Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #26

Han looks at falcon

Aw, I’m so glad after a few weeks of disappointing scenes, I get a scene I really, really love.

One thing that struck me when I was reading it this time around was the emotional element to this scene.  I mean, this is the BIG ONE.  This is the big battle that the Rebels are going into, knowing they have a chance to rid the galaxy of the Emperor once and for all.  Most (if not all, but I don’t know the details on that) of the Rebels are participating in this fight and most know they could very well die out there.  It’s the calm before the storm and this scene really feels like it.  Marquand did a good job with setting the tone.

So that could be why Han is giving Lando a hard time about the Falcon.  Maybe he’s just worried about his friend as well but doesn’t know how to express it.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely worried about the Falcon, but maybe he’s also asking Lando to not get one scratch?

Giving Lando the Falcon is a big move on Han’s part, as he hasn’t had much time to recover from Lando turning him into the Empire at the end of ESB.  Truthfully, I have no idea how much time has passed when Luke was on Dagobah, but it doesn’t look like very long.  So Han helped Lando out when he could barely see him on Tatooine, and now is letting him take the Falcon into battle.  I don’t know if I’d trust Lando that much when the memory of his betrayal is still burning in the back of my mind.

This is also the scene that spawned the urban myth that Lando and Falcon were supposed to die in the Death Star.  I seriously thought for a long time that this was real, but after doing research on it for my latest WhatCulture article, I found that there is no hard evidence for this.  This website provides great research on the rumor, and an excerpt from the official Star Wars website back in 2000.  It says that perhaps the idea could have been thrown around in “undocumented” brainstorming sessions, but that’s about it.

Also – there are two lines here that were cut out for the final film.  That little dialogue between Han and Luke wasn’t in there.  And, now that you read it, doesn’t it sound so…dirty?  LOL.  Sorry, but taken out of context, it really sounds not right.

Looking at this scene, what possessed them to take Artoo and Threepio?  How could they be of any help?  I mean, I know they end up being a huge amount of help, but taking this scene as a present moment, whhhhy?  They both don’t blend with the forest very well, but at least Artoo is as large as the ferns so can remain hidden and could be a great help at the shield generator with any technical issues.  But Threepio?  I guess to translate what Artoo says… My bet is that no one wanted to take them, so they got stuck with Luke by default since he kind of owns them, haha.

han solo not one scratch


The Millennium Falcon rests beyond the stolen IMPERIAL SHUTTLE, which looks anomalous among all the Rebel ships in the vast docking bay. Chewie barks a final farewell to Lando and leads Artoo and Threepio up the shuttle, crowded now with the Rebel strike team loading weapons and supplies. Lando turns to face Han. Luke and Leia have said their good-byes and start up the ramp.

HAN: Look. I want you to take her. I mean it. Take her. You need all the help you can get. She’s the fastest ship in the fleet.

LANDO: All right, old buddy. You know, I know what she means to you. I’ll take good care of her. She-she won’t get a scratch. All right?

HAN: (looks at him warmly) Right. I got your promise now. Not a scratch.

LANDO: Look, would you get going, you pirate.

Han and Lando pause, then exchange salutes.

LANDO: Good luck.

HAN: You, too.

Han goes up the ramp. Lando watches him go and then slowly turns away.


Luke is working on a back control panel as Han comes in and takes the pilot’s seat. Chewie, in the seat next to him, is trying to figure out all the Imperial controls.

HAN: You got her warmed?

LUKE: Yeah, she’s comin’ up.

Chewie growls a complaint.

HAN: No. I don’t think the Empire had Wookiees in mind when they designed her, Chewie.

Leia comes in from the hold and takes her seat near Luke.  Chewie barks and hits some switches. Han’s glance has stuck on something out the window: the Millennium Falcon. Leia nudges him gently.

LEIA: Hey, are you awake?

HAN: Yeah, I just got a funny feeling. Like I’m not gonna see her again.

Chewie, hearing this, stops his activity and looks longingly out at the Falcon, too. Leia puts a hand on Han’s shoulder.

LEIA: (softly) Come on, General, let’s move.

Han snaps back to life.

HAN: Right. Chewie, let’s see what this piece of junk can do. Ready, everybody?

LUKE: All set.

THREEPIO: Here we go again.

HAN: All right, hang on.


The stolen Imperial shuttle leaves the main docking bay of the Headquarters Frigate, lowers its wings into flight position, and zooms off into space.


5 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #26

    1. I wonder if it depends on who is saying it, you know? Because at that point, the Force wasn’t a part of daily life like it was in the Prequels. Han says it to Luke in ANH because he’s been hanging out with him and Obi-Wan and knows Luke believes in it. And also by this point, it was still only Luke that was a Jedi and had learned of the Force with Yoda. So I figure most people still say “good luck”.

      1. Yeah, I agree. I was also thinking how it shows that despite the fact that they are fighting with the Rebels, Lando and Han are still not quite as idealistic as the rest. I think they will always have a hard time believing in anything bigger than themselves, whether spiritual or political.

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