Haiku 04.17.14

The unsung hero Always lives through the battle Weaving through the stars

The unsung hero
Always lives through the battle
Weaving through the stars



Fluorescent lighting
Such an unpopular choice
We all look tired

Deep stuff, yeah?


2 thoughts on “Haiku 04.17.14

  1. Woo hoo! Pretty excited that I stopped by on Wedge Haiku day!

    I also like today’s Life Haiku. Somewhere I once read that haiku should turn or “cut” with the last phrase. I’m not sure if that’s an intentional part of your process or not, but this one does a good job of it. The imagery of fluorescent lighting gives you the idea of a drab office setting, but then the last line uses that lighting to “reveal” something about the state of the people that inhabit it. Clever… unless I’m just overthinking things. 🙂

    Anyway, I saw your previous reply about a questionnaire for a newbie convention goer (one week tomorrow!). I’d be happy to give you my two bits. Do you still have my email from the Scoundrel Review/Guest post?

    • Hey! Yes, I do know about the juxtaposition but I rarely follow it. It’s a struggle to even manage 5, 7, 5 sometimes, LOL. So I’m glad my latest life haiku fits the proper haiku parameters! But no, it was not on purpose. Also, I learned in a Japanese Tea Ceremony that haikus in Japanese are more based on the sounds of the syllables than the actual syllables themselves. So if you do a haiku in English, it can actually be longer than 5, 7, 5…as long as it sounds correct, since our language has different sounds.

      I do still have your email and thanks for participating! I’ll think up some questions and email them to you before next weekend so you can think about them when you go and respond when you return. Thanks!

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