there’s always Wookieepedia.

  1. Ooooh Winter. Another EU character I will sorely miss. 😥

    Maybe Rebels will have some Alderaan in it? Since that planet was pretty key to the Rebellion.

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