Tosche Station Finds: Valentine’s Day/February

This is the first in what I hope to be monthly posts on cool Star Wars stuff I’ve found while browsing the internet.  Honestly, I could probably make this a weekly thing (lol), but I know it’s not for everyone so I’ll stick to monthly.

Tosche Station Finds are what I would buy if a) I had all the money in the world b) had a place for all this Star Wars stuff and c) had a husband whom I could willingly bestow tons of Star Wars gifts upon.  I’ll try to keep the paraphernalia classy and not super obvious.  Even though I have a house now, it’s still littered with Star Wars stuff, but it’s just not so in your face like when I lived with my parents and every wall was littered with Star Wars posters.

I figured I would start the first round off with Star Wars finds for Valentine’s Day.  Personally, I hate Valentine’s Day, but if I got some Star Wars stuff, it might make it a wee better.

What would Valentine’s Day be without the multitude of cards designed to show your undying love or devotion to certain Jedi or Sith?

StefaliciousDesigns on Etsy has some cute Star Wars cards as a pdf that you can download and print.  Aren’t the sayings just adorable?

Head over to StefaliciousDesigns on Etsy to get you these!

Head over to StefaliciousDesigns on Etsy to get these!

With those cards, head over to GelertDesign where you can buy your coffee or tea lover some mugs that lets your lover know that you know they love you. This person sells tons of other geeky wonderfulness, so you could get a multitude of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, stuff.

You'll find this and more at Gelert Design on Etsy

You’ll find this and more at Gelert Design on Etsy

But you need to fill those mugs with something right?  ThinkGeek has some Star Wars breakfast beverages which takes the hard part out of guessing what they like!  Not sure if they like coffee or tea?  How about hot chocolate?  Don’t worry, it’s all there in this one purchase.  (By the way – I have some of the dark roast coffee unopened.  My husband and I don’t drink coffee, so if you’d like to buy it from me, I’ll sell it to you! Leave a comment and we can discuss.)

ThinkGeek is just awesome

ThinkGeek is just awesome

And what about some chocolate on the side?  We’ve got some Han Solo Carbonite chocolate (3 in a container), or chocolates (24) of with Boba Fett, Yoda, Darth Vader, and R2-D2 from SugarandSpicearts.

Now, if you are of the wealthier kind, we have the final touch to this gift: A dozen roses (I personally favor orchids or sunflowers) in this handmade ceramic vase by SureFootedDreamer.  You will have surely won them over.

I hope I’ve introduced you to some unique artisans and Tosche Station finds.  I feel slightly better about Valentine’s Day now.  Okay, I still don’t like it and think it’s a dumb holiday (To this day, I call it “Single’s Awareness Day”), but if I got these gifts, even my cold, frozen-over Carbonite heart would melt like Han Solo.

star wars valentine


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