Haiku 04.04.14

Hey. 10 days until my birthday 🙂

Let’s look at The Clone Wars for this haiku.

Deadly Aurra Sing Ahsoka has control now Careful, Padawan
Deadly Aurra Sing
Ahsoka has control now
Careful, Padawan



Today I need wine
3+ glasses would be nice
It’s one of those days

Seriously, it was one thing after another today.  I made that haiku up at around 2pm, so the day wasn’t even close to finished yet!  I came into work with an email that was not fun to read.  A frustrating lunch break that ran 1.5 hours while I tried to get some papers signed at the town clerk, and on top of that, I then had to renew my license and deal with the DMV, which is never fun.

But don’t worry – I did end up getting my wine.

You can always count on GoT to help you out when you cant find the right pic to describe how you feel. Btw, starts up again this Sunday, holla!
You can always count on GoT to help you out when you can’t find the right pic to describe how you feel. Btw, starts up again this Sunday, holla!


6 thoughts on “Haiku 04.04.14

  1. Ugh… the DMV… (shutters) But hey, at least it’s haiku month! I forgot that was coming up. Exciting… I just got caught up with them, and they are shaping up pretty well. Looking forward to what the month has in store.

    I also read about a successful vegetarian month, congrats! With three months in and the fourth underway, how do you feel about the 30-Day resolutions? A worthy experiment?

    In other news… 3 weeks until I attend my first sci-fi convention! It’s a really small one in Lincoln, NE, but it’ll have authors and gaming and cosplay. I’m pretty pumped to at least dip my toes in that world.

    1. The resolutions are going okay, thanks for asking! First month was trying to get closer to God, and I didn’t do well on that at all. I think it’s because I pray best when I’m kneeling and it was so cold that I never wanted to leave the bed to kneel. So I would end up falling asleep while praying, haha. It’s getting better now though. Second month was Yoga 3x a week, which probably ended up happening only once. The rest of the weeks had twice a week though, which I felt pretty good about. Vegetarian was a complete success! And now, so far, the haikus have actually begun to be kind of fun. The problem I’m finding is that I’ll make one up in the middle of the day and forget it a few hours later. So then I have to make up a whole new one. I should start writing them on my phone.

      I’m excited for you to attend your first convention! I really like smaller conventions actually. You get to know people better and there are rarely lines. Lines are what kill you in the large ones because you can’t go to as many panels as you want because you need to allot in time for an hour+ waiting in line.

      Please let me know how it goes! I’d be interested to hear a first timers take on a con.

  2. Funny (well, not really) but I had to renew my license today too. I always dread going to the DMV. I love being a number. Well, I hope tomorrow goes better for you.
    On a lighter note, I’ve been enjoying your haikus each day.

    1. Oh my goodness, everyone renewing their license! And thanks for enjoying my haikus…I haven’t gotten a lot of comments, but my stats have gone up, so I find that interesting. Except I feel bad when someone will start following my blog because of the haikus and I want to say “HEY this blog is about Star Wars! Hope you won’t be disappointed…”

  3. My brother said he spent three hours at the DMV yesterday waiting to renew his license…it sounds like it was a fun day had by all. On the subject of the haikus, though–Impressive. Most impressive! I’ve really been enjoying them.

    1. Hahaha what is it with yesterday and renewing their license? I’m glad you’re enjoying the haikus! Like I just said above to Nathan, I’m making up a lot of them but forget to write them down, so it’s kind of counter-productive at times. I do like the Star Wars ones though. They are really fun to write. 🙂

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