Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #29

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This is a great scene.  Two changes from what was originally in the movie (I bolded them in the script):

1)     We have Jar Jar’s weird groveling

2)      The dialogue between Qui-Gon and Panaka are different.

I know why they cut the Jar Jar scene.  It’s dumb and it doesn’t make sense.  Obi-Wan responds to Jar Jar’s pleas, “Sorry, Qui-Gon’s right.  You’ll make things less obvious.”  How in the world will Jar Jar make things less obvious?  This is confusing to me.  They are on an outer rim territory that probably doesn’t see many visitors.  A reptilian/aquaphibian (is that a word?) species is not going to fit in and I feel like would bring more attention.  Unless, because of the pod racing event coming up, they have tons of strange out-of-planet visitors.  It still seems a strange line to me.  And the whole falling to his knees and begging Obi-Wan to stay in the ship is just embarrassing, so thank goodness that was cut.  By the way, I was looking up Jar Jar’s Wookiepedia page and it’s actually quite funny.  His life is just one clumsy incident after another.

The second change comes towards the end of the scene, where Panaka and Qui-Gon are having a discussion about Padmé joining them on Tatooine.  This speaks to my blog post from a few months ago wondering if Qui-Gon knew Padmé was also Queen Amidala.  Based on this original scene and dialogue, I still can’t tell.

Panaka says, “Don’t make me go back and tell her your refuse,” in reference to telling Queen Amidala that Qui-Gon did not want Padmé to join them.  That seems like he’s pushing the point too hard and maybe Lucas didn’t want to make it too obvious.  Padmé also has a random line about being trained in defense and being able to take care of herself.  I actually kind of wish they had kept that line so it looks like she can stick up for herself in a conversation between two men and show she is capable if they get separated.  It helps the argument, in my opinion.  However, maybe handmaidens are supposed to be less vocal and blend with the scenery…so if that’s the case, good thing they cut it.

With most cut scenes, I can generally figure out why they were taken away.  I can’t really figure out why that small dialogue exchange between Qui-Gon and Panaka was taken out.  Maybe it is because it seemed too obvious to have Panaka and Padmé push the point too much?  ORRRR perhaps it’s because Qui-Gon knew it was the queen he was talking to, so he gave in easier.

Final point is that I really do love how authoritative Qui-Gon is.   It’s sexy.

Qui gon panaka padme


OBI-WAN, QUI-GON, and CAPTAIN PANAKA watch over RIC OLIE’S shoulder. A large yellow planet appears directly ahead. RIC OLIE searches his scopes.

OBI-WAN: That’s it. Tatooine.

RIC OLIE: There’s a settlement…a spaceport, looks like.

QUI-GON: Land near the outskirts. We don’t want to attract any attention.


The ship heads toward the planet of Tatooine.


The Naboo spacecraft lands in the desert in a swirl of dust. The spaceport of Mos Espa is seen in the distance.


OBI-WAN is hoisting the hyperdrive out of a floor panel. JAR JAR rushes up to him and falls to his knees.

JAR JAR: Obi-Wan, sire, pleeese, no mesa go!

OBI-WAN: Sorry, Qui-Gon’s right. You’ll make things less obvious.

JAR JAR walks back to ARTOO in the hallway as QUI-GON (dressed as a farmer) enters the main area.

OBI-WAN: (Cont’d) The Hyperdrive generator is gone. We will need a new one.

QUI-GON moves closer to OBI-WAN and speaks quietly to him.

QUI-GON: Don’t let them send any transmissions. Be wary… I sense a disturbance in the Force.

OBI-WAN: I felt it also, Master.

QUI-GON goes into the hallway to meet up with ARTOO and JAR JAR. They head to the exit ramp.


They start their trek across the desert toward the city of Mos Espa. In the distance, a strange looking caravan makes its way toward the spaceport.

JAR JAR: Dis sun doen murder tada skin.

From the spaceship, CAPTAIN PANAKA and PADME run toward them.


QUI-GON stops as they catch up. PADME is dressed in rough peasant’s garb.

CAPT. PANAKA: (Cont’d) Her Highness commands you to take her handmaiden with you. She wishes for her to observe the local…

QUI-GON: No more commands from Her Highness today, Captain. This spaceport is not going to be pleasant…

CAPT. PANAKA: The Queen wishes it. She is curious about this planet.

PADME: I’ve been trained in defense… I can take care of myself.

CAPT. PANAKA: Don’t make me go back and tell her you refuse. 

QUI-GON: I don’t have time to argue. But this is not a good idea. Stay

close to me.

He gives PADME a stern look.



2 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #29

    1. I know 😦 The only excuse I could think of was that it is out of place for a handmaiden, which she is disguised as. Other than that, I was disappointed that it had been cut and two men were haggling over her fate (too dramatic of a word?). She should have been able to have a say.

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