Haiku 04.16.14

I absolutely love it when I can find the same picture that is in my Star Wars calendar in google images.  Especially on a day like today where I take my haiku directly from the image.

Obi-Wan guides him. Palpatine always watching Anakin's training.
Obi-Wan guides him.
Palpatine always watching
Anakin’s training.


Better than I thought!
An unexpected surprise!
I breathe easier.

You know that moment when you find some cash lying around and you forgot you put it there?  Like sometimes I’ll find $20 in my winter jacket from six months ago, and when I find it again I’m just ecstatic.  It’s like a free $20, even though technically it’s not.  Well, I had a moment like that but on a larger scale today and this haiku was the result.


3 thoughts on “Haiku 04.16.14

  1. That is a pretty cool picture and I love the haiku you wrote for it. I too, love those fun little surprises that happen sometimes.


    1. Thanks for the compliments! I loved that picture too. When it came up, I was wondering who it was and it took me a while to figure out that it was young Anakin. Such a cool picture with Palpatine lurking in the background (though I’m unsure if he’d be allowed to just hang out in the Jedi Temple).

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