Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #8

lightsaber cutting door

Does anyone remember the music for this scene?  It was great and added so much tension to the moment.  It’s actually one of the great scenes from TPM.  It shows young Obi-Wan fighting for the first time, along with his Jedi mentor, and the speed in which they use their lightsabers is fabulous.  If you remember, all we had seen so far for lightsaber use was battle and blocking blaster shots.

In this scene, Qui-Gon rips out the blade and cuts through the door.  Wow, why didn’t I think of that?  And then…they shut the blast doors and you think, “Oh no, what will they do now?”  BAM.  No worries, Qui-Gon just stabs the door with the lightsaber and THE DOOR MELTS.  WHOA.  Mind is blown!  The blast door actually starts to melt!

Yes, I really thought that was the coolest thing ever when I saw this scene in the theaters.

Interestingly, what triggers my thought now, is that it’s interesting how Luke basically learned how to be a Jedi with a SparkNotes version.  It was a condensed, fast learning lesson, with only the basics taught.  Without being able to learn from hundreds of Jedi before you, how would you know that a lightsaber could melt a blast door?  Sure, one could argue common sense, but I also feel like it’s one of those things you learn through word of mouth.  Or a desperate situation.

Also, the Trade Federation kind of effed themselves over here.  Don’t you think it would have been a lot better for them just to say, “Oh, toxic gas was released?  Must have been a malfunction!  So sorry!”  Instead they freak out and set battle droids on the Jedi.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  Well, I guess they have to weigh their fear of Darth Sidious against their fear of the Jedi.  They chose Sidious.  Hmmm…I would too.  So they are dumb, but fear motivated their actions.

Funny how Lucas still calls the lightsaber a “sword” in his script.  I mean, that’s totally excusable for ANH, maybe even ESB and ROTJ, but by the time we get to the Prequels, it’s DEFINITELY a lightsaber.

 blast door


QUI-GON cuts several BATTLE DROIDS in half, creating a shower of sparks and metal parts. OBI-WAN raises his hand, sending several BATTLE DROIDS crashing into the wall. 

QUI-GON makes his way to the bridge door and begins to cut through it.


The CREW is very nervous as sparks start flying around the bridge door.

QUI-GON and OBI-WAN are on the view screen.

NUTE: Close the blast doors!!!

The huge, very thick blast door slams shut, followed by a second door, then a third. There is a hissing sound as the huge doors seal shut.

QUI-GON stabs the door with his sword. The screen goes black as a red spot appears in the center of the blast door. 

RUNE: …They’re still coming through!

On the door, chunks of molten metal begin to drop away. 

NUTE: Impossible!! This is impossible!! 

RUNE: Where are those destroyer droids?!


6 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #8

  1. My mind was blown too. Sure, common sense, but… why you ever stop to think about that. Oh, lightsaber, I bet I could melt things with it. After the fact, yeah, definitely makes sense, its logical. But, without having been in a situation where you needed it who would have spent the mind energy to figure it out ahead of time…
    I thought this whole sequence was a fantastic way to start off the movie…

  2. As you know, I’m not a fan of the prequels. This scene, however, is awesome. There are glimmers of greatness in the whole Phantom Menace, and this is one of those moments. This is Jedi doing cool things, being tricky, and welcoming us back into the world of Star Wars. This and the Darth Maul lightsaber battle are by far the best parts of Episode 1.

    1. Oh yeah, I TOTALLY agree. The lightsaber battle is still my favorite, but this scene was like…whaaaat awesooommmme lightsaber melting door!. Then it was kind of ruined when they did that so called “Force run” to get away from the Destroyer Droids…and messed up all these preconceived notions of the Force.

  3. “Luke basically learned how to be a Jedi with a SparkNotes version.” I’d never thought about it, but you’re right on! And love the idea that the moron TF could’ve just shrugged it off all “oopsies” 🙂

    1. Lol that’s how I think of it these days. The more I compare the Prequels to the OT, the more I realize that Luke really did get the condensed, sparknotes version of how to be a Jedi. It’s like he got “How to be a Jedi…for dummies” haha!

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