Tosche Station Finds: May

I didn’t do Tosche Station Finds last month.  Sorry, but not sorry.  I was too busy haiku-ing.

Being the month of May (It’s May, it’s May, the lusty month of May!) and the beginning of summer, I figured it was time to highlight some great Star Wars fashion…specifically for women.  Whether or not you like to wear dresses, I feel like summer is the time for our female sex to shine.  Clothing is lighter, cuter, and just summery.

Can you tell that summer is my favorite season?

Let’s start with Her Universe.  If you’ve never heard of the company, it was created by the voice of Ahsoka Tano in TCW: Ashley Eckstein.  Realizing that geek fashion for females was seriously limited, she took it upon herself to create her own line, just for us!  I remember the first time I went on the webpage – I was so pumped.  I have a few items from Her Universe and I’ve only had one minor complaint so far: I just wish that she would make an XS size.  I am very bottom heavy (aka my butt is kind of huge in proportion to the rest of my body lol) and I find that some of her tops are slightly baggy on me.  Other than that, the items are adorable and I recommend them!

One of my favorites dresses by her, would definitely have to be her X-Wing dress.  I mean, it has the rebel insignia right on the front of the dress so how can you not like it??  The back of the  dress says “Rogue Squadron” and the colors are orange and white.  You’d be a banging X-Wing pilot in this summer dress.

However, suppose you’re more of a dark side girl, and appreciate the finer technicalities of the Sith.  You may end up attracting more heat (pun!) if you go with the Vader a-line dress, but just Force-choke some people to show your power and you should be good.

(Side note: if you own any Her Universe apparel, she is currently doing a #flauntyourworld trend on instagram, where you take a photo of you in your Her Universe stuff and include #flauntyourworld.  Thanks to WookieGunner for helping me become aware of this!)

We all know a girl can’t go anywhere without the right shoes.  You can find some great shoes on Etsy from MaizyCakes, DeckoFab, and JoelyYoungDesign.  By the way – as a side note – I would never pay more than $100 for Star Wars shoes UNLESS they are rhinestone designed.  Something like these shoes by RayKayMay take a long time to make and would be worth the money for something so unique.

What about jewelry?  You should have the right jewelry to match an outfit.  I’m an earrings person.  I wear the same rings, same necklace, and same watch day in and day out…but I probably have 40 pairs of earrings.   I own these rebel insignia earrings by Her Universe and I adore them.  They are cute and make a statement, without being in your face.  Her Universe has tons of other options for earrings as well though, ranging from Naboo to Mandalorian pieces.

However, if you do want to be loud and proud, these lightsaber earrings by MySoulShards may be the right choice for you.  For a necklace, I would just go with something generic, but true, with this heart Star Wars necklace by oxyx2001.  And finally, this simple cuff bracelet by ArtFire with the words, “May the Force be With You” completes your summer outfit.

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Now, bring me that horizon.


10 thoughts on “Tosche Station Finds: May

  1. I totally have those Rebel insignia earrings 🙂 I can’t wear them in winter because the points catch in my scarves, so I’m enjoying getting them back out now. A great, subtle way to be geeky!

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