Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #100

palpatine anakin tcw-2

Gosh, I cannot remember this scene at all.  Did it even happen?  It sounds vaguely familiar, but I’m not as knowledgeable on the Prequels as I would like to be…especially lately.  I feel like somehow, in the last year-ish, my Prequel knowledge has been slowly slipping away.  Often I’ll look at scenes like this thinking…did this happen in the movie?  Which differs from the Original Trilogy, where I will know immediately whether or not it was in the movie.

Either way, look at the manipulation of Palpatine.  There’s a track on the ROTS soundtrack called “Padmé’s Ruminations”.  Hauntingly, beautiful piece by Mr. Williams, but they should also have a track called “Palpatine’s Manipulations”.  Haha.  That would be fabulous.


I don’t get Palpatine’s line of “We can only hope that the Council didn’t make a mistake”.  I can see it’s manipulative, but is it because he is just letting lines drop here and there to try to plant seeds of doubt in Anakin’s mind?

Okay, I cheated here and went ahead to the next scene.  The next scene is DEFINITELY deleted, which makes me think this one is too…and I’m not going crazy.

In the following scene, Palpatine says there are rumors in the Senate that Kenobi is not fit for the assignment (going to Utapau to kill Grievous) because his “mind has become fogged by the influence of a certain female senator.”


Okay, it’s making more sense now.  He wants to have Anakin believe that Obi-Wan is two-timing him.  OH SHNAP.  This is slightly frustrating for me, because a lot more in ROTS is making sense now.

I was so confused when I watched ROTS for the first time and saw Anakin’s jealousy over Obi-Wan and Padmé at the end of the movie.  He was beside himself with rage and choked Padmé when he saw that Obi-Wan had come with her to Mustafar.  I attributed it to the fact that at this point, Anakin had fallen to the Dark Side and was just cray cray.

But now it’s making a little bit more sense.  Palpatine had been sowing the seed of distrust within Anakin for a while.  Gosh…sometimes I really disagree with the scenes Lucas cut out!  I know that, in the end, this is Anakin’s story and the movie was long anyway, but this really shows the complicated intricacies between Anakin and Palpatine.  It’s not like Anakin just *poof* went to the Dark Side.  It had been slowly building up in him like the volcanoes on Mustafar (great symbolism when Padmé comes to see him on Mustafar, by the way).  His doubt of the Jedi, his growing distrust of Obi-Wan, Padmé bringing up that maybe they are “on the wrong side”’s all there, and the root of the problem is Palpatine.

Palpatine, dude, you are tricky.  You don’t work outright with fear and deception like Voldemort, at least, not right now in the Prequels.  But your underhand molding of Anakin into your perfect apprentice is formidable.

But you forgot one thing.  The same thing Voldemort forgot.  Love undoes all your hard work.

palpatine anakin tcw


The Chancellor’s Transport races through the city and heads for the Senate Office Building landing platform. Waiting on the landing platform is a LONE JEDI. The Transport lands, and CHANCELLOR PALPATINE emerges with FOUR ROYAL GUARDS and MAS AMEDDA. The FOUR ROYAL GUARDS move off in another direction as PALPATINE greets ANAKIN, who has been waiting for him.

PALPATINE: Well, Anakin, did you see your friend off?

ANAKIN: He will soon have Grievous’s head.

PALPATINE: We can only hope the Council didn’t make a mistake.

ANAKIN: The Council was very sure in its decision.

They exit the landing platform.


3 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #100

  1. I don’t actually own the prequels (well, I have a VHS of Ep I), so I’ve never seen/heard of all the deleted scenes from those movies. Pretty cool!

    1. I have absolutely no idea why they would decide to cut the scene of Palpatine talking about Obi-Wan with Anakin. If you think about it, Anakin obviously had a much stronger relationship with obi-wan than any other jedi, and when Palpatine told Anakin that every jedi was an enemy including obi-wan, anakin didn’t even flinch, like there was no struggle for him to be going against his former master. But Padme is Anakin’s weakness and he went to crazy measures to try to save her from death, so it would make sense that if Anakin thought there was something going on with Padme and Obi-Wan he would’ve had immediate hatred for Obi-Wan. If they had not cut this scene the whole movie would have made more sense. We really don’t get a sense of how close the two were until anakin is chopped in half and obi wan is telling him, he was his brother and that he loved him. Wish they didn’t cut it!

      1. I agree, it’s so hard to see scenes like this cut. It makes me wish I had never read them. But keep in mind, that ROTS was incredibly long to begin with, and Lucas really had to make some compromises on what to show. That’s why a lot of the scenes of the formation of the Rebel Legion had to go, as well as a Padme/Obi-Wan scene. Lucas decided to focus the entire story on Anakin and cut some fluff.
        That said, I agree that this scene would have helped us understand better Anakin’s betrayal and turn against Obi-Wan when he became Darth Vader. That scene always bothered me too. I felt like Anakin turned to the dark side way too easily and I wanted so much more from the scene. The only explanation I could think of was that once he made the decision, he MADE the decision and he shut off any other feelings/doubts and jumped completely into being a Sith.

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